Chuck Peruto Calls D.A. Seth Williams a “Fat Prick”

Also, a “power tripping bum.”


On Wednesday afternoon, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ office announced that the Grand Jury investigation into the death of Chuck Peruto girlfriend Julia Law had concluded that there was no evidence of criminal activity in her death. Peruto took to Facebook to respond.

Here is Peruto’s statement in full:

10 days after Julia Law’s death, the medical examiner concludes it was an accident. That wasn’t good enough for that prick Seth Williams. Taxpayers spent huge money to see if I cleaned the tub, had any motive, or had anything whatsoever to do with her death, while I was 75 miles away.

Release the complete report that we paid for Mr. District Attorney. You spent our money on your witch hunt, and took eight months to do it, while my father was dying.

What killed her, why was I targeted, and why was a grand jury necessary? As I said months ago, we will never know what happened, because the D.A. will have to embarrass his friend and contributor.

Vote this power tripping bum out of office! I hope you sue me you fat prick.

Williams’s office did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

In August, Philly Mag profiled Peruto, one of the city’s most famous attorneys, and delved into the investigation surrounding her death.

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  • Rene Sisk

    It must really suck to be accused of something you didn’t do. I don’t think he did it , I believe it was purely accidental . I knew the law girls and lovely girls. But I think this was a witch hunt

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      He was never accused.

  • Phillygirl

    Not for nothing, Chuck, but you were hardly curled up in your home grieving for her loss or while your father has been dying. There have been photos posted all over Philly media outlets of you out socially within a week or 2 of her death, and typically flanked with women. I don’t think you killed her, but I think you took full advantage of the media spotlight, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the reason for it. Your behavior wreaked of low-class.

    • Jane Yavis

      Try the fastest growing class in American today. The same as Woody Allen, NO CLASS!!!

    • Lawless

      We want to see the photos posted all over Philly media outlets. Can you post them or tell where to find them?

      • Phillygirl

        Images were in The Party Never Stops in Philadelphia Magazine and on under various event photos.

  • maryan

    Takes one to know one. What exactly do young chicks see in this old man? I guess it’s the money… Leave your father out of this also.

    • thegreatcorntrollio

      Soon yi died in his tub. And he thought he as her only guy? Us men are so dumb.

  • sls

    I was in a college English course with his ex girlfriend back in the late 80’s..she said they had a kid together and he never bothered with the kid and he has an ego bigger than anyone she ever knew..

    • Dr. Mengele

      Don’t lie about Seth Williams like that.
      It was two illegitimate kids.

  • Ken Shuttleworth

    Fat Prick? What a way to serve notice of a complaint coming


  • ZeroDarkThirty

    All lawyers need to be fitted with concrete goulashes and tossed into the Atlantic out in international waters. No Body no case. End of problem!

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    So she died of acute alcohol poisoning in Peruto’s tub? She was dating 2 other guys, one who had blow by blow texts of how she as playing Peruto and his junior partner who resigned days after her death? There’s a screenplay here. Plugs Peruto dodged a bullet.

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    When a healt

  • Lombard

    Funny to see people bashing lawyers. These are the same people who sue their neighbor over trash cans and important stuff like that. The men are jealous

  • rabbit23

    Chuck, you had the scene of her death cleaned before the police arrived, and you and your sidekick spent the weeks afterwards making up ridiculous stories about a girl you’d been dating for only 5 weeks. that’s the dictionary definition of suspicious. the DA was right to investigate, and while you’re not being charged, you are clearly in denial about your culpability and lack of a soul.

  • Nina G

    Chuck is genuinely a horrible human being; a demon incarnate. That said, he would never kill anyone. He’s a sociopath, but also a narcissist. He could never care about another person enough to kill them.
    He deserves every horrible thing that happens to him (20 times over), but this investigation was a complete waste of an already broke city’s money.
    He will likely die lonely & selfish, as he has lived, but at least he’s rich. Maybe he can negotiate a deal with the devil to bring his money w/ him to hell.

  • kris

    You people are disgusting. You act like school children fighting at recess. You’re not talking about the victim. You’re talking about the scumbag who sure as hell didn’t do anything but try and make himself look good in the spotlight. Julia Law was a human being you jerks! Not a case. Have some respect! Peruto took a case of a teen murderer right after he was being “investigated” by a grand jury after Julia was tragically found. The teen murderer killed another young tee over an X box. Yes, folks an x box. And why do you think Peruto took on this type of case pro bono??? For the spotlight. Because all of America knows that his typical clients are known mobsters. And FYI readers, Julia was a good friend of mine. Some of the postings have some “facts” wrong.
    First of all, Julia was dating someone else in the office for over 2 years, and that guy broke up with her for another girl. Period.
    2nd-Julia never even saw Peruto in a special way because she worked in his office for a long time, and never saw him as anything other than a boss. Than several weeks after her difficult breakup, an older man shows interest in her and tells her she’s beautiful. Why is that so horrible?
    3rd-Julia had just gotten out of a serious relationship and trying to get over her ex. She and Peruto were never really in a “relationship”
    4-She sure as hell was not with him for his money. She actually had morals, despite what some if youmight believe. Just because she was beautiful you judge her? How dare you?
    5-She lived in Rittenhouse Square and went to Drexel University. She didn’t take handouts from anyone. So I think the “gold digger” theory can be laid to rest

    Thanks if you read this. She truly was a wonderful and caring person.