More Energy, Better Sex

The treatment that can help midlife men

Illustration by Justin Renninger

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Sometimes lifestyle isn’t enough to treat andropause (aka, male menopause), particularly when hormone levels have gotten too low, as was the case with Steve (read his full story in our first installment on male menopause in The Disorder Doctors Miss, and learn natural ways to reverse andropause here).  For such cases, there are now excellent testosterone therapy options that have become available in recent years. Previously, men had only the option of oral testosterone, which has many unwanted side effects. There also was the option of frequent, inconvenient injections. We now have ways of giving testosterone through the skin (gels, creams and patches), and there also is the option of slow-release pellets that are placed just under the skin. Steve’s testosterone levels were that of an 80-year-old man’s, so I knew he would need some replacement therapy to feel better.

After discussing the rationale for testosterone replacement, as well as potential side-effects, Steve wanted the therapy and liked the idea of the slow-release pellets.  For that particular therapy I refer all of my patients to Dr. Anthony Bazzan, a Philadelphia physician who specializes in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Steve received the pellets and went on the Great Life diet.  He also felt more energized to pick up his exercise routine. While Steve is not the patient’s actual name, the following are his actual words, which he allowed me to use in the hope of helping other men who are struggling like he was:

“I can’t tell you the impact that those pellets have had on my life.  It’s been a quantum leap in terms of stamina, overall well-being, and feeling healthy.  I feel now like I did when I was in my early 30s, and I’m not exaggerating.  When I was in my 30s, I had this strong passion to work hard, play hard, and do other things with a passion.  By my late 40s, I was tired all the time.  Within a week of receiving the therapy for the first time, I felt like an entirely different person in terms of stamina and strength.  A side benefit, which I’m never going to complain about, is the improvement in my sex life …”

Dr. Monti is Director of the Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and the author of “The Great Life Makeover”. Read more about him here.