Splendiferous Interiors: You Have Never Seen Anything Like This. Guaranteed.

The first in a series of five photo essays by Laura Kicey, who spent a recent Sunday on Historic Germantown’s Private Homes Tour.

oaks cloister

The Oaks Cloister on Wissahickon Avenue in Germantown shares an architect with the Pennsylvania Capitol Building. Photo: Laura Kicey.

For the rest of the gallery of the Oaks Cloister, built in 1900 by Joseph Miller Huston, see below.

Photos by Laura Kicey.

  • Val Patterson

    Wow! Spectacular homes that aren’t particularly easy to photograph. Kudos to Laura Kicey for capturing them so beautifully.

  • Lani strom

    can one visit this?

  • Jaime

    A little background on the house would have been nice. The owners and artisans that restored this place are doing God’s work.