Video: Fight at Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at City Hall

Merry freaking Christmas.

christmas tree lighting fight

On Wednesday night–less than one week after the Black Friday stun gun fight at the Franklin Mills Mall–a fight erupted at Philadelphia’s official Christmas Tree-lighting ceremony at Love Park. In front of the mayor, no less, reports Fox 29. Can’t you people behave yourselves?

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  • thethetk

    Animals. When will white leaders speak out about this? Disgusting. We don’t have enough problems in this city without having to worry about whites attacking people?

    • Whiteman

      Are you serious what about the knockout game straight racism this was a fight its the fing nigs and spics 95 percent of the time trust the least of the problems is whites attacking people u must be an uneducated ass to even say that

      • thethetk

        I must be uneducated.

  • phillysportsfan

    white girl wednesday

  • GlassJawn

    Why isn’t this making national headlines?
    40 people were involved in a brawl at a Christmas tree lighting in San Antonio and not a peep of this outside SA.

    • Christopher Sawyer

      Nobody cares about San Antonio (and I’m from there). Puro San Antonio shit stays in the family, vato.

      • GlassJawn

        SA is still the 7th largest city in the country.

        • Christopher Sawyer

          Yes I know. Still, nobody (outside TX), really cares about it. Best place in the universe for breakfast tacos, however. The cuisine in Philly cannot compare to the fare down there.

  • Private_Eyescream

    Black people are why we can not have nice things.
    Oops, too wordy.
    Black people are not nice.