The Common Device That Damages DNA

Why your cell phone could give you cancer

Bad news, Smartphone addicts. I just watched this video of Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University explaining how the electromagnetic fields (EMF) that emanate from cell phones and other wireless devices affect your cells. Although we cannot see or feel it, Dr. Blank says EMFs are actually changing our very DNA. Which, as I’m sure you guessed, is not a good thing.  Research shows that DNA acts similarly to an antenna and picks up frequencies all around us. Over time, it changes the makeup of DNA, and may cause cancer, Alzheimer’s and autism.

Dr. Blank also noted that 20 years ago, everyone was worried about the EMFs generated from power lines. Now, our lives are saturated with cell phones and Wi-Fi—which have higher levels— and there is much less public concern.  Dr. Blank’s hope: Citizens educated themselves about EMFs and push government officials to develop precautionary methods. He’s not suggesting cell phones or Wi-Fi be banned, but he does recommend that devices be tested before they’re put on the market and that we find ways to limit exposure.

To a girl who feels naked without her iPhone, it’s definitely a wake-up call to, at the very least, stop leaving it on my nightstand while I sleep.