Best News Ever: AGNO Will Give You Free Sangria With Your Food All Summer

A bowl at AGNO | Photo via Instagram

A bowl at AGNO | Photo via Instagram

If you’re sitting at your desk right now, wondering if you read that headline correctly or if you’re going nuts, let me reassure you: You are not crazy. Our friends over at AGNO Grill, Rittenhouse’s gluten-free build-your-own-bowl Mediterranean joint, tell us they will indeed be doling out free sangria all summer long. Read more »

How to Get a $5 Lunch From These Healthy Rittenhouse Spots Every Thursday

Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga

Photo courtesy CorePower Yoga

Picture this: It’s a Thursday, mid-morning, and you’re slumped over at your desk trying to decide what’s more vital when it comes to getting you through the day, an afternoon sweat session or a running to grab a healthy, energizing lunch. But before you waste time making a pros and cons list, listen up: Our friends over at Rittenhouse’s CorePower Yoga are helping you kill both birds with one stone.
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14 Make-Ahead Lunch Salads That Are Anything But Sad

salads lead
During the workday, lunch is something to look forward to. If you’re not big on breakfast, it’s your first meal of the day and even if you did chow down on a morning meal, by the time noon rolls around, dreams of stuffing food into your face are probably floating around in your mind.

But, alas, the never-ending problem with work lunches: Making a healthy lunch every morning before can be impossible. And in comes Sweetgreen (and a Sweetgreen-sized dent in your bank account). But not anymore, friends: Here are 14 recipes for salads you can make the night before (or earlier!) and grab on your way out the door in the morning. They are guaranteed to make your lunch break the happy hour it is supposed to be — and help to deal with your eating-out addiction.  Read more »

Vote for Best of Philly: Who Has the Best Lunch on the Go?

Falafel at Agno Grill

Falafel at Agno Grill

The fast-casual restaurant segment is booming. We’ve even taken to ranking it on Foobooz via our Fast Casual Tracker. But now it’s your turn to vote for the Best Quickie Lunch Spot in this month’s Best of Philly poll.

Vote once a day now through April 26th and when you cast your ballot, you can also enter to win two tickets to the Best of Philly party.

Vote for the 2016 Best of Philly Quickie Lunch Spot [Philadelphia Magazine]

Smooth Jazz and Skate Wing: 26 North Reviewed

Skate wing at 26 North

Skate wing at 26 North | Photos courtesy of Mike Stollenwerk

The 1990s were a bad time for the American restaurant scene. We were, as an emerging culinary entity, in our first youth—like awful (if precocious) toddlers who’d gotten into Daddy’s special juice. All we did was copycat, put things in our mouths and stagger around blindly from impulse to impulse. Sure, we were occasionally cute. Occasionally (accidentally) brilliant. There were great restaurants that somehow managed to avoid all the foibles and excesses of the age, but on balance, almost everything was terrible all the time.

Consider a brief list of things restaurateurs and chefs thought were good ideas in the 1990s:

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The Checkup: Lunch-Break Habits of Healthy People That You Should Copy 

• If you spend most of your lunch breaks hunched over in your cubicle, shoveling leftover pizza into your mouth with your left hand while responding to emails with your right, stop. Just, stop. And take note of these lunch-break habits of healthy people — one of which is stepping away from work for a minute. [Huffington Post]
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Matt & Marie’s Opening Second Location in Rittenhouse

matt maries 118 s 18th 940In just a couple of weeks, one of Philly’s lunch spots, Matt & Marie’s, will be opening its second location at 118 South 18th Street.

In addition to the Italian sandwiches, salads, bagels, and pastries the flagship shop on 18th and Arch Streets serves, the new Matt & Marie’s will also have fresh ravioli, stuffed shells, and baked Campanelle pasta, along with four house-made sauces to choose from.

All of Matt & Marie’s food is either made fresh in house or picked up early in the morning, like the bagels from South Street Bagels, and the pastries from La Colombe.

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This Is Exactly Where Snap Kitchen Is Opening 7 Stores in and Around Philly

Snap Kitchen's Harvest Kale Snack, a salad with cabbage, candied walnuts, butternut squash and a sweet and savory date dressing | Photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen’s Harvest Kale Snack, a salad with cabbage, candied walnuts, butternut squash and a sweet and savory date dressing | Photo courtesy Snap Kitchen

Back in August, we got pretty jazzed when we found out Austin, Texas-based Snap Kitchen, a healthy market-meets-takeout restaurant concept, was expanding in a big way in our area, with a slew of stores planned for the city and ‘burbs. Now we have more details — that is, exactly where those outposts will be located. And, yup, we’re jazzed all over again.  Read more »

26 North Starts Lunch

26 North, BYOB by Michael Stollenwerk

26 North, now open for lunch

Mike Stollenwerk has launched lunch at his Old City BYOB, 26 North. He has a menu of soups, salads, plates and “hand helds.”

If we were there right now we’d start with the steamed little neck clams with chorizo, go with the seared tuna tacos and tell our land-lover friend to get the Bistro Steak with Lancaster blue cheese.

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