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New Hope’s Famously Haunted Logan Inn Is on the Market for $6.7M

logan inn

Photo by Laura Kicey

Talk about historic properties. The Logan Inn was once built as a humble tavern, but became an inn around 1727. It’s the oldest running inn in Bucks County, and the fifth oldest in the U.S., one manager said. But the more important fact? Its vaunted paranormal reputation. The New Hope building has regular visits from [...]

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Bucks County: Once An Eden, Now “Devastation”

bucks county farm

Photo of Traugers farm in Bucks County by Frenchtowner via Wikimedia

A lengthy article in the International Business Times by Palash Ghosh uses Bucks County, Pa., as a microcosm for the evils of suburban sprawl, and it’s about as harsh as it can get.

Though not unique, of course, Ghosh contends that Bucks County development is a perfect example of the postwar “expansion of suburbia and concurrent gradual disappearance of unspoiled countryside.” Though many people who live in Philadelphia County, for instance, still see Bucks as countryside, 70 percent of the county’s farmlands disappeared between 1950 and 1997, according to figures Ghosh obtained from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

And longtime Bucks residents like Mark Arbeter feel the difference acutely. Arbeter, chief technical strategist at Standard & Poor’s, told Ghosh about his Bucks County youth:

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Newly Listed: Skater Oksana Baiul’s New Hope Colonial


Remember delicate little dove-like Oksana Baiul? She earned the adoration of the world during the 1994 Winter Olympics, at which she won the Gold Medal in figure skating for Ukraine. She’s had her ups and downs since then, but as the Wall Street Journal ‘s Developments blog said yesterday in profiling the sale of her New Hope home, she’s also become a real estate investor.

In this case, Baiul bought the four-bedroom/three-and-a-half bath house a little more than a year ago for $580,000 and is now asking $875,000.

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M. Night Won’t Film ‘Wayward Pines’ in Bucks; HGTV Pops Up in KOP; PHL May Lose Its Spot; Other Acronyms


So what’s up for today? Sean Benschop, the equipment operator on the site of the building collapse, goes to a preliminary hearing to determine if there’s enough evidence to move ahead with all the charges against him, including that of manslaughter. Over at Reddit Philadelphia, folks are talking about ways to stay safe in Philly, and weird places to go when you visit.

And now, for some headlines…

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House of the Week: Perfectly Situated, Beautiful Stone Manor in Yardley

house for sale yardley

What a treasure this is. Lanrick Manor, built around 1704, has beautiful period details throughout its 3,800 square feet, including antique hardware, random-width hardwood floors and five fireplaces, including a walk-in. The front door is original and there are built-ins in the dining room and library. There’s a sunroom that, on sunny days, may compensate for the fact that the third-floor walk-up doesn’t yet have heat–let’s call it a handyman’s challenge.

In addition to the main house, there’s a bank barn with a studio that has heat and air conditioning. The land itself is lovely, and is close–but not too close–to the river. In fact, there’s a highway in between, which some may think of as unattractive, but Yardley homes for sale on River Road can be a risky proposition when heavy rains come. That highway probably keeps this house just far enough away to play it safe.

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Idyllic Retreat in New Hope

Picture this: You’re strolling idly along your 28-acre property, tossing a ball aimlessly to your golden retriever. You stare at lovely yet familiar Delaware River scenery, just before heading back to your charming stone manor. Imagine how serene life can be. Of course, if you can afford the $5.9 million (and some change) price tag [...]

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Will Doylestown Ever Get a Trader Joe’s?

“It happens all the time. Whenever a larger store closes in Doylestown, residents mourn for a few days and then wish for a Trader Joe’s.” So writes Intelligencer staff writer Christina Kristofic. And boy, she isn’t kidding. The entire political and civic structure of Doylestown and Bucks County has organized a letter-writing campaign to get the healthy grocery chain to move into the space left vacant by the closure of Herb’s Hobbies and Crafts.

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$1.6M Bucks Farmhouse for Weary Travelers


There’s little Bucks County does better than farmhouse estates. This classic 1820s example on 25 acres “sits high on a South facing hillside overlooking rolling meadows, a pond and picturesque countryside”—which is basically the eau de parfum de Bucks.

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