The Checkup: 3 Crazy Myths About Minimalist Running Shoes

• Think those slim, almost-not-there minimalist running shoes are THE answer for all your running problems? Think again. [Competitor]

• No one—literally, NO one—can eat just one Oreo. And now we know why: They’re as addictive as cocaine, according to new research. [Jezebel]

• So I guess some people are drinking collagen now? Because that’s a good idea? [Refinery 29]

• Nope, I’m not in the least bit sick of pumpkin everything yet, and I’m sure you aren’t either. So, please, enjoy this with me: the ultimate gluten-free pumpkin recipe guide. [So … Let’s Hang Out]

• If you’ve been running like a deranged hamster on a wheel and you’re still not losing weight, you’ve got to read this: five reasons why running may not help you shed pounds. [Shape]