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Advances in Medicine Are Helping Philly-Area Parents Have Kids Later. Here’s How to Know if You Could Benefit Too

Deciding if and when to have children today is anything but easy. As Millennial and Gen Z parents-to-be navigate the demands of their careers and […]

Presented by: Main Line Fertility

Why a New Generation of Greater Philly Parents Are Approaching Pregnancy Differently

Daily life has changed a lot since the Philadelphians who are now having children were born, a group that includes Millennials of all ages and […]

Presented by: Main Line Fertility
Bloom family

After Her Own Infertility Journey, a Philly Doc Helps Other Couples Through the Same

Seeking infertility care is hard, but Dr. Allison Bloom knows just how it feels.

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New York Surrogacy Laws Are Drawing Couples to Philly

Any parent will tell you that having kids is far from being easy. However, having kids gets even more complicated if you’re a same-sex couple […]

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Here’s How IVF Can Be More Affordable

Getting pregnant isn’t easy for all of us and the price tag on fertility treatments certainly doesn’t make it any easier. We know that struggling […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Egg Freezing

You’re in your late twenties or thirties. Maybe you’re going back to school, your career is taking off, you haven’t found ‘the one’ just yet […]

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Finding a New Normal: A Family’s Third Party Reproduction Journey

Lauren, 43, married her husband, Dom when she was 38. They started trying to have kids right away and shortly after they were married they became […]

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