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Jo Piazza


Inside the WingPole: Philly’s Spiciest Eating Competition

An Air Force veteran grandma of four, hundreds of spicy chicken wings, and a grand prize of $3,000: Jo Piazza gives us the play-by-play of this morning’s WingPole eating competition.

Life & Style

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Treatments in Philadelphia

From Botox to microblading to eyelash extensions, the guide we all need after two years staring at ourselves on screens.

Life & Style

Welcome to the Zoom Age of Personal Beauty

Over the the past year, medical spas, aestheticians and other beauty providers have reported an uptick in Philadelphians looking to tweak their appearances. Here’s how I learned to stop worrying and love cheek burpees.

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City Life

How Co-Writing a Book About an Interracial Friendship Helped Strengthen Our Own

To write an honest portrayal of friendship in We Are Not Like Them, my co-author and I had to start telling each other the truth.

City Life

My Neighbors Can’t Believe I Left San Francisco for Philly. I Can’t Believe I Waited This Long

It wasn’t until I returned to my hometown that I realized just how ingrained our inferiority complex is. It’s time to embrace what the rest of the country has: Philly is great.

City Life

I Thought Making Money as an Instagram Momfluencer Would Be Easy

Advertisers are willing to spend big on women who show off their perfect lifestyles on Instagram. Could I fake it enough to cash in?

City Life

It Wasn’t You, Philly. It Was Me.