Scarpetta Does Lunch

Starting on Monday, November 14, Philly’s Scarpetta will become the first location in the group to offer lunch. So why this break from tradition?

Location, location, location…

First, Philly’s Scarpetta became the first to offer a bar menu because Philadelphians have pretty much perfected the art of making a meal of bar snacks (and beer). The folks behind Scarpetta recognized this and responded with a stand-alone menu for the downstairs bar which featured small plates and some of the greatest hits of the dinner board.

And now, because of its prime location overlooking Rittenhouse Square (and the amount of foot traffic that passes through it during those prime 11am-2pm hours), they’ve gone and ripped up the rulebook again to offer a lunch menu. Two of them, actually. First, a standard a la carte board which includes some salads, small plates (like polenta with a truffled mushroom fricassee, or braised short rib over farro risotto), five pastas (including the signature spaghetti and the bone marrow agnolotti which I tried a couple weeks ago and liked quite a bit), a selection of dishes pulled from the dinner menu, and then a large list of vegetarian options.

The other option? A three-course prix fixe “Power Lunch.” And yes, I know. “Power Lunch” is just SO 1980’s that I feel like they should be handing out shoulder-padded blazers to the ladies and skinny ties for the fellas, but whatever. It’s a $28 deal that’ll get you in and out in an hour, and the choices break down like this:


Lunch prix fixe

(choice of )
cranberry, almond, parmesan & white balsamic
sweet & spicy sausage, escarole & rosemary
(choice of )
tomato & basil
fregola, butternut squash, kale & orange olivada
(choice of )
guava sauce & caramelized pineapple
salted caramel gelato & chocolate butterscotch

And honestly? That’s a good deal considering that spaghetti alone will run you $22 on the dinner menu. Plus, you can eat it upstairs while it’s still daylight, offering lovely views of the park if you’re lucky enough to get a window seat.

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