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High hopes for bone marrow transplants

Be Realistic About Post-Baby Pounds
No matter how easy celeb moms make it seem, losing the baby belly isn’t easy. Here, tips on losing the weight without losing your mind. [CNN.com]

High Hopes for Bone Marrow Transplants
Trials using lower doses of radiation and immune-suppressing drugs prior to bone marrow transplants are underway in the hopes it will make bone marrow transplants less risky — which means the number of diseases treated by bone marrow donation could increase. [Philly.com]

Don’t Be a Chicken — Chow Down!
The federal government is creating new standards in poultry inspection, which will prevent an estimated 65,000 illnesses due to Salmonella and other food-borne bacteria. [CNN.com]

— Research by Jillian Skrochi