Jon Stewart Slams Philly, Cheesesteaks, Art Museum, Phanatic

But he’s still a Mets fan, so who is the loser, really?

Jon Stewart didn’t take well to Ryne Sandberg’s report he’d received food poisoning from Shake Shack during a series against Stewart’s Mets, leading to Stewart’s extended rant against all things Philadelphia on Tuesday’s night’s Daily Show.

But he’s still a Mets fan, so who is the loser, really?

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  • Jennifer Woolslayer

    He loves us, he know he do, bwhahahaha

  • MystiKasT

    Philly is good if you like black criminals terrorizing college kids and yuppie liberals

    • SchmidtUltra

      Hey, we let all races become criminals! #EqualOpportunity

  • Kirbee

    This coming from a guy who grew up next to Trenton? I know it’s comedy but c’mon dude. Trenton bashing Philly? Nice.

    • Deborah aka Deej

      I’ll say one thing for New Jersey folk, they don’t seem to be as uptight as some of you Phillies. If Jon really wanted to insult your state, I’m sure he could’ve come up with some legitimate complaints. It was just a comedy bit (a damn funny one).

  • dildocam

    What are you the joke nazi?

  • Tracey

    He got a lot of free publicity when he bashed Chicago pizza. So now he goes after the Philly cheesesteak. It’s kind of pathetic, really.

    • Moe

      I really don’t think he needs the publicity, he gets that every year he wins an Emmy.

    • John Knorr

      Yeah but then he had Marc Malnati of Lou Malnati’s pizza (a famous Chicago pizza shop I guess?) on his show the next week with a deepdish pizza… Maybe we should expect to see Geno Vento on next week with a cheesesteak?

    • MonsterDon

      Well he had an actual point when he condemned the faux Pizza from Chicago. A real cheesesteak is food from the gods.

  • It’s a joke folks

    In 2012 there were 132 homicides in Philidelphia…. And 67 in the entire State Of NJ….
    That funny enough for you, jackass?

    • Not quite

      umm…there were 67 in Camden in 2012, and 374 in the entire state of NJ. Assuming this was in response to the deleted comment but come on…

    • Glennjo

      There were way more than 132 homicides in Philadelphia in 2012, probably closer to 332. If Philly ever has as few as 132 murders it will be the greatest crime reduction in history. It’s still a way better city than anyplace in Jersey which is the worst state in America.

      • BC1968

        Friggin New Jersey is barely a state, To the North it’s New York, to the South it’s Philadelphia. BTW, there was probably more than 67 murders last week in Camden.

  • Dylan MacKinnon

    Insulting the Phanatic goes too far. At least our Mascot doesnt look like a pedophile.

    • anonymous

      “At least our Mascot doesnt look like a pedophile.”

      Then what else would you describe him as? I thought the “f***ed up Jim Henson creation” was a fairly accurate description.

  • Dylan MacKinnon

    The Chicago rant was funnier, but this was still pretty good even if he is wrong. Cheese steaks, Philly Cream Cheese, and the Phanatic are great.

  • Ralph Aniba

    John Freaking Stewart, crawl back into the hole you came from. Once Obama is out of office maybe you can get a job writing for SNL. They suck too!!

    • BC1968

      He’s been owning the republican morons long before Obama and long after. Stupid is easy to make funny, republicans practically write the comedy for Stewart and Colbert.

  • Amanda Phickle

    I love my Philly and my Jon Stewart.

  • Suzanne Krizanek

    I don’t think anyone who is annoyed of him ACTUALLY watched this. At the end he’s laughing. And points to the cheesesteak and whispers “I actually love these things”

    Although the best is the last statement.
    “You don’t want diarrhea? Well maybe you shouldn’t have come to a town called Flushing”
    He’s all in good fun. I’m sure anyone who watches him knows that. Relax people =P

    • BC1968

      He even complimented Sandberg, but people aren’t too smart.

    • Johnny Domino

      One of the Met players had the same issue and blamed the Shake Shack as well. No mention of that, no troll value to it.

  • MobileFoodNews®

    I think what he said was hysterical! Complete comedy! But, he is wrong about the meat. Pat’s, Geno’s Jimmy G’s… all use Rib eye and slice it. Maybe those other places……

  • Fallon Kider

    Philadelphia Cream Cheese isn’t made in Philadelphia. :( I think it’s made in upstate New York

  • karee

    Art Museum as exercise equipment…
    is it really dumb or is it actually economical, sustainable, and effective?

  • PhillyLover

    Philadelphia cream cheese is actually from New York City, when they started the company New York city was a crappy little town that didnt have name recognition so they named it Philadelphia cream cheese

    • brendancalling

      close. It’s that at the time, the word “Philadelphia” implied “excellence”. We were, after all, the workshop of the world.

  • PerkasieCitizen

    He stole this bit from Bill Burr.

  • Poytszi

    Typically, the philly foodies know jack about real food. As my Bubba (not southern) used to say, “this is real drek!”. Fried, old chip steak (cow meat or road kill) covered with sauce and peppers to cover the stench, and they say, “oh, I could just die for a philly steak”! Yeh, and philly is rated in the top 11 cities in the world? Hahaha…


      Everyone familiar with Philadelphia knows the cheesesteak isn’t really representative of the food scene. It’s not even the best sandwich; it’s merely an icon, like NYC’s bagel. And yes, Philly is one of the world’s great cities – with the culinary kudos to back it up.

  • matthew brandley

    He is a left wing libturd after all

    • BC1968

      Aww butthurt conservatives because he owns your friggin teatards every night. Don’t you wish Stupid Sarah was this smart, no seriously, repukes throw money her way whenever she pretends to run for President because she’s bored and wants some extra cash. Maybe she is the smart one,,so sorry.

  • Jennifer Robnett

    He is so hot.

  • Bowman

    Have you ever had a cheese steak?
    Have you ever had a cheese steak on weed?
    Oh and in a cheese steak it’s ribeye.

    • BC1968

      Yes he admitted he loves them, do you understand satire? Did you even watch the video? He wasn’t even close to being serious.

  • Po Man

    i am a philly guy that hates the mets. that being said i also must say that i love this guy…great rant you Orchard St. Glory Hole Captain

  • Joe W Look in your own back yard before you put Philadelphia down.

  • PJ

    “F***ed up jim Henson reject looking piece of sh*t.” he talking about mr met?

  • CALQ


    • Deborah aka Deej

      You shouldn’t be watching The Daily Show. You clearly don’t have the necessary mental capacity to understand humor.

  • Deborah aka Deej

    It blows my mind that there are actually people who *didn’t* get that Jon Stewart was joking. Seriously…just how dense are you people?