Is Pittsburgh Really Better Than Philly? (Spoiler Alert: No)

philly v. pittsburgh

So there’s this website,, that’s ostensibly a personal finance site but which often sends out press releases ranking cities compared to this or that criteria designed to make those cities feel smug and secure in themselves — or, you know, the opposite.

The latest ranking involves a straightforward comparison of Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia — and as you might guess, Pittsburgh comes out on top. Why? Well NerdWallet has a list of criteria. But really, it’s because NerdWallet says so. So we say NerdWallet is wrong — or, at least, not nearly as right as it presents itself:

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Ranking Puts West Conshohocken as the #1 Suburb in America to Buy a House

Image via Google Street View

Image via Google Street View

Wasn’t it just last month that Niche had us scratching our heads with its “Best Suburbs in America” list? If you recall, they ranked Narberth as the 10th best ‘burb in the country, ahead of the likes of Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, and even Lower Merion Township. Now, they’ve caught us just a teensy bit by surprise yet again with their recently released “Best Suburbs to Buy a House in America” compilation.

The ‘burb honored with the no. 1 spot on the ranking? West Conshohocken.

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Want to Live Longer? Move to Lancaster.

They say this city can kill you. Well now we have proof.

Graphic from Measure of American of the Social Science Research Council's report "<a href=

The Social Science Research Council’s Measure of America project has released a report called “Geographies of Opportunity: Ranking Well-Being by Congressional District” in which they measure health, access to knowledge and living standards within the country’s 435 congressional districts as well as Washington, D.C. Only a few states get called out for special notice, and wouldn’t you know it, Pennsylvania is one of them.

pa-district-2There’s a special section called “A Tale of Two Districts: Life Expectancy in Pennsylvania.” The reason the state gets special attention is because it’s an outlier in terms of the health metric, and not in a good way. “Only four districts outside the South have life expectancies of less than 76 years,” the report reads, and one of those is Pennsylvania Congressional District 2, shown at left, which covers much of West Philly, and  other surrounding neighborhoods. The average life expectancy in this district is 75.6 years, to be precise, which is several years below the national average. Read more »

Do You Live In One of Philly’s Most Expensive Suburbs?

No bottle shop, no thanks. |


Is this even a list you want your town to be on? Unlike their “10 Best Philadelphia Suburbs” list, which inspired a lot discussion some weeks ago, Movoto has taken a dollar centric approach with their latest catalog: the 10 most expensive Philadelphia suburbs.

Movoto’s Cassie Sheets says data examined included median home values, cost of living, affordability ratio (that is, “median home value divided by median household income”), and the percentage of income spent on rent. Much like their “10 Best,” AreaVibes was hit up for help in narrowing down the list, as was data from the U.S. Census. All this info was then averaged “into one overall Big Deal Score where the lowest scores were our most expensive Philadelphia suburbs.”

You can see the full list below, but here are the top 10–do you see your ‘burb on the list?:

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Philly One of the Most Overpriced Cities of 2015?

Would Philly even be on here if it weren’t for Nashville, Kansas City, Little Rock, New Orleans, and others being knocked off for lack of sufficient data? Who knows, but as it stands, it’s in at no. 24 on Forbes’ “America’s Most Overpriced Cities In 2015” list.

According to writer Erin Carlyle, the list was compiled after singling out the largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Divisions (i.e. “cities and their surrounding suburbs as defined by the Office of Management and Budget”), and then examining their most recent housing stats (in this case, 2014’s fourth quarter), as provided by the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo. “The quarterly index weighs median prices for homes sold against median income levels to determine the percentage of homes that are affordable to residents making the median income,” writes Carlyle.

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Site Ranks Top 10 Philly ’Burbs — Did They Get It Right?

Movoto staff writer Natalie Grigson took on the brave task of compiling one of those lists that is just begging for naysayers: the 10 Best Philadelphia Suburbs. 

Grigson’s picks as they appear:

1. Devon, PA
2. Blue Bell, PA
3. Wyncote, PA
4. Bryn Mawr, PA
5. Flourtown, PA
6. Berwyn, PA
7. Swarthmore, PA (tie)
7. Haddonfield, NJ (tie)
9. Narberth, PA
10. Fort Washington, PA

So what do you think? Any ‘burbs the Movoto list overlooked? Which would you take out and which would you replace it with? Keep in mind that business listings and AreaVibes were used to shape the list, and criteria examined were things like amenities per capita, median home price, median rentals, standard of living, overall crimes, weather, and more.

These Are The 10 Best Philadelphia Suburbs [Movoto]

10 Philly Instagrams You Should Definitely Follow

A photo posted by Ryan Rector (@recthedirector) on

City Hall, Robert Indiana’s LOVE statue, the PMA steps—all sites you and I (and probably every tourist with an iPhone) are sure to have photographed, filtered, and posted on Instagram at some point during our wanderings in Philadelphia. And while such pictures of Philly are expected, this Instagram roundup pointedly turns away from the go-to snapshot spots.

Instead, we’ve chosen to feature 10 (really, 11) IG accounts whose principal focus are infrequently noticed aspects of the city, be it architecture, interior spaces, abandoned buildings, or other rarely appreciated cityscape scenes. Of course, you can’t just talk about #phillygrams and not mention @StreetsDept, Conrad Benner’s stunning 94,000-follower Instagram gallery (he also has a photo blog) filled with artfully immortalized Philly graffiti, street art, and urbex

However, for the purposes of bringing what may be potentially new images to you, we’ve decided to include lesser known IG users (but you should still follow him if you don’t already!), which brings us to our next point: Property will now feature a “Photo of the Week” each Friday!

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