Anti-Gay Flier in N.J. Senate Race Has “Cory Brooker” Typo


New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is likely to coast to re-election next month. He’s way ahead in the polls against conservative businessman Jeff Bell.

But that hasn’t stopped the Public Advocate of the United States, a conservative Christian advocacy group that is against gay marriage, taxpayer-funded art, abortion, hate crime laws and the “mainstream media’s promotion and glorification of drug abuse, teenage sex, gangs, atheism, homosexuality and other immoral behavior and beliefs.” It’s a nonprofit 501(c)4 political organization.

And, yes, it misspelled Cory Booker’s name as “Cory Brooker” on a flier sent to New Jersey residents. (The one above was sent to a Mercer County resident.)

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Pennsylvania Politics 2014: The 4 Stories We’ll All Be Following

Tom Corbett

2014 will be a huge year in Pennsylvania politics — and particularly Philly area politics — with contested house seats, jockeying for position in a mayoral race, the national media ‘s fascination with Chris Christie and the hottest governor’s race in the country.

Here’s more on the four major political storylines that will play out over the next year.

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Cory Booker’s Got at a Girrrrrrlfriend

Mr. Wait-I-Thought-He-Was-Gay serial bachelor Cory Booker’s got a girlfriend! The senator’s catch, according to–who else–Page Six, is a 36-year-old Yale Law grad and Los Angeles entertainment lawyer called Bianca Levin. Here is her old Twitter profile photo.


Bianca Levin/Twitter

Her current account, @ladybesq, appears to have been recently protected. Which seems to be a pretty solid indication that the report is at least somewhat true. Cory Booker may have put those persistent–and frankly, tiresome–question about his sexuality away for now. But for a celebrity politician like Booker, dating a “Hollywood entertainment lawyer”  isn’t a narrative that’s going to do him any favors either.

[New York Post]

Cory Booker Is Jersey’s New Senator

It got close-ish at the end there, but was there ever any doubt? Booker won 55%-44% in an election featuring one of the lowest-ever statewide turnouts in New Jersey, with under 25% of the voting population participating. (Hmm, wonder why?) Here’s Senator-elect Booker’s characteristically enthusiastic, hoarse-throated, victory speech. For what it’s worth, Booker began by praising his predecessor Frank Lautenberg, who wasn’t exactly fond of him.

Today is New Jersey’s Senate Election. Finally.

Finally, after months and weeks of talking, today is the special election in New Jersey to replace the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg. In this corner, we have Republican Steve Lonegan, and in this corner we have Democrat and social media superstar Cory Booker. And while the race appeared to tighten in recent weeks, it still appears to be Booker’s to lose.

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The Tale of Cory Booker and the Vegan Stripper

At a rate of 20 tweets a day–and golly, who knows how many direct messages!–it was only a matter of time before Cory Booker got himself into a Weineresque situation.* Yesterday, an exchange he had with a Portland, Oregon stripper (who works at a vegan strip club!**), was muckraked by BuzzFeed. The exchange read as follows, after a surreal (February) discussion of who would be Cory Booker’s first lady if he became president of the New Jersey Star Trek club.

Booker: And the East Coast loves you. And by the East Coast, I mean me.

Lynsie Lee: Now I’m blushing.

Booker: It’s only fair.

*Wait, this wasn’t Weineresque at all! There’s no scandal here, folks. In fact, as the Atlantic Wire points out, some pundits are speculating that Booker orchestrated and leaked the story himself, to quash rumors of his homosexuality.

**Also, she’s not actually vegan–her strip club is. But the headline sounded nice.

Lee, for her part, is enjoying her newfound fame.

What a country.

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