New Partner? Your Third Date Should Involve Paperwork

Jenna Bergen

Hey, y’all. Our relationship expert posted an article about the pros and cons of condoms versus other forms of birth control on the Philly Post. You can check it out here. After reading it, I wanted to remind you that you should never, ever switch from condoms to another form of birth control without having both parties tested for STDs first—and that means getting the proper blood tests. No matter how tame your partner’s past sex life may sound, they have no way of knowing if anyone that they slept with—or someone that that person slept with—was carrying something. It’s just not worth the risk. And divorced or widowed ladies who are jumping back into the dating pool later in life: That goes for you, too. My Main Line OB/GYN told me that a lot of the women she has to break bad news to are women in their 40s and above.

Honestly, getting tested prior to any sexual acts, whether you’re using condoms or not, is the best way to take care of yourself and to prevent having to live with the terrible weight of regret—as well as anxiety attacks over whether that new bump is from shaving or—yikes!—herpes.