FBI Report: John Bolaris “Shit Himself”

Plus other allegations from the weatherman’s very long weekend in Miami emerge at trial.

The last time we heard from meteorologist John Bolaris, he was proposing to his girlfriend Erica Smitheman on the Howard Stern Show during Hurricane Sandy. But this week, Bolaris is expected to head to the Federal Courthouse in Miami.

The former Philadelphia weatherman is one of 88 witnesses in the case of United States of America vs. Stanislav Pavlenko and others accused in a wild and highly organized scheme to get men drunk and run up charges on their credit cards. Bolaris was allegedly drugged by two gorgeous Latvian women and wound up with $43,000 in inflated Champagne and caviar charges on his American Express card.

Recently, Marina Turcina, one of the two Latvian women, took the stand on behalf of the prosecution. Earlier, she had accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud related to the scheme.

According to Rod Vereen, attorney for lead defendant Pavlenko, Turcina told him under cross-examination that Bolaris had defecated in his pants during his second night at Caviar Bar, Pavlenko’s business where much of the activity occurred over two days. “He couldn’t hold his liquor,” says Vereen of Bolaris. “Or evidently his bowels, either.”

It was at Caviar Bar where Bolaris signed credit card slips for the Champagne and caviar and where he bought a painting off of the wall for $2,480. The Miami Herald reports that Turcina testified that Bolaris “smelled really bad” and that he had been vomiting on the way back from Caviar Bar to his room at the Fontainebleau hotel.

The Philly Post has obtained a copy of the FBI’s report of its agents’ interview with Turcina, which occurred on August 31, 2011 at the Federal Building in Miami. Here is some of what Turcina told agents. Note that “Rusmane” refers to another woman present for much of the weekend.

Turcina said she knew Bolaris wanted to have sex and told him “okay, if you want to have sex with both of us, then buy us the painting and black caviar.”

At the end of the night, Turcina and Rusmane took Bolaris back to his hotel … While at the hotel, Rusmane sang a Russian lullaby to help Bolaris fall asleep.

Later that same day, Bolaris called them. They had sent him an SMS message because they had all agreed the night before to meet again … Turcina did not remember much about the second night with Bolaris. Rusmane kept taking him to new tables showing nothing on the table and saying “look there is nothing to drink, let’s order again.” Turcina slept all night on the couch at Caviar Bar.

The next morning, they woke Turcina, Rusmane, and Bolaris up. They were told to take Bolaris back to his hotel, so they did. Bolaris had “shit himself” and the taxi cab driver was very upset about it and did not want to take him.

She stated that John Bolaris had been overcharged “but nobody was responsible because nobody remembered anything.”

Reached this morning, Bolaris said, “I can’t comment. But you can’t run a story about someone else’s lies. These women are professional liars.”

Bolaris directed me to his agent, Richard Liebner, who had this to say: “These people are trying to discredit John, and whether or not he crapped in his pants is the least important detail, though I don’t believe it’s true. This is a story about people who took advantage of people. This is a story about people who stole. How does whether or not he crapped in his pants have shit to do with Shinola? For Pete’s sake… Whether or not he was discreet or indiscreet that night, John put it all on the line to take on the Russian mob. If you run this story, I will find a way to look into you.”

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  • Jen

    haha. watch out! he’s coming for you! hope you haven’t shit your pants on record recently.

  • You’re a jerk.The guy was taken advantage of, robbed, lost his career, and now you’re running that headline? He’s actually stepping up to testify and put away the bad guys. You’re no better than a 7yr old boy who giggles at the word “poop”.

    • tymmac007

      Go shit yourself.

    • William Clark

      Seriously, you should breath deep and relax a little bit. Once you feel calm, shit your pants.

  • tymmac007

    I did the same thing during that Storm of the Century that turned out to be NOTHING!!! But than again, I was a 7 month old baby at the time.

  • Tom McGrath

    EDITOR’S NOTE: We were emailed the following comment from Richard Leibner:

    Having spoken to the writer Victor Fiorello and to the editor Tom McGrath, I feel I must make some comments.

    Did the writer record the telephone call with me without telling me?

    If he did, why did he edit out my questioning him about his choice to lead the story with a single crass item that cannot be proven?

    Why would a quality magazine with which John cooperated only months ago on a multi thousand word story print this lead rather than applaud his courage to stand up to corruption?

    To paraphrase the immortal words of attorney Joseph Welch at the McCarthy Army Hearings to Senator Joe McCarthy: “Let us not assassinate this lad further (Philadelphia Magazine). You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency?”
    -Richard Leibner

    • That’s nice, where are your answers?? More importantly, where is your apology for clogging the news with your sorry excuse for “reporting”?

  • Bob A

    I know people like to have fun with Bolaris, but these “women” are Rocky and Bullwinkle level eastern European garbage. I hope they rot in jail until they are old, then they won’t have any qualities that any human would care about. I hope the ringleader gets life; these people are felons, and no, a single guy wanting to have a good time in Miami doesn’t “deserve” it.

  • This is horrible!!! How do you feel good about yourself calling a criminal’s statements “facts” Of course they are going to say whatever they can to make it look like he was simply partying too hard and now wants to cry b/c he drunkenly spent too much money, instead of the fact that he bravely stood up to the Russian mob!! The humiliation of being fooled wasn’t enough, you had to give credibility to a criminal’s testimony?!?! How bad of a reporter are you that you could not find a real story?!

  • Great headline. I’m not used to this sensationalism from phillymag

  • mattcornell

    A guy gets roofied by the Russian mob and shits his pants. You publicly humiliate him. Congratulations on some fine journalism today.

  • René Dion

    When he’s not drawing giants cocks when presenting the weather, he’s shitting his pants… Oh boy…

  • What on earth is the point of this? What is this article for –other than to further humiliate the victim
    of a crime? In all of this, it is Bolaris’s version of events that has
    panned out. The guy got scammed by the Russian mob, they drugged him with roofies or GHB, he got ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars. I wonder what would happen if we stuffed the reporter full of G or roofies? Bolaris was the victim, what is the point of making it hard for him to secure a job? He was great on Howard Stern and made great predictions about Hurricane Sandy. why should he be blacklisted for getting ripped off by the Russian mafia? Reporter seems like a giant douche. FREE BOLARIS! DO SHOT!

  • MJLav

    You are a bunch of low life jerk-offs for printing this. You take one detail, and turn it into a story just to embarass this poor man.
    I just hope the tables are turned on you one day.

  • Dave

    Liebner sounds like a real piece of work.

  • LPC

    What exactly was the point in the headline? I can only guess this was an attempt to jump on the bandwagon to conform to all those who throw John’s bad behavior back at him. We are,unfortunately, a society which gets great joy in judging people after all. But really, John isn’t particularly hurt by this. People already knew all this, and quite frankly, although you seem to think so, losing control of bowels when intoxicated just isn’t that big of deal, unless of course you are a kid. So sadly, you have just changed life for his young daughter. She is just a little girl. She doesn’t have the skills necessary to understand this. I suspect journalists, and people who think this is ultimately John’s doing, will rationalize it that way. But you are the only one responsible for writing this. Again, I come back to, what was your point?

  • Buzz Knightley

    Why didn’t he take off his underwear before he got in the cab?

  • Lorrie McKinley

    It is a sad day for the 1st Amendment when we have to run headlines such as this to sell “news”. Really?