SAD: Is the Dark Getting You Down?

Does your mood change with the seasons? // Photo courtesy of

I came across an interesting article about SAD on today, where two women discussed their experiences with seasonal depression.  As I read it, the sun sunk below the horizon outside my window—it was 5:05 p.m.—and I  realized again how much the shortage of daylight hours affects me. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about as we just covered SAD in our January issue, in an effort to help all of us (myself included) have enough energy after work for something other than channel surfing.

In addition to some of the tips we mention in the link above, the CNN piece also recommended exercise, which can help you feel more awake, and taking Omega-3 fatty acids—in some cases, they’ve been shown to relieve symptoms of anxiety. These are two things I’m already doing, but I could definitely be better about getting outside on my lunch break to soak up some much needed sunlight.

How about you? Have you noticed a difference in your mood, energy levels or carb cravings since we turned back the clocks?