Sweat Test: Wonder Trek

Boot camp for your butt

I took the 6:15 p.m. Wonder Trek class at Sweat Fitness‘ Center City location last night and, boy, do my legs hurt today. I’ve been meaning to go for some time as Holly Waters, a 2010 Best of Philly trainer, teaches the class and has been telling me about it forever.

For a tough workout, check out the Monday night Wonder Trek class at Center City's Sweat Fitness.

The Monday night class combines everything from sprints on the treadmill to running around Sweat’s indoor track with a tire (yes, a tire). There are also kettlebells, tons and tons of jumping squats, wall sits, and, at some point, we even walked on the treadmill at a steep incline holding weights above our heads. Holly, who watched the 12 of us like a hawk to make sure we didn’t slack off or cop out on form, was super-encouraging and made it a lot of fun.

If you’re looking for a super-tough workout, need to push past a plateau with something new, or simply want to meet a fun, new group of people (the guy-to-girl ration was about 60:40), you should definitely check it out.