Rosemont Igloo Built By Child Contractors During Storm

rosemont igloo

Photo courtesy Norm Morrison.

Snowmageddon, Snowadelphia, whatever you want to call it — when a snow day comes to the Greater Philadelphia area, people get creative. Especially when said people are small and gleeful and be-mittened.

An image from the pre-completion phase of the igloo, below.

rosemont igloo in progress

Photo courtesy Norm Morrison, who stands and consults with the contractors. Who are unusually happy, for contractors.

Other snow property submissions welcome.

  • DTurner

    What is this? NON-UNION LABOR?!?

    In other news, that’s awesome.

    • Liz Spikol

      Er, no child labor laws were broken in the making of that igloo.

      • DTurner

        Yes, but this is clearly taking away work from union workers; the ratmobile is en route.