A Once-A-Week Workout

This Limerick gym says 60 minutes per week is all you need to tone up and slim down

Sixty minutes of weight training per week. That’s what MaxOut, a Limerick-based gym, says is all you need to lose weight and get in shape. (This video, which aired on CBS 3 last night, takes you through the process.) MaxOut credits the success of its workout program to its unique weight-lifting machines, which allow trainers to adjust the weight on both the up and down movement of each lift. “The body can resist a heavier weight than it can lift,” says CEO Dave Schaffer. “And so we’re just now able to capture that and reproduce that.” MaxOut says its 60-minute workout pushes muscles to the max, which is why five to six days of recovery is needed after each sweat session. However, CBS 3 also spoke with a member of the American College of Sports Medicine who said, “There is no way a once-a-week workout could really get people in good shape.”

My take? Sixty minutes per week is a lot better than nothing, but unless you’re also cutting calories and/or reducing your carbohydrate intake, it seems doubtful 60 minutes would be enough for most people to lose weight. If you’re already at a healthy weight and in good shape, when paired with the right diet, it may be enough to keep muscles tight and toned.

MaxOut Strength Studio, Limerick Square Shopping Center, 70 Buckwalter Road, Limerick, 610-948-5959, maxoutcorp.com