Exercises to Do With Your Dog

Lose weight together

Image courtesy of webmd.com.

I came across a piece on WebMD today about exercises you can do with your dog and I had to share with you. Partly because it’s a good reminder that having a dog is a great impetus for getting outside and moving more, and partly because some of the recommendations, like putting together a choreographed dance routine with your pooch, made me laugh. (They called it “musical freestyle.”) Some of the more realistic suggestions were walking, hiking and agility training, where your dog runs through an obstacle course and you run beside him.

The article also brought up a great point: Man now shares his struggle with obesity with his best friend. Up to 40 percent of dogs in the U.S. need to lose weight.

And, sadly, so does my cat. The last few people who’ve stopped by my apartment have all remarked some version of “Wow. She’s huge.”  I’ve already cut her carb intake, but … she is declawed. Perhaps musical freestyling is something we can work up to.