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Sandy Smith

Home and Real Estate Editor

Sandy Smith is Philadelphia magazine’s Home and Real Estate editor. A Kansas City native, he has called Philly home for more than 35 years. He reports on houses for sale, condos for sale, apartments for rent, new construction, development and trends in the Greater Philadelphia real estate market.

piazza building

Market Forecast Looks Good (Except for the Piazza)

And Philly isn’t as bad as Philly people say.

City Life

WATCH: Shyamalan at ThinkFest

Is fierceness the middle ground between public school reformers and defenders?


Universal Defends Its Record on Royal Theater

Kenny Gamble’s company faced the critics.

1441 chestnut street

The W Hotel Tax Break: Foolish or Defensible?

After looking at the numbers, it may make sense after all.


Philly Real Estate Market Forecast Reads Like ‘Goldilocks’

Neither too hot nor too cold but just right.

City Life

Whither the Middle Class?

Troubling new Census data about Philly and its suburbs.

City Life

Why Brooklyn Flea Couldn’t Cut it in Philly

Sandy Smith: What’s in a name?

City Life

Would Charity Be More Effective if Wealthy Were More Charitable?

A plan to get them to put their money where their mouths are.


ReNewbold: Why One Point Breeze Developer Isn’t Running for Council

And the other may have problems if he does.

Flag of Philadelphia

Philly Deserves a Better Flag

Would you get this tattooed on your arm?

City Life

Is Prison the New Slavery?

Here’s what tough drug laws are really targeting.

Septa regional rail train
City Life

The Truth About SEPTA’s Doomsday Scenario

Service would slowly waste away, along with region’s economy.

City Life

The Philly Inferiority Complex: What We Can Learn From KC

City Life

Can the Port of Philadelphia Remain Relevant?

City Life

Economist: Rich Stay Rich, Middle Class Get Thrifty