Eat This Now: Lobster Grilled Cheese At Luke’s Lobster

Last week, Luke’s Lobster (130 South 17th Street) launched its winter menu. And while yes, they still have the city’s most ideal interpretation of the New England-style lobster roll (the right kind of split-top roll, just a hint of mayonnaise, no goddamn celery) and a whole lot of other seafood-based lunch options, they have added three new items for the season and, really, you should go there right now and try all of them.

The first (and best) addition is pictured right there at the top of this post–an awesome lobster grilled cheese sandwich. I mean, just look at that thing. Awesome, right? It’s a significant portion of lobster and melted Gruyere cheese between two slices of buttered white bread, thrown down on the flat grill and made perfect and melty and golden-brown. And while, at $13, it isn’t exactly a cheap lunch (though it is cheaper than the lobster roll), it is absolutely the kind of thing you want to treat yourself to on the kind of day that demands a $13 lobster grilled cheese sandwich.

For me, that’s pretty much every day, but you make your own choices.

Second-best thing? Crab grilled cheese sandwich. It’s basically the same as the lobster except stuffed with Jonah crab claw meat. If you’re the kind of person who likes crab more than lobster (or prefers an excellent $10 sandwich to a slightly-more-excellent $13 sandwich), this is your winner.

And the final entry. Pretty, right? It’s called the Tail And Kale Salad.

Now for me, this was the least exciting of the three new dishes because it felt so hipster-y with its kale and quinoa and pumpkin seeds. I just couldn’t imagine some roadside lobster shack in Maine ever serving anything like this.

And yet… Look at that picture. It comes with a whole steamed and split lobster tail. And the entire thing will only run you $15. So to me, it was basically paying $15 for a nice, delicious lobster tail that also happened to come with some chickpeas (which I love), and a healthy salad on the side. To me, that was completely worth it. Wish it came with some drawn butter, but I guess that would be defeating the whole “healthy” angle they’re working on.

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