South Street’s Mixed Plate Is for Sale, Liquor License and Apartments Included

It hasn’t been open that long, but Mixed Plate restaurant, at 216 South, is already for sale. The turnkey establishment with liquor license features seating for a total of 109, two bars, two commercial kitchen and the following:

– walk-in freezer
– walk-in refrigerator
– walk-in beverage cooler
– two offices

In addition to the restaurant/bar/catering facility, the property also has a third floor with two rental apartments. They’re separately metered two-bedrooms with new appliances and washer/dryers in each.

That’s 9,000 square feet total of earning potential. The question is: Will someone pay $2.8 million for the whole package?









Listing: 216 South Street, Philadelphia []

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  • tsarstruck

    “Will someone pay $2.8 million for the whole package?” Ha.

  • tsarstruck

    “Will someone pay $2.8 million for the whole package?” Ha.

  • Jay

    Richard Rhys should ask himself the first question he posed? Cos the answer will be NO. McCoy didn’t have a 21 yd TD run against anyone this preseason. The 21 yd run against the Panthers was terrific and I watched it on repeat but he didn’t find the end zone on that run. What’s up with this half-a$sed journalism? Get your facts straight man.
    With that said, I agree with most everything else he wrote.

    • ohitsdom

      Crap, didn’t see this comment before I commented. My thoughts exactly, I think Philly watched that replay enough to remember he didn’t score.

    • aub32

      I hate this lazy behind eriting, because you can’t call it journalism, that many of these people get away with. How hard is it to proof read and fact check before hitting post. Then on top of being as wrong as wrong can be, he is discussing a stupid point anyway. No one sees LeSean McCoy as a sleeper. The guy lead the league with 20 TDs (non QB) in 2011. Many people were drafting him as one of the top 3 RBs last year, top 2 with all the questions about Peterson.

    • Richard Rys

      Mistakes happen–I made one there. Happy to admit it, and better yet, correct it. Shady didn’t score on that obscene run. Let’s also talk about the topic so many commenters enjoy debating, which is the journalistic value of a blog. Some blogs are, indeed, journalism. Most if not all of what Sheil and Tim do here is exactly that. Speaking for myself, I’m a writer, first and foremost. Most of what I write is journalism. The excerpt Sheil kindly quoted was a blog for The Philly Post about fantasy football. It’s all opinion, intended to be fun, and not journalism by any means.

      Perhaps you think I’m a crap writer. Fair enough; it’s a matter of opinion. I made an error, which I take the blame for, and I appreciate when blunders are pointed out so we can set the record straight. Thoughtful critiques are also welcome. But when anonymous commenters sling mud about “half-assed journalism,”—especially regarding something that’s not, in fact, journalism at all—maybe it’s time to ease off the gas a bit. I care about accuracy very much, as 99.9 percent of the journalists I know do. Mistakes sting. Just wondering how many message board watchdogs care as much about journalism as they do gloating over other people’s errors, or using them as evidence that the Fourth Estate is now run by shiftless bloggers writing in their underwear from their mother’s basement. Some of this I blame on sad, miserable folks who use these comments to feel better about themselves. But mostly because there is a lot of garbage on the internet. Birds 24/7 and The Philly Post are not in that company.

      In the pursuit of factual accuracy, my last name is spelled Rys. No “h.” I never called McCoy a sleeper. And I’m not familiar with the words “eriting” or “agian.”

  • ohitsdom

    Nitpick for Mr. Rys: McCoy’s 21 yard run was incredible, but he didn’t score on the play. It was Foles’ amazing juking ability on a 7 yard run that scored.

  • bushisamoron

    Barkley is in a great spot. Learn an NFL offense, get stronger and get paid. Vick almost certainly will not be back next year and then compete for the starting job.

  • Anon

    RGIII to play season opener. Does this man that all the pundits have to revise their 9-7 season record prediction. Or is there any way in which we win this game? I’m just hoping that Kelly’s experience with read option means that we can out-coach washington on both sides of the ball. But i’m realistic about the limits of our defense. I almost wish they played week 4 to get more reps in.

    • A Big Butt and a Smile

      My personal feel he is coming back too early. I’m more worried about Alfred Morris than RGIII.

  • anon

    Yeah and he would have played like the rest of the USC quarterbacks and perpetuated that stereotype. I think realistically this is best thing for him (maybe being #2 instead of #3 will be better), but tossing qbs in too early does more harm than good.

  • aub32

    I wonder if I could get a job at the Philly post. I could use some extra income where all I have to do is roll out of bed and type whatever nonsense I can make up without having to worry about being accurate.

  • Johnny Domino

    Matt should use those scout team reps (unless Dixon gets a PS spot to play RG3) to build up the shoulder and bide his time. All it takes anymore is one “Matt Flynn” game you can parlay into a trade and a starting gig elsewhere, regardless of actual talent.

  • knighn

    I think you may have it here. Even after another year of college experience Matt Barkley is still not good enough to compete with Mike Vick or Nick Foles. Maybe Barkley’s arm was not completely healed or maybe Barkley is just another USC QB that will not excel in the NFL.

    Some people believe that he is the Eagles QB of the future. Maybe he’s the backup QB of the future. I believe, like many others, that the Eagles don’t yet have their QB of the future on their roster. I just hope that Matt Barkley ends up better than “Mike Kafka + Hype”. Otherwise that’s just a wasted draft pick that the Eagles could have used elsewhere.

  • aub32

    Even if Barkley washes out, I like the pick. He was a great value in the 4th round when listening to everything that was being said of him.

  • Andy124

    Think of that pick like a poker hand. You have to put in 5 dollars to call. You figure you have a 25% chance to win the hand, and you bring in $100 if you win.

    Your expected value is 100*.25 – 5*.75 = $21.75. Therefore, you should put in the $5. Even if you lose the hand, it doesn’t mean it was a wasted bet. It was a good gamle that just didn’t pay off.

    Same goes for the Barkley pick. Just because it doesn’t pay off doesn’t mean it wasn’t a smart gamble. Not to mention, whoever we picked instead would have been no garuntee to be a contributor.

  • Beavis

    Since when is a rookie serving as second or third string news? This has been the standard in the NFL for years. I don’t want to compare Barkley to any other current starter in the league, but how many guys rode the pine before getting their shot? Consider this – Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Kaepernik, and Romo (who was unddrafted and served as a place-holder I might add), to name a few, all sat and learned the position before getting their shot.
    Who knows what will happen with Barkley. Probably nothing. But just because he’s not starting doesn’t make this a wasted draft pick. It doesn’t say anything about his career arc.

  • nicksaenz1

    Exactly. Can’t argue the pick at all.

  • FluxCapacitor

    Agree – if it was a 2nd, then it would have been a wasted pick. In the 4th it is a great flyer.

  • theycallmerob

    Sheil, loving the headline. Great excuse to listen to Clarence.

  • knighn

    Sorry, don’t have all of the odds on this for you and don’t have the time to look right now. I believe that you would find that there is a higher success rate (starter / pro-bowler / all-pro) for basically any other position in round 4 other than a QB. Additionally, you are likely to get some immediate value out of another position, either in special teams or in some kind of rotation (or both). Once again: no guarantees at another position, but that is also playing the odds.

    I also still question the choice of the QB pick. Chip Kelly may not want to admit it, including to himself, but I strongly believe that he prefers excellent QBs that show some mobility… over excellent QBs that are a minimal threat to run. I suppose we’ll see going forward (2013/2014/2015).

    I agree that there is a strong perception that Matt Barkley was a great value in the 4th round. After all Barkley “would have been a first round pick in the 2012 draft”. For me: that great value will NOT be a reality unless Barkely, at least, is a viable backup going forward.

    Of course, if Barkley ends up as a viable starting QB for the Eagles, it would be more like winning the lotto, and who doesn’t like winning the lotto?

  • Max Lightfoot

    I doubt it. Most fans can’t write as well as the worst journalist on the best day of their lives. Spent my career as a news reporter – been there, done that.

  • aub32

    That’s funny because I wouldn’t call a lot of these guys journalists. No offense to you, as this is directed at the article, but I have seen way too many so-called journalists write too many articles that aren’t true, have kindergarten level grammar mistakes, contain an infinite amount of spelling errors, and many times aren’t even news.

  • Andy124

    “contain an infinite amount of spelling errors”
    I’m going to have to revoke your journalist credentials for hyperbole abuse.

  • Adam

    It amazes me that Dennis Dixon still has practice squad eligibility.

  • aub32

    Fine by me. I’ll keep my day job. The standards are higher and the pay is pretty good. Agian, I mean no disrespect to the better journalists that actually provide factual content that I can’t get from an infinite (not hyperbole) amount of sources on the internet.

  • Gary

    A right guard who isn’t even good, to be specific.