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DIY DNA tests put on hold, Barbara Walters heads for heart surgery

Concerns Cause Hesitation: Walgreens Holds Off on DIY DNA Tests
Thanks to the FDA, peeks into what your genes have in store for you won’t be available OTC this Friday as first thought. [ABCnews.com]

Your Teen is Stressed? Call Her.
Even if she’s not close enough to hug, a few words over the phone can have the same stress-relieving affect. New research suggests that oxytocin, a feel-good brain chemical that plays a key role in forming bonds and that is released during breastfeeding, hugging, and orgasm, is also released when girls between the ages of 7-12 talk to mom via phone. [CNN.com]

Say a Prayer for Barbara Walters
The 20/20 star plans to have surgery later this week to fix a faulty aortic valve, and she’s urging others to get a heart check so issues, like hers, aren’t left unnoticed until they’re far advanced. [CNN.com]

“Safe” Cigarettes a Sham
Researchers recently found that cigarettes made without tobacco or nicotine are as hazardous as regular cigs—and may even be more carcinogenic and cause more DNA damage . [Sciencedaily.com]

Sunny D Better Than Pills
New research shows that taking megadoses of vitamin D has zero benefit. Doctors recommend the old fashioned way: soaking in the sun for 5 to 10 minutes a day. [TIME.com]

— Research by Jillian Skrocki