Do You Photoshop Selfies Before Posting Them? New Renfrew Body-Image Survey Says Lots of Us Do



Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one who employs a bit of Photoshop magic on her selfies before posting them on social media. A new survey from the Philly-based Renfrew Center Foundation found that half of selfie takers retouch their photos before posting them to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Of those who retouch, 13 percent say they always do it, and 17 percent say they sometimes do it. Asked why people retouch their photos, 49 percent of retouchers said it was to enhance how they look, with 12 percent citing that they retouch because they generally aren’t happy with how they look; six percent said they do it to make them look thinner.

And lest you think it’s all Bieber-obessed tweens who are doing the nipping and tucking, 32 percent of respondents ages 55 to 64 say they edit their selfies with the best of them.

The survey, which compiled responses from over 1,700 U.S. adults with social media accounts, was conducted in conjunction with Renfrew’s “Barefaced & Beautiful, Without & Within” campaign, which aims to prevent eating disorders. It launches next week for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The organization set out to explore the question: Is social media fueling negative body image?

On February 24th, a week from today, the organization is asking women to post unretouched, makeup-free photos of themselves on social media to promote healthy body images. Use the hashtag #Barefacedbeauty to participate.

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