Jenna’s BCBSR Diary, Week 5: Slowly But Surely

It hasn't been easy, but I'm finally, kinda-sorta, starting to get my legs back.

Jenna Bergen

I was tired and cranky after a long day at work, but I hit the gym to log three miles. After running five on Saturday, I wasn’t sure how my body would feel. I was happy to find that — for what felt like the first time since running the Philly Half last November—my body felt strong, and the three miles went by quickly and easily. Maybe I’m finally getting back into running shape! Wohoo!

I’ve promised myself that I will make at least one yoga class every week, so I was back at Power Yoga Works’ University City location tonight. It was a mad dash to get there, but I made it! It felt so good to stretch. I still can’t believe how tight my hamstrings are.

I was originally going to run today, but I decided to run tomorrow instead. I had some work I had to finish up, and my body was feeling yesterday’s yoga session. However, I definitely don’t feel as sore as I did after yoga last week.

After my awesome run on Monday, I was feeling confident today would be easy and was actually contemplating running four miles instead of three. Ha. I struggled. I felt like my body was back at square one. How is this possible?? I only did three miles.

However, in the middle of today’s run, I also remembered something that made me feel a little less guilty: I didn’t LOVE training for Broad Street last year. I think I forgot what Broad Street training was really like because I sailed through training for the Half. When I started training for the Half, I’d been running since the beginning of Broad Street training way back in February, and my body was used to near-daily runs. It was also a lot nicer weather. I had forgotton that the weather in February and March tends to be downright awful for running, and forced me inside to the treadmill a lot last year, too.

So … perhaps there’s still hope!  Maybe I’ll suddenly hit a groove with training and be a running fool all through the summer!

Today is a rest day. Hopefully this nasty, cold weather clears up in time to make running outside enjoyable. My boyfriend, Lloyd*, who is also training for Broad Street, hasn’t made any of the runs since last Saturday. But, he’s promised to run with me tomorrow. We’ll see!

So, Lloyd punked out—again!—and I logged my miles solo. I actually enjoy running alone because it gives me time to clear my head. I also find it easier to get into a rhythm when I have nothing else to concentrate on but music and I can set my own pace. However, not having anyone to lace up my sneaks with makes it a little harder to change out of my PJs—especially when Lloyd is snoozing on the couch! But once I got outside, I was happy. The sun was out, and it was breezy and cool, but not cold. I ran down to the Art Museum so I didn’t have to worry about parking along Kelly Drive—maddening on a Saturday!—and continued along Kelly Drive for another half mile or so. On the way back I laced through some tree-lined streets around the Art Museum area. All in all, I did close to seven miles. I still felt slow, but training outside is so much better. I’m hoping to ditch the treadmill next week entirely. Fingers crossed for good weather!

* Name has been changed. And yes, he picked “Lloyd” all by himself.