Fresh and Fast Easter Menu

Jenna Bergen

There’s something about April that always makes the month feel special to me. I’m sure it’s partly due to the suddenly warm weather and the brilliant daffodils, crocuses and budding trees, but there’s something else, too. Perhaps it’s the smell of earth thawing after a long winter or the sound of rain hitting windows, or simply the knowledge that everything is once again new, starting over, that wraps the month in the thin veil of excitement that I’ve felt ever since I was a kid. For these reasons, I love Easter. And ever since dipping my toe into Judaism via a past relationship, I love Passover, too. I’ll be traveling for a wedding this year so I won’t be putting together a holiday dinner of my own, but reading through Prevention‘s Fresh and Fast Easter Menu this morning made me wish I was staying put. The recipe for the Asparagus and Sugar-Snap Toss looks divine, and would be a healthy side to incorporate into your regular spring repertoire. I may not be able to use it for Easter, but I certainly plan to soon. What are you cooking for your spring holiday this year?