PA Senate Dems Move to Raise Minimum Wage

New minimum would be $12 an hour.

PennLive reports on efforts in Harrisburg to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour:

The proposal — by senators Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) and Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia) — would also make it illegal for businesses to pay workers who receive tips less than minimum wage. Currently, tip earners can be paid a minimum of $2.83 an hour.

“The tipped minimum wage hasn’t changed in 23 years and allows business owners to take advantage of low-wage, disproportionately female workers even demanding they do un-tipped work like dish washing and cleaning bathrooms for $2.83 an hour,” Leah said in a statement.

The bill would also index the minimum wage to inflation, which occurs in 11 other states. The senators said the changes would create 1 million new jobs in Pennsylvania.

The PA Chamber of Business and Industry opposes the proposal.

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  • Dave

    How, exactly, would raising the minimum wage create 1 million new jobs? Where do they get the numbers? If an employer is forced to pay an employee more, I don’t think they will be in a rush to hire more workers. I also find it hard to believe that there will be a line for new employers to get into PA to hire workers once the wages are increased.

    • RL

      The answer is that those individuals who are employed at this status have an extremely low savings rate and those funds will be cycled back into the economy especially now that they will have more money to spend…this is not an experiment it has been proven to work before

  • crateish

    If the Chamber of Business and Industry opposes it, clearly it’s the right thing to do for workers. This would put a lot of money into the pockets of hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, who would in turn spend it locally, creating jobs and boosting the economy.

    • matthew brandley

      It takes millions out of others and raises the price of everything in the state from food in the supermarkets to the gas in your car. Again your not the educated fool you seem to be.

  • NateFried

    Did you guys just report on an April Fools joke? A server getting paid $12/hr AND their tips would probably make for a $47K.yr job straight out of highschooL!

  • pjcostello

    It’s liberals’ funny math (maybe Common Core math?) — I’ll make an employer pay MORE money out in wages, and presto! — they’ll hire more workers. What maroons.

  • matthew brandley

    LIbturd logic. If anyones even traveled out west or down south along the interstates and seen the kiosks where you order your fast food, thats exactly what will happen to every fast food resuraunt in the state! The price of all food in every supermarket would go up 15 pct to compensate for the wage increase to pay every worker to keep the current staff and benefits level. The costs of goods and services would go up in every aspect of the service industry. Period. Waiters, waitressses would actualy earn less and be inclined to provide less great service if they where getting paid hourly . Think about this libturds! what ever happend to earning money the old fashioned way through hard work, education, merit, and learning the tools of the trade?
    The entitlement society that Obama has created is destoying this country, tearing it apart. The younger generation has become a bunch of lazy , want it all for nothing , cant keep my leg shut have the goverment pay for it all entitled generation and it makes me sick! Why should those who work hard pay for those who are to lazy to take advantage of the free courses at libraries, community colleges to learn how to use computers, a trade ect to make themselves more marketable in the job fields? since when is fast food a career?

    • PG

      Typical conservatard logic. Stay somewhat awake for microeconomics but asleep through macro. Supply and demand charts don’t explain everything. There’s also the concept of money multiplier where lower wage earners have a higher marginal propensity to consume therefore more money goes into the economy rather than the rich hoarding money which does little to nothing. The Reagan experiment of “trickle down” is an epic fail. If it worked so well then where are the jobs with corporate profits at record highs and top marginal tax rates the lowest since Hoover? And as for “Old fashioned” well how about the proposed minimum wage being adjusted for inflation to what it was in the 160 and stronger unions?

      • PG

        I meant 1960s.

  • H Winning

    Cost of living goes up every year. Food, heating bills, gas for cars everything and if anyone thinks $7.25 an hour covers these increases please tell me how it does.