Philly’s Fanciest Italian Restaurant Kicks Off Weekly Lunch Service Next Month



Last year, Marc Vetri decided to open up the Vetri books to the city’s lunch clique. Initially, it was a three-month stint — a first for the then-18-year-old restaurant — and it would happen on the first Friday of each month for $85 a person. Of course, it sold out immediately.

So for the past nine months, he made lunch a monthly event, but, still, the people wanted more. So, starting next month, lunch at 1312 Spruce Street will become a weekly affair.

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The Meal-Prep Trick That’s Saved Me Tons of Money

I nearly start sobbing when I think about the year 2014, when I would go to HipCityVeg every single day and order the drool-worthy Curry Tofu Wrap for lunch. Every. Single. Day. I was young and stupid and had not yet experienced the big unexpected bills caused by broken cars or broken pets or a broken body that everyone talks about having a savings account for. So away went hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars on Curry Tofu Wraps over the course of a year. More if you factor in the occasional green lemonade I’d get to wash the wrap down with. Insert puddle of tears here.

Now, a few years later and after dealing with a number of my dog’s weird health problems (she somehow managed to get a paint chip in her eye, and who knew ear infections could be so draining on your wallet?), I think about what I eat for lunch a bit more and go out for lunch a whole lot less. Because I get it: Savings accounts are helpful.

But this shift from a lady who lunches at HipCityVeg and Sweetgreen all the freakin’ time to a lady who lunches out of a trusty Tupperware container did not come easy.

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Butcher Bar Launches Lunch Service

butcher bar celing 940

The upstairs at Butcher Bar

Center City’s Butcher Bar, from the team behind Varga Bar, Mercato and Valanni is now open for lunch. Though there are some vegetarian dishes, as the name suggests, Butcher Bar is about the meat. Highlights include Sloppy Joe Poutine; a Butcher Bar grinder with sobrasada, rigani salami and provolone; and a $29 plate of steak frites.

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Scarpetta Does Lunch


Starting on Monday, November 14, Philly’s Scarpetta will become the first location in the group to offer lunch. So why this break from tradition?

Location, location, location…

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Eat This Now: Lobster Grilled Cheese At Luke’s Lobster


Last week, Luke’s Lobster (130 South 17th Street) launched its winter menu. And while yes, they still have the city’s most ideal interpretation of the New England-style lobster roll (the right kind of split-top roll, just a hint of mayonnaise, no goddamn celery) and a whole lot of other seafood-based lunch options, they have added three new items for the season and, really, you should go there right now and try all of them.

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Harp & Crown Does Lunch

The upstairs bar at Harp & Crown | Photos by Arthur Etchells

The upstairs bar at Harp & Crown | Photo by Arthur Etchells

Michael Schulson’s newest project, Harp & Crown, has been running on a dinners-only schedule since opening night. But starting yesterday, they quietly rolled out lunch service, offering all sorts of salads, sandwiches and snacks in the big, upstairs room.

We’ve got a look at the menu for those of you that are interested. No word yet on whether or not you can duck out at noon for a little afternoon bowling between meetings, though…

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Sancho Pistola’s Begins Lunch

Adan Trinidad rolls out a menu of tortas on Monday

Adan Trinidad rolls out a menu of tortas on Monday

Fishtown’s Sancho Pistola’s kicks off weekday lunch on Halloween day. Chef Adan Trinidad will be serving burritos for perhaps the first time at Sancho’s and he also has a full menu of tortas. Among those tortas:

  • La Cubana
    Ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, chipotle aioli
  • Grilled Chicken
    spinach, thyme, aioli, black bean chihuahua cheese
  • Braised Short Rib
    black beans, lettuce, chihuahua cheese, horseradish crema
  • Egg and Chorizo
    black beans, lettuce, Oaxaca cheese, guacamole
  • Carnitas
    provolone cheese, broccoli rabe, long hots, thyme aioli

And in order to properly kick off lunch, on Friday, November 4th, owners Joe Gunn and Casey Parker are hosting a “European Spoils” lunch with epic beers from Cantillon.

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Stockyard Sandwich Company Opens on Spring Garden Street

Opening Day Special: Roast Pork Loin - Spaghetti Squash, Shallot, Fennell, Apple Mustard + Side: Spaghetti Squash - Brown Butter, Kabocha, Pecans

Opening Day Special: Roast Pork Loin – Spaghetti Squash, Shallot, Fennell, Apple Mustard + Side: Spaghetti Squash – Brown Butter, Kabocha, Pecans

Stockyard Sandwich Company, a seasonal, farm-to-table restaurant opens today. Since temperatures have suddenly dropped 20 degrees, we will be sticking to sandwiches instead of the salads offered on the menu. We suggest you do the same.

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Cheap Eats: 15 Binge-Worthy Bowls at Philly Eateries

From top: Honeygrow's BBQ stir-fry, Poke Bowl's Poke Bowl, and Bryn and Dane's Acai Bowl | Photo by Davide Luciano, styling by Claudia Ficca

Clockwise from top: Honeygrow’s Red Coconut Curry stir-fry, Poke Bowl’s Poke Bowl, and Bryn and Dane’s Acai Bowl | Photo by Davide Luciano, styling by Claudia Ficca

This week on Foobooz, we’re publishing our guide to Philly’s new world of cheap eats: upscale quick cuisine that’s as exciting as a meal at Vetri — at a fraction of the price. Today, an ode to bowls — and all the delicious things Philly eateries are cramming inside them. Check out our favorite one-bowl meals below. Or pick up the October issue of Philly Mag, on newsstands this week, to see all our Cheap Eats goodness in one place.  Read more »

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