The Popeye Cookbook

A recipe book inspired by everyone's favorite cartoon sailor

Learn to eat like Popeye (hope you like spinach)!

Finally, TV’s toughest, heartiest sailor is letting us in on his secrets. Presenting: the Popeye the Sailor Man cookbook, due to hit shelves in the UK in October. And just what will many of the 150 recipes feature, you ask? Popeye’s all-time favorite ingredient, of course—spinach.

Fortunately, he doesn’t expect us to chug it right from the can. Recipes include pasta with spinach and ricotta, and an inventive homemade green food coloring made from spinach and mint leaves.

Others will be inspired by Popeye’s co-stars, like Swee’ Pea’s Cheesecake and Wimpy’s Barbeque Hamburger.

According to the book’s marketers, Popeye’s meals will build your strength and “put hair on your chest.” Even the heartier recipes, though, “will be healthier than you think,” said Josephine Bacon (the real chef/author behind The Popeye Cookbook) in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

Looks like the book might only be available for Brits, at least at first; pre-ordering’s now available through the UK’s site. But we’re holding out hope that we spinach-starved Americans will get a crack at Popeye’s recipes sometime in the future.