Tom Corbett’s Campaign Bus Doesn’t Run On Natural Gas

And we thought we lived on the stuff.

Tom Corbett’s re-election campaign will feature a lot of talk about Pennsylvania’s fracking boom–something Corbett has abetted and will try to use to his advantage. All the natural gas love, however, doesn’t extend to his own campaign bus, which will run on regular gasoline.

At a stop on Wednesday afternoon at Linde Construction, a Luzerne County pipeline company that has benefited from Pennsylvania’s natural gas rush, Corbett’s campaign manager Mike Barley told witf’s Mary Wilson a CNG (Compressed natural gas)-powered bus would have been too expensive. “I’d love to get it on CNG,” said Barley. “We’ll look into it. It’s a matter of availability to be honest with you.”

If Corbett could find a way to make CNG as cheap as the rest of the natural gas being sucked out of the Marcellus Shale, he probably wouldn’t be facing the disastrous poll numbers he is right now. [State Impact]