I Tried It: Hot Yoga at Bikram Yoga College of India

Should you do it or ditch it? We try out area classes so you don't have to waste time or money on workouts that don't make the grade

What I wanted: A hardcore workout that will get us bathing suit-ready in five weeks.

What I tried: The 5:30 p.m. class at Bikram Yoga College of India on June 10th.

Who was teaching: Sandy

Student/teacher ratio when I dropped by: 25(ish):1

Lockers/Showers: Yes, two women’s changing rooms and one men’s. There’s not a ton of storage space, but the showers are very clean and functional. There is a hair dryer in one of the women’s rooms, which is always a nice perk. Towels are available for $1 each.

What I loved: For a runner nursing a toe injury, I needed a workout that makes me feel like I was, well, working. Bikram definitely accomplished that. I was exhausted afterward and sore the next day. Also, Sandy was extremely clear about how to do each posture and helped correct mistakes both verbally and physically so I knew I was doing it right!

Did I sweat?: Absolutely! The point of Bikram is to sweat out your body’s toxins by practicing yoga in a room heated to about 100 degrees. Most people look like they’ve been swimming after the 90-minute class.

Do it or Ditch it: Do it. But don’t forget to hydrate properly beforehand and to never stop breathing during the class. I felt dizzy and nauseous a few times, which I was told is a sign that Bikram is working. It’s hard, but totally worth it.

Weigh In: Have you tried this class? Tell us what you thought! And if you have a class you loved or hated, let us know. We could run your Sweat Test in an upcoming newsletter.

First week: $20 unlimited. Classes then sold in blocks on a sliding pay scale. Discounts available for students. Bikram Yoga College of India, 1520 Sansom Street, 215-977-YOGA. bikramphiladelphia.com