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Fake It Without Looking Fake. Love the idea of self-tanners, but are afraid you’ll turn into an oompa-loompa? Learn how to apply them correctly. [CNN]

Finally Getting to Ask: “Did You Take Your Pill Today?” After 50 years of women having to take responsibility for the pill, men may soon be able to share the BC responsibility. [CNN]

Your Kids Might Slim Down at School Soon — Whether They Want to Or Not. The Pennsylvania State Board of Education voted to advance draft regulation that will increase exercise in public schools and toughen guidelines for food options served to students. [Philly.com]

Ready for Swim Suit Season? Recipes That’ll Melt Your Midsection. From green tea and smoothies for breakfast to flavorful fish fillets for dinner, here are some delicious meals that will help you lose the extra pounds in time for summer. [Philly.com]

Missed the Gym Today? Laugh It Off. New research shows that laughing not only decreases stress and boosts immune function, but may also stimulate the same appetite-controlling hormones affected during workouts. [CNN]

— Research by Jillian Skrocki