Why I Hate Bruce Springsteen

The earring, the saxophone and New Jersey for starters.

Tonight and tomorrow night, thousands of Coors Light-guzzling people will cram into South Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center to see Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band perform. Both shows are sold out, with tickets starting at around $100 on scalper sites like StubHub.

My friends, knowing I’m a music lover, keep asking me if I’m going. No. I’m not. I’d rather watch the entire first season of Cupcake Wars while being trapped on an elevator with a diarrhetic mule. (No offense to diarrhetic mules.) Yes, I am one of those (apparently few) Bruce Springsteen haters. And here are the reasons why Bruce Springsteen sucks so bad.

Reason #1 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: Bruce Springsteen Is New Jersey

When Bruce Springsteen dies, no doubt the flags of New Jersey will fly at half-mast. For months. Bruce Springsteen is a hero of the “Garden State,” and a symbol of all that it stands for.

Well, I lived in New Jersey for more than a decade, and I’m here to tell you, it’s nothing to be proud of. New Jersey has four of the 12 most polluted beaches in the United States. Its slobbery governor, Chris Christie, who just asked Bruce Springsteen to help Atlantic City out (please don’t get me started on Atlantic City), and who recently vetoed the gay-marriage bill, is profoundly obese and seems to be proud of it. The state is home to Ancora Psychiatric Hospital, which houses some five dozen of the country’s most criminally insane. And New Jersey is more crowded than any other state in the nation.

Ready to relocate? It’s no surprise that the best they could do was Bruce Springsteen.

Reason #2 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: The “Oh, You Have To See Him Live” Argument

The most common argument against Bruce Springsteen hatred goes like this. Have you seen him live? Oh, you haven’t. I see. Well, you really have to see him live. I used to hate him, too. But then I saw him live. I had no fewer than three people make this case to me just yesterday, including Philly Post contributor Larry Mendte, who concluded this failed argument by saying, “You know, you and I just may not agree about anything.”

The whole thing has some weird, cult-like, Amway seminar thread running through it. I say, “I hate Bruce Springsteen,” and the best you can do is suggest that I go spend three hours with the man? (Yes, I’ve heard all about those legendary three-hour concerts. Save your breath.) What is this, aversion therapy?

People used to say the same thing about the Grateful Dead, and, against my better judgment, I went to see them live. In fact, I saw them at their last Spectrum performance before Jerry Garcia died. There’s a reason why Grateful Dead fans needed all those drugs.

Reason #3 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: The Rock-And-Roll Saxophone

I love the saxophone in jazz and funk. But in rock-and-roll, the instrument is overused even when it is barely used. And no one is more guilty of rock-and-roll saxophone overuse than Bruce Springsteen. (Okay, well maybe Steely Dan.)

When longtime Springsteen sax player Clarence Clemons recently died of a massive stroke, some fans wondered whether the Clarence-less 2012 tour would be worth the price of admission. That’s how integral saxophone overuse is to Springsteen’s music.

Bands out there, when you’re recording your next album and one of your members says, “Hey guys, I think that a saxophone solo here would really seal the deal,” fire him on the spot.

Reason #4 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: “The Streets of Philadelphia”

Though there are certainly some good songs about Philadelphia out there, it is unfortunate that two of the most famous are Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” (only someone not from here would ever write a song about tennis and include “Philadelphia” in the title) and “The Streets of Philadelphia,” the track that Bruce Springsteen contributed to Philadelphia, Jonathan Demme’s 1993 film.

Yes, “Streets” won the Oscar. (Neil Young, also nominated for a Philadelphia song, was robbed). But, then, “A Whole New World” won it the year before, and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” the year after. Not exactly great company to keep.

Reason #5 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: Maybe It’s A Mary Hart’s Voice Thing

In 1991, Dr. Venkat Ramani reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that one of his patients went into seizures every time she heard Entertainment Tonight host Mary Hart’s voice. Apparently, it’s called audiogenic epilepsy and is an actual thing, which pretty much makes it number one on The List of Things That Seem Like They Are Urban Legends But Are Not. Based on my own reactions to the voice of Bruce Springsteen, I may be a candidate for this diagnosis, although my allergic reaction is also triggered by the mere sight of his bandanna, denim and open-shirt-clad self.

Reason #6 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: The Earring

As far back as the 1970s, Bruce Springsteen was sporting an earring, making millions of working-class grunts think they had the right to do the same. Men with earrings would become an unfortunate trend that lasted far too long, and one that has seen an unfortunate but slight resurgence in recent years. When in doubt, fellas, skip the stud. And men who wear gauges, I’m not talking to you. You go right ahead with your bad selves. Same goes for anyone who wears a diamond-crusted grill. Everyone else, don’t do it.

Reason #7 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: Nepotism Isn’t Just for Philly Politics

We here in Philadelphia know all about nepotism, and it has no place at rock concerts. And yet, Van Halen replaced founding bass player Michael Anthony with Wolfgang van Halen, the spawn of Eddie van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli, while Springsteen chose Jake Clemons (nephew of Clarence) to replace the late bass sax player. Springsteen nepotism bonus: Bruce’s wife, Patti Scialfa, sings backup vocals and bangs on a tambourine for him.

Reason #8 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: E Street Drummer Max Weinberg

I’m pretty sure that if Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham hadn’t died, he would have kicked Max Weinberg’s ass a long, long time ago.

Reason #9 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: The Fans

Maybe I wouldn’t have to hate Bruce Springsteen so much if you fans didn’t love and worship him so much. I could tolerate a general liking of the guy. But it seems like people don’t like Bruce Springsteen. They love him. And when we hear you go on and on and on and on about how awesome he is, it gets a little tiresome and leads to reactions like the one you are reading here. Stop shoving him down my throat. I get it, even though you’ll say that I don’t. I get it. I just hate it.

Reason #10 Why Bruce Springsteen Sucks: The Christmas Cover

Way to ruin Christmas, bro.

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  • thesource72

    I printed this article out and tried to get my dog to crap on the paper i printed. My dog said that he wouldn’t do it because that would be redundant. Victor, I don’t know if you’re bitter because you lost an “I look like an ugly Kevin Spacey” look alike contest, but the fact that your sh*tty writing criticizes one of the most honored music writers of our time is ironic and pathetic. You hate him because he’s from New Jersey? Awesome journalism. Do me a couple of favors please, don’t vote and don’t reproduce.

    • Rob Saunders

      Honored” Music? Writer? Friend, you just nailed the comedy award right there.

    • Catherine Patten

      too late you musta done both – the world is fucked for your offspring and for a springsteen fan – you’re all dumbasses and deaf.

  • dagbat

    Great one-man’s-opinion on Bruce Springstein. Can’t say that I agree with everything that is said, but I really appreciate the honesty and candor, and also the touch of wittiness. I can’t remember the last time I read anything that was so much fun.

  • phal0101

    Victor. Time to get on that favorite bus of yours and hopefully find that mother beating the hell out of her kid. That article wasn’t too bright either.

  • lnseditor23

    His editor said “I need something a little different” and this guy volunteered. Then he made up a bunch of lame-*ss reasons to not like Bruce. No soul, no heart… just pounding out an assignment.

  • gina95

    Victor, really? You sit on your butt and play a piano. You could never come close to the energy Bruce has. Good thing you don’t live in NJ anymore cause we would run you out of town!
    And btw, one of Bruce’s biggest fan bases is PHILADELPHIA!

  • marabuu101

    Please Victor don`t try to write anything different from this what you are good at – PEDICURES. It`s hard to you, we all see but don`t be cruel to yourself. PEDICURES is such a good theme for a man like you….

  • Natalie Hope McDonald

    One album: Nebraska. I’d challenge even the most vehement Springsteen critic to not like this one.

    • Victor Fiorillo

      Natalie: His best songs are clearly not his biggest hits.

  • bill k

    I grew up in Philly and now live in Jersey and there’s little difference between the 2 except the shore and Jersey corn and tomatoes are better. The people are interchangeable. Yes Springsteen has become a caricature of himself as he grows older. Victor as a jazz man you should know the saxes in Steely Dan and Springsteen are completely different- jazz versus rock’n’roll. So you must hate “Dan” as well. who else? Radiohead? The trouble with Springsteen is he’s lost his sense of humor and literary irony. He and the Stones should go on tour together. But to deny his earlier work is just foolish!

  • suburbdog1

    Great article. The only thing worse than Springsteen are his goof-ball fans! You forgot to mention that Bruce has a vocal range of 3 notes. Bono laughs at him and he can only sing 4 notes! If anyone saw the final jam session at the Grammy’s this year, you’d also realize that Bruce can’t play guitar either. Well, that’s not entirely true – he did play ‘the hell out of’ that one note he kept picking. Glory Days, indeed!

  • sundaygirl1

    Haters gonna hate…as my kids say! Springsteen isn’t for everyone….may be to cerebral your simple mind. This article reminds me of that annoying Dallas fan at an Eagles game.

  • matt409

    So basically…a bunch of superficial things? You should have said that from the start.

  • robbiecee1

    My, you are just full of hate, and obviously for all of the right reasons! Maybe you need to sit back and do a little reality check and soul searching. It’s not that deep!

  • You’re a bitch.

  • Jim

    People who hate Bruce Springsteen sure do think they know everything about everything.

    • BumbaK

      So do people who love him.

  • Kyle Woodside

    God, you’re a disgrace to society. Please die.

    • Grim Reaper

      You first loser

  • The Dog

    You can’t blame Springsteen fans for defending the guy. They have no taste in music. Bruce has the vocal range of 3 notes and he can play that one note on his guitar like nobody’s business. Just don’t Ask Bruce to play a chord and sing at the same time – it confuse him.

    • Max Silverstone

      how does this even make sense. he can play great guitar licks, and has great vocal variety. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA7v0zknMCo great example. great fancy guitar stuff at the beginning, and he has different vocal ranges from the verses and choruses.

      • Mike Noon

        I seriously know several kids from 11 to 18 in my local music academy that play MUCH better than this clip.

        • Max Silverstone

          you don’t have to play complicated things to sound good. music isn’t about playing as many notes as possible. you said the words “music academy”, meaning that these kids have a full education in music and have had the opportunity to practice their instruments for probably hours a day since a very young age. springsteen is completely self taught and never had a formal education in music because he couldn’t afford it. im not saying that you’re wrong with that comment, but considering where those kids came from and where springsteen came from, i would put them on more equal levels of talent. (i would also like to acknowledge that i could be wrong because i have never heard what your kids sound like)

  • Wombat

    The best of Bruce’s music sounds like hope and freedom and his humanity shines through his performances. I assume from your post that you actually enjoy complaining and wallowing in drudgery and, therefore, you are unlikely to appreciate Bruce Springsteen. If you don’t like him or his music that is fine and valid but I don’t understand why you feel the need to throw such a public tantrum – especially one that is so poorly elucidated. It all just sounds like sour grapes… like, did he stand you up or something? Pick on you at school?

  • horrible voice. terrible songs. actually “glory days” and “tunnel of love” are decent, but his entire catalog it just terrible. he reminds of ted nugent. overated baddie with crappy songs and a terrible voice..this author is dead on about the sax in rock….baker street by gerry rafferty is the only good rock song with saxophone…

    • MIke C

      nice pic there Frank. Glad I can take you seriously

  • Don Hess

    How does an idiot like you get to be a “reporter”. The logic stands, if you haven’t seen the live show then don’t criticize the live show, why review something without seeing it? Answer: ignorance

  • ChuckRamone

    Is it okay to just not like him and his music? I don’t want to pretend to have any meaningful moral justifications. I just don’t like the sound of his music, his voice, his style, etc. Is that okay? Or do people have to like him?

    • Wombat

      ChuckRamone – of course that’s okay! Everyone has different tastes and diversity is something to be celebrated. You don’t have to like anything! The problem is the tendency for people to use internet forums to insist that their OPINIONS are somehow the sole truth – no matter how unqualified and unintelligent. Almost all of these ‘arguments’ are as follows = I DON’T LIKE, THEREFORE NO-ONE SHOULD LIKE. For example, see the absurd, self-contradictory post by Frank Osuna above or just about anything ever posted underneath a Youtube clip. For what it’s worth, I can’t stand The Beatles but I would never be so arrogant to say that my aesthetic preference invalidates their back catalogue and the musical taste of all their fans.

  • Lazarus

    you suck

  • no

    dancing in the dark is the gayest song ive ever heard

    • Negative.

    • Andrew Tilsley

      You’ve obviously never heard ‘Jailhouse Rock’ then! I trust you’re not using ‘gayest’ in a negative sense – because clearly that would be stupid and offensive. As far as Bruce Springsteen goes, ‘Backstreets’ and ‘Bobby Jean’ are way gayer.

  • Adam

    My buddy sent me this, and at first I was enraged that someone could hate Bruce so much. After perusing the article (and a few of his others), I noticed that Victor hates The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Steely Dan, and The Grateful Dead. Meanwhile, his article on Justin Bieber reads “Here are some photos of the fun you missed!” I am no longer enraged, and now amazed; how can a full grown man have such terrible taste in music? Alas, the world may never know.

    Also, Victor, those “Bruce fans” you hate so much are mostly NJ and Philly folk – in other words your readers. Move back to Canada with the Biebs if that’s how you feel, dork.

    • HAHAHAHA I was reading this, and I had to stop midway because of the stupidity of this man! He probably has no fans himself!

  • Alec

    You, sir, are an idiot, and I do not respect your opinion.

  • Barbara Gwen

    Based on what you have written here and only this, it would appear that the real reason you hate Bruce Springsteen is because he is not from Philadelphia…

    In all seriousness though, you don’t really bring up any valid points here. All you can really say is that you don’t like that people seem to shove him down your throat, and that you obviously dislike NJ so naturally you must dislike Bruce Springsteen. You don’t have to like him, but if you’re going to criticize him you might as well do a real review of his music and performance style (like any real music journalist would), not all these other things that your mind has somehow conjured up to be factors.

  • haha. very funny article. i hate him too. you just added to my list of reasons. thanks!

  • Bruce Springsteen has a song for any mood.

  • Rosilita(by deed poll)

    I love bruce and the band. you should go watch them before you comment(ha ha). Ive seen them about 367 times and have just bought tickets for all his concerts next year. I am a millionaire brucie fan. long live the boss!!!!!

    • Max Silverstone

      lol. im jealous. can u pls take me with you?!

  • Andrew96

    I give up on society. Seeing him in March and couldn’t be any more ecstatic!

  • Bernie

    I think it’s fine to not like an artist. There are many actors or singers I don’t like or I ‘hate’. But for none of them I could not find 10 reasons….one is usually enough.
    When it comes to Springsteen, I don’t know why people have to list plenty of reasons to justify they don’t like him…as if they had to work hard to convince themselves!

  • these are all reasons why I like Springsteen !

  • Max Silverstone

    short, to the point, counter-arguments to all 10:
    #1. He represents new jersey, i doubt he likes christie, and every state has their good and their bads. he doesn’t go out of his way to represent clinically insane people and polluted beaches.
    #2 you have to see him live because
    a. his amazing studio music sounds better live
    b. tickets are cheap
    c. he does kooky things like sliding, stage diving, and throwing his guitars, even at age 63.
    d. his set lists are extremely long, and you will never get tired of them and always find something new in each one
    #3 music is all about trying new things, and that is created by mixing genres. the rock saxophone sounds great, there’s no way to fight it. it’s what makes him different than all the others. PS: he added in a rock violin for the rising (2002), and just like with the sax, when you write for it properly and use it properly, it sounds really good, and adds lots of variety to your music
    #4 streets of philly is just one song, and although it’s not his best, it’s still great. compared to his other songs, i could name 50 others that deserve awards over it, but not many other songs by other bands that deserve awards for it. also, it’s not only that the music is good, but like any other springsteen song, it has strong, heavy, precise and to the point poetic lyrics.
    #5 springsteen has a distinct voice, and as a huge fan i’ll say, it’s not likable at first, but after you get used to it, it’s one of the best voices in music
    #6 the earring is his thing. it’s a much better choice than tattoos, grills, piercings in other places, long hair, or any other fashion thing. also, it’s subtle doesn’t make him look flashy. i also wouldn’t blame it for starting a trend. i’ve been to springsteen concerts in new jersey, and i’ve been around lots of die hard fans, and i can’t say ive seen one of them with a piercing
    #7 Jake replaced Clarence because they needed someone who knew how to play literally hundreds of songs, could last a three hour + setlist, and would be accepted by the fans. if you did your fact check, not only is it jake, it’s a whole horn section to replace clarence, because he is irreplaceable. also, patti was in the band before she and springstreen even started dating, another fact check you gotta do.

    #8 this one made me laugh out of pitty. yes, bohnam is a better drummer than max, however, i doubt he could last 3.5+ hours like weinberg is still doing on this tour and age 61. also, you said “if bonham wasn’t dead” well, he’s dead, and it’s because of poor decision making to do drugs. as far as i know, weinberg has never done drugs. PS: i am also a drummer, my name is max, and both Weinberg and i are jewish.

    #9 he has an extremely loyal fanbase, and his fans are all nice mature awesome people. my uncle was in the mosh-pit (should we really call it that) at a springsteen concert earlier this year, and he said that everyone was polite and generous. also, they were mostly adults in their 40’s and beyond. bieber for example, has a fan base full of idiots who cut themselves and pay several hundred dollars for crappy tickets. Springsteen fans aren’t that stupid
    #10 i don’t get your argument here. he has a great version of santa claus is coming to town. this, along with your max weinberg argument, are a few examples of illogical reasons that are just stupid that you argued in this article

    overall, i feel dumber just from reading this. also, reasons why he’s good:
    his lyrics are the most inspirational things i’ve ever heard. he can explain a single story in a three stanza song better than some authors can in 300 page books.
    all of his is so varietical (has lots of varieties) because of things like the rock n roll sax and violin; and he uses both a keyboard and an organ, which just make countless ways for him to write beautiful complex ballads.
    He can still perform fresh 3.5 + hour setlists at age 63. i, like him, play guitar and write music (i play drums too), and i perform live. i’ve been to 8 of his concerts, and he still proceeds to blow me away each time with the energy, the variety of music, the setlist length and all the things he does.

    • Brother John

      If I might, with respect, address a few points:

      2. If one can’t hack it on record, why bother live? In the studio, you have all the time you want to get it right.
      2c. Live performance antics aren’t of any use when the music isn’t any good.

      3. Music is about the writing. New things are fine – if they work. For a different take on viola in a band context, find some Caravan between 1970-74,.

      And this is coming from someone who wishes he could like Springsteen.

      • Max Silverstone

        and to respond to that: he can get that sound on a record. part of what made his music so hard to mix and produce was that he wanted to capture the live sound in a studio, which is a very hard thing to do. when he plays it live, he takes the already perfectly crafted music and remakes it a new way ever time in that moment. for your response to three, i dont get the viola thing. but like i said before, he stripped away rock and roll cliches and was able to do it properly and do it well. the saxaphone, violin, and now even full horn section are what work for him, and they sound beautiful. and yes, i still wish i could be springsteen… and when i grow up and become the next springsteen, you can say you were talking to me on a hater springsteen article.

    • Jim Munroe

      It’s his peer’s, Pete Seeger, Dylan, U2, Johnny Cash, The President, the list goes on. They respect his talent which adds up to a lot more than your 2 cents worth of B.S.

  • This is just plain moronic.

  • bobby jean

    You may be actually attracted to him…therapy,son.

  • George Marshall

    lunch-money victim Fiorillo probably spent the night of the Springsteen concert playing with his Yu-Gi-Oh cards. “Not now mom…I’m in a battle!”

  • couldn’t be more on point. and somehow pointing out that his music is terrible provokes an immediate response that “you don’t have good musical taste”. great argument bro. i guess my aversion to three day old beef liver must be because i don’t know good food. seems legit.

  • jake

    I am 15 years old and can proudly say that you have the worst taste in music imaginable. The “you have to see him live argument” is 100% valid because there has never been a better rock n’ roll performer. His lyrics are incredible and the intensity with which he performs is unheard of. He sings for the common, hardworking American man which is as good a thing to sing for as any. “Born to Run” is one of, if not the best album of all time with beautiful songs like “Thunder Road”, “Jungeland”, and “Backstreets”. Not to mention the title track “Born to Run”. Unlike most musicians from his era he never became a drug addict or an alcoholic. His version of “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” is one of the most beloved Christmas songs of all time. Hid band is one of the best and biggest in rock n’ roll today. It boasts being home to the greatest saxophone player of all time, the big man Clarence Clemons. And have you ever listened to the stories he tells during his concerts? As heart felt and down-to-earth as anything I’ve ever heard.

  • This article is a year old as I am posting so, no one may read this but…I dislike Bruce Springsteen’s political views, like most everything else about the man himself, and love most of his music. The point is, this pompous ass has insulted every aspect of the Boss from his home to his work and why? Because people talk about the Boss? My God are you that shallow that you have to tear someone else down to make yourself feel better? You should be working for the Enquirer my friend, as all of the opinionated, rhetorical lawn fertilizer spewing from your gaping pie hole is fit only for brain dead, gullible lemmings with nothing better to do than sit around listening to gossip. Do the world a favor, cut out your tongue, stick your hands in a wood chipper, and go sit in a corner somewhere. People like you should never be allowed the ability to communicate.

    • Max Silverstone

      i love you. as long as you may not like someone, if you’re respectful and human about it, i will respect you.

  • Dave Carothers

    Max Wienberg is a good drummer. But John Bonham
    could kick his a$$ easily…

  • Brother John

    Reason #11: He is the ONLY person on this earth who prefers his (original, alas) version of “Blinded by the Light.”

    See, I’d really *like* to like Springsteen, because a good deal of the music isn’t half bad. But the lyrics are utter nonsense, and there’s too damn much saxophone, and he doesn’t know how to do ‘long’ without doing ‘overblown’ and ‘repetitive.’ That, and whenever he opens his mouth to speak, idiocy comes out, because he’s an all-around, grade-A horse’s ass.

    • Max Silverstone

      dafuq is wrong with you. those two versions of blinded by the light are very different. most people who hear a version of a song, then hear a different version of a song will almost always like the first version they heard because that is what they are used to. of course bruce is gonna prefer his version because he wrote, recorded, released, and played it live dozens of times before manfred mann came into play. i’ll admit that they lyrics on his first album on some songs including blinded are utter nonsense, but he writes a lot about the working class and struggles of life, which are not ‘idocy’. to call him repetitive is not okay, because he writes lots of extravagant piano intros to many of his songs, especially in his earlier days. just listen to: lost in the flood, incident on 57th street, new york city serenade, thunder road, tenth avenue freeze out, backstreets, jungleland, something in the night, racing in the street, and then try to accuse him of repetition. in terms of the saxaphone, if you sat down for 5 seconds and thought of it, that’s like saying that mozart wrote with to much violin. if he didn’t have the saxaphone, then he would have basically guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and lyrics. that’s a rock and roll cliche he stripped away by adding in the sax.

      • Brother John

        Not quite right. “Repetitive” refers to the individual tracks themselves. There tends to be very little variety in a single track of his. If you need proof that his lyrics are utter nonsense, look no further than his latest release. Such songs may give voice to frustration in hard economic times, but they are utterly fallacious and devoid of any actual logic. Besides which, he bitched and griped when times were good, too, and then turns around and campaigns for figures who create lousy economic times.

        As for “Blinded,” Manfred Mann essentially rewrote it and turned it from something fairly static and lame into a hugely memorable track. It would be utterly forgotten if not for that.

        • Max Silverstone

          you’re blinded argument i do understand, as their version is completely different. However, i wouldn’t say Springsteen is too repetitive. He may overuse his working class theme, but hey, doesn’t just about every pop song writer overuse the “love” theme. he is probably the most famous musician in the “pop” genre (i put it in quotes bc i know there’s really no such thing as pop, as it is really short for popular, and that he is really rock) to not have basically any love songs. even when times are good, he can still make songs about economic hardship, because there really isn’t any time when times are good. when people say times are bad, that means they are shitty. when people say times are good, that means they are bad. no matter how well off the world is, it seems like there’s always literally billions of people who suffer at any given moment. as long as there continue to be any sort of bad time anywhere, Springsteen reserves the right to right about it. also, his lyrics are not utter nonsense. i’ll admit that they are in some songs in his first album, like blinded by the light itself, but even in those early days, he still wrote songs like lost in the flood and Growin’ up. i mean, there’s definitely a reason (well, many) that he is #4 songwriter of all time (according to rolling stone, a pretty credible music magazine). he’s released over 200 songs, and probably has several hundred more outtakes. he has the perfect idea, where if the song sucks, don’t release it. he writes lyrics that aren’t good according to opinion, but rather according to fact. ask any poet/lyricist/english teacher, and they will agree with me.

  • Good effort Victor, but here’s the real #1 reason Springsteen sucks : he’s a phony. He’s a college kid’s idea of a working class hero. Actual workers are more likely to dig bands like Van Halen or ZZ Top that sing about fast cars and hot chicks. Bruce is ersatz to the core — except that of course he doesn’t have a core. It’s all a put-on.

    • Sentient

      Best comment ! + 1,000,000,000

    • Catherine Patten

      Agreed. You hit the a$$hole right on the nuts.

  • xbox361

    this could have ended with the classic line “I’m just getting started”

  • garyhope

    Thank you so much Victor. And yes, I’ve seen “him” live. Drove 100 miles from LA to Santa Barbara to see him in his first California concert. I thought he was just your average bar band.

    I like someone else’s description of him as a “pompous blowhard”. I’ve always said that I though he was the biggest phony in show biz and totally contrived and affected. And as a former rock drummer, I particularly dislike Max Weinberg’s arms flapping around like a headless chicken style of un-funky drumming. And little Steven and his hanky head,…….no thank you. Both he and “da boss” are a couple of pretenders and poseurs.

    And then there are “Bruuuucceee’s” pseudo working man’s lefty politics. Just shut up and sing Brucey.

    He’s just so earnest isn’t he?

    Clarence Clemons was the only thing in the band worth listening to.

  • This article,and comments,are freaking hilarious. Cheers all around!

  • Guest

    Well th

  • Anthea

    You’re pretty ignorant.

  • disqus_dFvJhOsczd

    Bruce is the best!!!!!! I love him:-)))

  • Eddie Nevin

    Bruce Springsteen is my favorite of all time next to U2. I can see if you don’t like someones music and that’s fine but this dude tries too hard to find reasons to simply hate on Springsteen, seriously dude because his wife and Big Man’s nephew are in the band? His ear ring? Because Jersey is a craphole in your opinion? I’m from South Philly and I’d rather live in most parts of Jersey over Philly any day. In a world where the word “hater” is used to describe anyone who disagrees with anything this guy is the personification of the actual meaning to “hater”.

  • Chris Rogers

    If you have any friends at all I expect their opinion of you is somewhat similar…

  • Chris Rogers

    Victor Fiorillo is obviously dead from the neck upwards…

  • Kyle Melucci

    Springsteen is awful.
    I mean its pretty clear.
    He doesn’t have the songwriting of Dylan,

    nor the catchiness of Joel

    nor the voice of…a dieing horse (it’d be an upgrade)

    nor the ability to pull his own.


    I’ll give the fans here credit, the article is mostly poorly written, however, the man has no right to be popular.

    I really don’t get it.
    Cause he had a flag in his butt that one cover?

    • Cassidy Quinn

      Springsteen actually has really great lyrics if you read them. They’re very meaningful, powerful and romantic.

      • Snapphanekongen

        Born in the U.S.A. has great lyrics, if only people would listen, most do not, not even his fans.
        Most consider it patriotic, when it’s the opposite.
        Streets of Philadelphia still sucks.

  • Cassidy Quinn

    Wow this is just stupid.

  • Cassidy Quinn

    Omg, yes. Your post is perfect.

  • Sahil

    Everyone has his or her opinion but man these sure are some unjustified reasons for hating him.

  • Shane Price

    While I don’t hate bruce or his music, all I can say is if someone sounded exactly like him went on American Idol or similar shows they wouldn’t make it far if at all. His instrument playing and songwriting ability is great but the man’s voice is sorrier than obama launching drone strikes.

    • David McPherson

      So what? You could say the same for Dylan, Neil Young, the late Frank Zappa. That’s an indictment of shallow programs like American Idol, not a great artist like Bruce.

      • Rob Saunders

        Agreed – though the difference is that the three you mention had talent.

  • CSI America

    Ten of the most absurd reasons for disliking this brilliant artist.

    • Catherine Patten

      brilliant to you is a light bulb – apparently.

  • kasia

    I think that this article is only joke :)

  • CharlotteArmadillo

    You sir, a complete idiot – I’m all for sharing and voicing opinions, but I’m sorry, your arguments here are totaly invalid. Firstly – you leave Mighty Max alone, he is one of the greatest drummers I’ve ever seen play, and I’ve seen many out-of-this-world bands.
    Secondly, you do not hate someone for wanting the whole family-vibe; as a Springsteen fanatic, I can admit that I’m not Patti’s biggest fan and I will also admit that her voice kind of makes my teeth itch – but you seem to be missing the point: the E Street Band isn’t just a collection of artists who are so good at what they do, they are a family who have been playing together for longer than you could sing your national anthem.
    Thirdly, it is still faaar too early to talk about Clarence so light-heartedly. Just no, dickhead.
    Next I’d like to comment on this quote: “Ready to relocate? It’s no surprise that the best they could do was Bruce Springsteen.”
    Darling, have you ever heard of one of the biggest 80s/90s rock bands called BON JOVI? There’s also another collection of nutters who have done so much for my generation, who have sadly only just broken up, who go by the name MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE – in case you’ve been too far stuck up your own arse over the years to know of the existence of both of these brilliant musicians, go and check them out!
    Also, the whole “Maybe I wouldn’t have to hate Bruce Springsteen so much if you fans didn’t love and worship him so much” TOTALLY spells out the word ‘jealousy’. I’m no longer sorry – do us all a favour and stop writing with your ego.

    p.s. – turn down your Beiber CD, I could feel it blaring through every single word.

  • CharlotteArmadillo

    Hahahahahaha no.

  • CharlotteArmadillo

    Ooh, nice one, mucker (y)

  • TheMarkk

    Nice try Victor!
    You write this all in jest. No way would a Bruce hater be willing to spend so much time gathering “facts” and “videos” that go exactly opposite the sentiment of your words. You stirred the pot pretty well my friend as you can tell from all the comments. Way to sell an article with a headline!

  • Ryan Turner

    These are all the reasons I love him. The only way I could dislike him is if he was wearing your tie on stage some night.

  • Paula Gordon

    The reason why I hate Bruce Springsteen? There are so many, he is a classic narcissist with his little folksy speeches in concert, like he is a ‘working man’, yes, he is a folk hero in his own mind. He is a phony and a poseur. Practically a billionaire, he has as much in come with ‘working class’ heroes as Donald Trump, another poseur who glorifies that hellhole called “Atlantic City”. A few melodic songs and a few harmonica riffs does not a brilliant songwriter make, or a decent human being. Spread some of it around Bruce…you have as much income as a small country, and you live like a Saudi king. Oh, and cut out that fake country twang, you are a man from New Jersey. And not everyone is partial to your flat, low, monotone singing style. Oh, and put the guitar down and let someone else play who knows more than a few chords. Your fake playing is very obvious. Just stick with the harmonica, it’s all you got.

    • Thaddeus

      You really don’t have a fucking clue. Not even close. Fuck you KUNT.

      • Rob Saunders

        Ah, spoke with all the eloquence we would expect from a true fan of an “artist” with the musical talent of a squeegee but of slightly less use for cleaning up spilled beer.

      • Catherine Patten

        Yeah you been listening to that boring springstreen music. Nothing constuctive to say Thaddeus. Call me that and I’ll find you and gut you on TV.

    • Duane Eddy

      Your insight into human nature is astounding. (no, that’s sarcasm). Here, folks, is Paula, today’s poster girl for the shallow, absolutely blind and clueless as to what makes a great man great, and undoubtedly blind and clueless about a great many things in the world. I GUARANTEE this isn’t the only thing she rants and raves about, that she hates. Why would one waste one’s energy “hating” someone like Bruce Springsteen? Is it because so many millions of fans have something, get something, that you don’t and can’t because you lack that particular piece of a soul which is required to see into his humanity? Don’t look, don’t watch, don’t listen if you don’t like it. What do you do, go surfing the net to stalk Bruce’s music and videos just to make yourself gag, then stick your finger down your throat to puke for extra dramatic effect? Do you think that your voluminous verbal diarrhea is actually impressing anyone? Yeah, as a first class fool. Speak, fool, and entertain us with your venom

      • Catherine Patten

        shut up you gavon. You wouldn’t know music if it sat on your ugly face Du-ane. Eddy. Two first names – didn’t have a father, huh? I hate Bruce Springsteen because he is a jerk. His music is BORING and he’s a cheater on his wives, his band mates and his fans. He’s so in love with NJ – yeah right that’s why he moved to LA and now he lives in NJ in RUMSON – the wealthiest town in the entire state – please. What you don’t know about him fills the astrodome. He’s a cocksucker, brown nosed narcissist who cares about no one but himself.

    • MTyler74

      You are an idiot…hard work no matter what kind deserves pay. He worked hard, earned everything he has. Lets see you write a song and do something with it…dumbass.

      • Catherine Patten

        Your the dumbass moron. Bruce Springsteen knows one chord – F- LOL just like you – a failure

        • Joe

          We should all be “failures” of Bruce Springsteen’s magnitude.

          PS. It’s “you’re” not “your.” When you choose to call someone a moron, you look pretty damn stupid doing it when you can’t spell a simple word.

    • Blitzkriego

      A few melodic songs? Try thousands. Of course when you write that many songs some of them are gonna suck. Arguing if he’s overrated is one thing, but trying to belittle his illustrious career and unfathomable influence on other artists (some of which you probably love) makes you sort of sounds like an idiot.

      • Catherine Patten

        how is his career illustrious. He’s made money on the same song over and over again. His chords are so old they have died long before he has. He hasn’t influenced anyone I know of and any artists I have worked with and know personally. Grow up – The only people who like Springsteen live in their parents basements and do taxidermy.

        • tommy143

          What artists do u know of and who have u worked with? Clearly ure a complete loser who played one gig at the local bowling alley and were devastated when they didnt ask u back. U most definitely have a small dick, and I can only pray u dont have children because they will be bitter like their dad and they are most definitely ugly. I can only hope that your home burns to the ground , ure mom falls in an old well and starves to death , and u get a painful infection in ure ass that causes u to lose both legs and never walk again. Have a nice day…..u waste of life.

    • IrishDude

      You obviously know nothing about the guy….he’s given away tens of millions of dollars from his own pocket to more charitable organizations and causes than you could ever imagine…he just doesn’t publicize it. I laugh when people think all artists and people with money should have to give away every penny they’re earned…It makes absolutely no sense. But get your facts right when you make comments like this…

      • Catherine Patten

        Giving away a couple of million bucks doesn’t make him mother teresa – he’s still a mother fucker. He publicizes everything he does – and although I detest his “buddy” Christie he told Christie that they were “friends” when they met and then he crosses that with a stupid parody of his song about Bridgegate which I thought was distasteful and not funny. A true person would not have done that to a ‘friend”.

        • Prosper Bellizia

          Name 5 bands who have been around since the “70s that still fills stadiums around the world on a consistent basis, every single time they tour. Springsteen? Stones? That’s about it.

    • Prosper B

      I can assure you that Bruce know more than a few chords. And as far as guitar, listen (I know you won’t) the Kitty’s Back if you want to hear lead guitar.

  • Paula Gordon


  • Paula Gordon

    hate those little folksy speeches he gives in concert. He is a classic narcissist.

  • Lisa Elrod Jones

    Not gonna lie, you piss me off. You seem to not know good music, but that’s okay.. maybe you were raised by wolves or something. Not for me to judge. However, HATE is an awfully strong word, but guess what?? Now, I hate you. haha! Bruce is by far the GREATEST story-teller that has ever lived. Followed closely by Dylan (whom I’m NOT a fan of but I recognize good story-telling when I see it) Patti was a member of the band BEFORE she and Bruce got together. Jake Clemons is bad-ass and is an awesome replacement to Clarence. Clarence was a huge part of that band and replacing him was going to be difficult. ESPECIALLY for Bruce. So, I think Jake was a natural fit. Oh, and after seeing him in concert, I’m convinced. So he’s not as bad-ass as Clarence.. he’s well on his way!

    Anyway.. you list a hatred of many good bands (and many I’m not a fan of but know that make good music) Soo my suggestion to you is to continue to listen to Westside story and stop being a hater.

    Thanks for the music Bruce!

  • Errin

    I hate him every night my dad gets drunk and puts the cd player on so loud and starts singing to him he always says to me “I would die for bruce he is my hero he saved the world” I know this isn’t exactly bruces fault and mostly dads fault but I hate his music but every Christmas birthday easter or any occasion we have to listen to him and dad gets drunk i hate it

    • Thaddeus

      Hey Errin. Go fuck yourself.

      With all my love,


      • Chris Mac


    • Duane Eddy

      When you grow up and your dad is old and feeble and in a wheelchair you can get drunk and play the music that he hates and there will be nothing he can do about it.

    • Sentient

      You should forgive him his drunkenness, but not his Sprinsteenness.

  • NY2DC

    LOL! Lets write about how dirty NJ is but conveniently fail to mention the cities of Philadelphia or New York. Not that anything he wrote about NJ was wrong, it’s just a little patronizing to be called dirty by someone sitting in the grimy cesspool known as Philadelphia.

  • MJ Ávila Martínez

    I thought it was some kind of a joke when I started to read this article but if the author really means what he writes he must be concern about the misuse of his role as a journalist and the way he has to be responsible when he writes an article like this one on a newspaper; total disrespect, lack of understanding and education. If he is a music lover he ought to respect other musicians work and the fans. In my opinion, the sound of a sax may be sensual on jazz but when coming to rock n’ roll, that´s when the sax achieves a supernatural soulful accomplishment. Just my opinion, if I don´t like certain kind of music I won´t talk nonsense about it, first I’ll give it a try and truly listen and certainly I won’t be writing an article full of shame that will shame me and my journalists colleagues.

  • Rob Roy

    I’m a Bruce fan but the way I see it, when you are dealing with institutions of music, people chose sides much like religions of fandoms of professional sports teams. Why do some folks root for the Mets and others the Yankees? Why the Clippers and why the Lakers? Biggie or Tupac? Prince or MJ? Star Trek or Star Wars? Methodist or Baptist. People make a choice and stick with it. The same evidence used for your arguments as to why he sucks can be used by someone else as to why he is awesome. I confess that I don’t like most of the Beatles catalog but I’m not going to say they suck. Springsteen has millions of fans. He performed at the Superbowl. If your team loses, do you say the winning team sucks? I like Springsteen because he has great energy and writes songs that are stories I can identify with and dance along to. Why are you wasting so much of your time on someone you don’t like? Write 10 things about someone you find awesome instead.

    • David McPherson

      Great post. I’m a huge Neil Young fan and I’m sitting here listening to Bruce’s “The Rising” and loving it. I don’t know if I’ll ever love Bruce as much as Neil but who cares? I just want to listen to as much mind-blowing music as I can before leaving this Earth and those are two guys who really deliver!!

      • Musicmuse

        I’m a big Neil fan too. He and Springsteen are good friends and mutual admirers according to Neil Young’s book Waging Heavy Peace. Nobody can take anything away from Springsteen either. Great writer and lyricist, performer. He will always be The Boss. That said, I’ve never had much desire to go to one of his shows, never fell in love with his music or voice. I dated someone who was obsessed with Springsteen so took sabbatical and followed the tour for awhile. I do get it for the fans, they fell in love.

        This really was a hateful article.

        • Catherine Patten

          I totally loved everything Vic wrote about springsteen – all true. He’s a total asswipe. What he did to other bands to get to where he is today – he’s going to pay for it in death.

          • Prosper B

            “What he did to other bands”? Are we talking about the Rock Band Gang Wars of the ’70s? Or the Civil War of the Bands in the ’90s. Are you talking about Putin? or Chris Christie?

          • random

            you are pyschotic….who says he is going to pay for it in death? you have pretty severe problems to say that about anyone…might need some help even.

          • NY/NJ

            Another jealous loser

  • Jason Haft

    And Springsteen has had how many years to practice since he made it big? What’s more, he (still) earns his keep off playing said instrument? Learn your craft, it doesn’t take lots of money to get good at an instrument.

  • Jason Haft

    Nothing you posted listed reasons why the music is good. He sings to earn a living (of which he seems to be enjoying quite a bit more than is necessary to live a ‘blue collar lifestyle’…) and his niche happens to be preaching to ‘blue collar people’, of which there are a lot (who buy his records…bloated concert tickets…merch…). Anecdotes, pfft, the indie band no ones ever heard of coming through Cat’s Cradle has just as many good stories and I could care less about those either, unless the songwriting is tight enough to intrigue me in the lyrical virtues of said song. There’s enough ‘great lyrics’ in poems, I need great music to pair it with (Neil Young, on the other hand…he’s in the same boat with Bruce, as far as musical skill on the guitar (not really, check out his acoustic/rhythm playing, heh, I lied)…in all other regards he wipes the floor, side note…but who makes it work for them? Neil, consistently. The emotion he’s able to get out of his guitar – he’s not known as the one-string solo king for a reason, he’s inimitable – listen to Built to Spill do Cortez the Killer, best version you’ll hear outside of Crazy Horse and even they can’t summon the requisite passion to bring about the catharsis Neil is consistently able to bring about. Listen to the whole album Ragged Glory, which is just a him tearing it up with Crazy Horse. As far as drugs go…it makes me respect him more, but again the sheer volume of quality music out there just waiting to be discovered and appreciated demands that I require higher standards from my music than respect for the author’s life story (which may or may not be somewhat fictionalized). Grow up and live a little, then you can lecture me on good music. I don’t agree with the OP regarding the Who, or the Grateful Dead, although I can certainly understand why someone would dislike the Dead. The fact is they were just plain bad on many occasions. However, I will cite February 13th, 1970 and May 8th 1977 as primary examples of just how good the Dead were when they were ON.

  • Yes! Bruce is the new Jesus! see here: http://goo.gl/nPvnby

    • Guest
  • Averil Harriman

    And he’s best buds with that freaky Mother Teresa look alike “Miami” Steve

  • Averil Harriman

    Wife Patti is from the exclusive north Jersey shore town of Deal. I hardly think she saw hard working class times working at the Shop Rite.

  • Sam Wallace

    attempts to write vice style article.FAILS!!!

    • Prosper B

      You said it.

  • 6speed

    I enjoyed the article because there were some hilarious comments in it. Why does it seem I am the only person who neither likes, nor hates Springsteen? I am 45 and my first memory of anything from Springsteen was “The River”. I probably was neutral on it at best. “Born in the USA” came out when I was about 15 or 16. I remember despising it. Later in life, I was exposed to some of his early work and have to say I really fell in love with it (the first two albums FOR SURE), and I believe that “Born to Run” retained most of what I liked from the first two. But that album previewed a shift in Springsteen’s musical style, to something I never could embrace. I can’t put my finger on it, but it went from lyrically rich (if that makes sense), kind of offbeat music to the kind of “anthem-belting” which I cannot stand. With the exception of “Nebraska”, I’d say he stayed on that path of musical style which I just cannot stand. So my opinion of Springsteen is, I can listen to the first three albums pretty much anytime, the first two are spectacular to me. I enjoy “Nebraska” from time to time, but when I’m in the mood for it. The rest is throwaway to me. I know I’ll offend many hardcore Springsteen fans with my comments, but I do not intend to. Just compare something like “Spirit in the Night” (a favorite) to let’s say “Glory Days” or “I’m a Rocker” for the contrast I’m talking about. LOVE the former, HATE the latter.

  • Nicky Springsteen (if only)

    well i love him to excess for all the reasons you listed !!
    this was all kind of funny cause im guilty of alot and i get this reaction alot –

    BUT please have some respect for C, his mission in life was to bring joy and happines to people and he did that through his sax

  • Joey Powers

    I agree and I’m a big rock fan,never could get into Bruce Springsteen.Anyway I guess different strokes for different folks.

  • Duane Eddy

    A person who is color blind, sees only black and white, ridiculing the colors which he can’t see, too arrogant and narcissistic to recognize that it is HIS deficiency, HIS handicap, a guy with no legs telling us that walking sucks. Pity the fool, even more pathetic because in his delusion he attempts to validate his underdeveloped soul by writing this futile condemnation. yes, pity the fool for his handicap

  • Steve Coombs

    Victor Fiorello. You suck. Not only can’t you write very well but your musical taste is…..well let’s just say BEYOND crap. Not only do you dislike Bruce, suggesting he is a worthless artist, but decide to denigrate The Grateful Dead as well in the same ‘review’. Not only are Bruce and the Dead American legends of the highest culture value and significance, but they represent what is unique about our great land and the songs written by Bruce and Robert Hunter (the Dead’s primary lyricist) speak of our history, our characters, mythology that make us who we are. You obviously do not pay much attention to the ‘heart’ of the songs these artists have produced for more than forty years and choose to judge Bruce and GD by narrow-minded stereotypes which were never true anyway. I actually feel sorry for you for having missed out the best music this country has ever produced. Jerry Garcia used to say all the time…”All talk is lying…I prefer to let my guitar do the talking.” Perhaps you could learn a lesson here as well as there isn’t much truth in anything you have written in this pathetic article.

  • Former Fan

    My two cents: I was a Bruce fanback in the ’80’s. His music helped me through a late adolescence. He was at his best when he was a scrawny outcast. He started to suck with Born in the U.S.A. As time went on, he became more and more self-absorbed. He has evolved into a total attention whore. That being said, he is a very good and prolific song writer, a fair guitar player with a terrible voice, but very energetic and a true entertainer. His greatest achievement, in my opinion, was putting together the E-Street Band. It would be hard NOT to succeed with talent like that. An admirable trait of his is his generosity to other artists, like Southside Johnny. Bruce has provided Southside with a lot of great material, as has Little Steven. I rarely listen to Bruce anymore. I still enjoy listening to Southside.

    • Snapphanekongen

      Most people and especially their fans, love the song Born in the U.S.A. and consider it a patriotic song. So much do they listen to the lyrics.
      It’s the opposite of patriotic, it’s an anti-war song, anti-Vietnam war song and is as un-patriotic as it can get.

      • Chris Mac

        I wouldn’t classify a song bringing to light how veterans were getting screwed over by a system that could care less as “un-patriotic” but rather the opposite.

  • Snapphanekongen

    Argument #1 sucks.
    What has Ancora psychiatric hospital anything to do with BS, except that BS is from NJ and Ancora is in NJ. The hospital has be to somewhere.
    Gay marriage or the governor’s veto has nothing to do with BS either.

    But you’re right, rock’n’roll saxophone sucks, so does his song Streets of Philadelphia. Neil Young’s is/was way better, in the same film.
    And yes earrings are a bit sissy.
    I agree when it comes to their fans. They can’t stop shoving it down ines throat, about seeing him live.
    But you forgot the song Atlantic City w BS, also about Philadelphia.

    I guess you consider B.S. stands for bs.

  • captainsavage8

    Anyone who wasted this much time writing this baseless list of gripes with THE BOSS is clearly worse than the Springsteen “worshipers” he also decided to take a swing at. At least they enjoy a certain artist and take pleasure in listening to him/going to his shows, while you just seem like a miserable turd short on ideas to write about.

    Also, I typically do not take offense to people making fun of Jersey, it sure isn’t perfect and I’m the first to admit. But you are writing from Philadelphia, no utopia. And if we are dragging Gov Christie (I do not like him and just voted against him) into this – let’s talk about your former Senator Santorum.

    A Bruce fan from NJ

  • richard1973

    Streets Of Philadelphia is a great song!

    • Sentient

      That song and that movie made me hate Tom Hanks. I guess I should thank Springsteen for helping me avoid Hanks’ movies ever since.

  • rosie

    Someday we’ll look back at this and it will all seem funny!

  • Morky

    I grew up miles away from him, but you didn’t. You don’t get how much Jersey sucks. The women, the miles of lounge crap, the daily grind, assholes, lawn care, ugly go-go dancers, and at the time of BS (Bruce Springsteen) every goddamn town closed at nine. There were few places to play for local acts. Convention Hall was the best thing going. And he puts all the angst of that time together and plays some great songs. He was a freak like the rest of the tiny, but real music scene at that time surrounded by Top 40 and old nonsense. I worked for Clarence he was one of the nicest people you want to meet. The long-term fans get this and grew up here (or some place like it) and it’s probably an age thing as so much music today blows goats. I’ve lived in the Phily subs and it’s nothing like Jersey, it’s better. So your a white guy from a nice family fine. Ok for you. The first two of his albums were the best, the rest I don’t listen to for the reasons of tl:dr.

  • cliche

    way to perpetuate the stereotype of Philadelphians all being foaming at the mouth haters, altho I agree witcha, and YES, Ive been to shows. After the BITUSA album I saw him out here in So Cal supposedly house hunting in a very exclusive area, it was high noon on a weekday and he was driving a hot red AMG Benz convertible, wearing some heinous gaudy designer shades that screamed “look at me Im fabulous” and, and people I kid you not, a gold lame sportscoat, yeah working class hero of the people my big white arse. Of course that was his whole private trainer, dental bonding, dermabrasion period. I enjoy both his early work and some of his very recent albums, live shows are painfully bad for me. But, as damn near all songsters and certainly folk ones are, his writing skills are the poor man’s…make that the homesless man’s Dylan, whom I bet most Springsteen loathe.

  • cliche

    and the most telling thing I can think of to illustrate the weight, worth or validity of Springsteen fans is that Ive personally met 1000s of folks who allege they were at the Roxy show. People I live here, been there a bunch, it holds maybe 700 but I doubt that much. But have at it, I dont accept the “if it feels good do it” logic for alotta things, but for music, especially live, hell yeah.

  • Geoffrey Perrin

    Blow hard dwarf, full of posturing and phony home-spun hokum, with the worst of lyrics, corny as hell, awful awful. For people that like the idea of music, not music itself..

    • Sentient

      According to the internets he’s 5’10”. If true, he has a giant-ass head.

  • Rosalita

    Dude, no one said you had to like him. More importantly, no one really cares what your reasons are.

    Ten reasons why your reasons suck!

    1. You’re from Jersey, too.
    2. If you haven’t seen him, there really is no argument.
    3. Stones, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews, Lou Reed and countless others all have songs that include saxophone.
    4. I’ll give you this one.
    5. So, don’t listen.
    6. It was the 80’s. They all wore earrings. They’ve now all removed them. And?
    7. The Kinks, Heart, CCR, The Allman Brothers, AC/DC and so on.
    8. John Bonham wore an earring.
    9. Agreed.
    10. Practice real hard and Santa might bring you a reason to keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Jlanz

    this was the biggest piece of shit article I have ever read ever. There are so many things wrong with it I can’t even begin to rant. I will say that as huge and popular and brilliant Bruce is, he is still not the “best” NJ could do. That title would go to a man you might have heard of named Frank Sinatra. Way bigger than any piece of shit that came out of Philly

  • Sinéad

    So I have just finished reading this, and yes, I am a Springsteen fan, but I do pride myself on having an open mind… But seriously? How sad are you? Fair enough if you are not a fan of Bruce’s music, everyone has different tastes, but I see absolutely no point in completely disrespecting the man and his fanbase. You’ve never seen him live? Fine, I wouldnt go to a live concert of someone I wasnt a fan of, but I definately wouldnt criticise them without hearing them at least once live.

    You disrespect his fans (number 9)! There are millions of Springsteen fans worldwide! You can’t criticise these people when you have no idea who they are! Im a seventeen year old girl from Ireland, and far from a ” Coors Light-guzzling” fan, thanks very much!You have no idea what people have gone thorugh in their lives, Bruce’s music speaks out to people in different ways, people can interrpret his songs to relate to them and this gives them comfort. I just think its so rude of you to criticise people for wanting to be comforted and maybe get away from their troubles or worries, and if listening to Bruce can help them in any way, then let them have that.
    You seem to be very bitter about the time you spent living in New Jersey. I have no idea why, and to be honest I dont want to know why, but for me, I think Pride in your hometown is massively important. You need to keep in touch with your roots and remember who you are and where you came from. I dont see how Bruce’s pride in NJ affects you personally in anyway? How dare you argue that any place is “nothing to be proud of”. Maybe for you, New Jersey wasnt anything special, but you cannot undermine anybody elses pride. I know that if anybody were to criticise my hometown, I would be deeply offended, hurt and angry. Even though I will someday move away and hopefully travel, my hometown shaped the person I am and will be. When Bruce speaks of New Jersey, its not just the physical area he refers to, but also the people he grew up around, the people who helped him achieve his dreams, and the people who supported him, and still support him to this day.
    Finally, and this is my opinion so I know that you will probably dismiss it anyway, but Im still going to state it. For me, I am growing up in a world where music, I believe, has greatly disimproved. Gone are the days of true rock stars and people who started from the very bottom and actually worked their asses off to achieve what they wanted. Nowadays, auto-tune can turn any tone deaf singer into a number one album-selling artist. For me, to see Bruce still going is a huge inspiration to me. I wish I could have lived through the sixties, seventies and early eighties and witnessed some of these amazing bands develop and flourish before my eyes. I was lucky enough to have seen Bruce live last summer, a monumental and inspiraitonal day for me, and to be honest, he puts every single last artist that are in the charts right now to shame. Since you havnt seen him live (and no, im not using the “go see him live” argument!) its hard for you to understand the emotion, energy and love that Bruce emits through his perfomance. For me, he is gratious, grateful, and a genuinely good-hearted person. For me, seeing Bruce perform with such unbelievable energy and power gives me hope for the future of music. Its obvious he truly loves what he does, or else he would have stopped years ago. You have to at least give him some cudos for that! When I look around and see twleve, thirteen year olds standing in the crowd singing every lyric along with Bruce, I really do get a strong sense of hope for the music industry.
    This comment has turned out much longer than I intended but I had to let my thoughts be shared. I truly am sorry if I have offended you in anyway, as I have said, I pride my self on having an open mind, but I also believe in respect for others. I encourage everyone to have their own beliefs and opinions, but do not try to degrade or undermine the opinions of others.

    Sinead, 17, Ireland

    • Jason Smith

      Bruce Springsteen is to music what Ozzie Smith was to baseball. One of the best at their choice of occupation.

      • Rob Saunders

        No, Bruce Springsteen is to music what Ozzie Smith was to music. If he beat his songs up with a baseball bat he couldn’t damage them more. Whenever he opens his mouth I want to Mace the talentless fucker.

        • loctutusofme

          Rob Saunders is to life what feces is to mouths.

          • Catherine Patten

            you are one of the dumbest people on earth – anyone who is a springsteen fan his deaf.

      • Sentient

        Bruce Springsteen is to music what John Tesh is to music.

    • loctutusofme

      Hear, hear. Well said.

    • Musicmuse

      That was beautiful.

    • Catherine Patten

      excused me anyone can criticize anyone. Sinead – still bald are you?

    • Catherine Patten

      I live in NJ right now. shitty state. Fucked up people assholes and drug addicts everywhere and the king down in trenton belongs in jail. All the politicians in NJ are morons and on the take. Most of them are Italians and Irish – all mob people. It was a riot when fatso Christie told THE JERSEY SHORE people off – like the kettle calling the pot black. Hilarious. My home state is NYC but we can’t live there anymore because of rich people like Bloomberg and that lot took it over and it’s too expensive. omg you’re 17 – go fuck yourself.

  • dfgdfgdfg

    the fourth reason isnt even reason…you just said Streets Of Philadeplhia but you didnt said why. You just said you didnt liked it. WTF?

  • Mtyler74

    Ok Victor. After reading your “reasons” with all the misspelling, useless chatter to try to prove something, and obvious lack of any true research about Bruce, his personality, style, band and songs…it makes me wonder…how do you have a job? Your writing is atrocious, and other than tearing the man and his work down, this article has no relevance. Go work at TMZ or the Enquirer…more your speed…purposeless media. And to leave you with a thought that you obviously have never heard:
    A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool speaks because he has to say something. Guess which you are…

  • Guest

    You know how every town has a village-idiot? Well, in NJ everybody is a village idiot, making the rest of America the town the live in an entertain.

  • Zeit Geist

    You know how every town has a village-idiot? Well, in NJ everybody is a village idiot, making the rest of America the town the live in and entertain.

  • Zeit Geist

    I just read that people who dislike Springsteen “need an education in reality”. I don’t need reality clarified for me, especially if we consider that reality is relative. Springsteen fans need an education, period; a mind is a terrible thing to waste, all the more so if u gonna waste it on Springsteen. Springsteen fandom? Springsteen dumbdom. God save us and what was once the great American culture, now in the hands of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and pseudo-troubadour fucking Springsteen.

  • T. Theodore Logan

    Completely overrated. Its astounding how much columbia and the media pushed him so hard upon the public to like him. Just a wannabe Bob Dylan and completely watching the “History of Rock “n” Roll ” and documentaries claiming he killed disco because of his 3 hr rock shows….Ridiculous , we were forced fed until finally accepting the boss

  • Little Steven

    My name is Steve Van Zandt i have been playing and performing with Bruce since the late ’60s and i must say, in complete and utter disgust, that you (the writer of this article) are a fool unto yourself. There is not a modicum of truth in this piece of vitriol laced article you have so proudly put your name on. Are any of these valid reasons? No. The ten reasons you state are generally regarded as the ten reasons TO like Bruce. Allow me to tear down your argument step by step. Number 1: Fuck you, Jersey does suck but you can’t proclaim one of its hometown heroes is the embodiment of a state than proceed to rip him apart by making comparisons to the shittiness of the said state. No. 2: You are a dumbasss because you really do have to see him live. How can one blindly hate something without taking the time to truly understand the man and his music, by going to a show. They are a magical experience that gets dicks hard and pussies moist. No.3: SAXOPHONE IS FUCKING GREAT AND IS NECESSARY IN ROCK MUSIC!!! MORE BANDS SHOULD DO IT! Bruce and Billy Joel are two prime examples of when the rock n roll sax goes horribly RIGHT, although you probably think Billy sucks too, idiot. No. 4,5,6 and 7 are all inconsequential and pointless fodder you inserted merely to meet your quota i presume, and, finding there were not 10 valid reasons, decided to throw in hastily, stupid. No. 8: this one i find especially offensive. As a fan of both Zepp and Bruce, i think you are way off base here. Two completely different styles of music held together by a single thread: they are both rock n roll. In these days of shitty pop music, shitty rap, and shitty electronic music us rockers need to stand united under the flag and gospel of rock n roll, instead of letting petty douches like you establish a base of divicivness. No. 9: youre fuckin stupid for this one pal. our fans are the most loyal and die hard group in the world, short of the Dead, perhaps. No. 10: Holiday classssssiiiiccccc, don’t be mad he killed holmes. IN SUMMATION THIS LIST IS BALLS I LOVE BRUCE AND I STILL HOPE YOU HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS REGARDLESS OF YOUR TERRIBLE AND OFFENSIVE VIEWS. MAY BRUCE FIND YOU.

    • Not Little Steven, and glad

      Gee, I didn’t know that Van Zandt translated to pawn. Do you also hold his winkie when he pees? Go knot a scarf or something.

      • locutusofme

        No, holding his winkie is MY job, and don’t you forget it! (I enjoy Bruce’s music too, so I must want that responsibility, right? :D)

    • locutusofme

      I hope to God this really is Steve Van Zandt xD

  • Bruce Springsteen

    Philly fuckung sucks

  • Spell

    I love singing and this cornne

  • Patrick Shea

    Number one reason that you can’t write. you can’t wriite btw on his worse day, Bruce can write so much better than your useless self, so fuck off before you embarass yourself again

  • Charlie

    Springsteen is mediocre, musically speaking. It’s difficult to focus on the words he’s “singing” when his vocal style is somewhere between dull and cringe-inducing. I’ve really tried to listen to him, but can’t even get through one song because I’m either too bored, or I’m distracted by asking myself this question: ‘Why do so many people like this guy?’

    • Rob Saunders

      You’ve found something where he rises to mediocre? Must have missed that half-second or so.

  • j.p. lower

    Here is number 11. In 1975, I had an aucience with Clive Davis, trying to promote a demo of original songs and my band. After a half a tune, Davis waved it off and state; “i NEED SOMETHING BETTER, SOMETHING THEY CAN IDENTIFY WITH. HELL, EVEN SPRINGSTEEN , HE’S THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL, HE’S NOTHING WITHOUT THAT DAMN BAND, E STREET OR SOMETHING.” So the Boss without the band would have been any other lounge act. Or cricus act……

  • j.p. lower

    And number 12, he thinks his politics are relavent, just like his folksy whispers. Get over yourself, Bruce, without that band, you’d have been nothing!

  • Blitzkriegos

    Thanks for summing up Philadelphia with your pig headed nonsense point of view. Go back to doing what Philly does best…. eating dead dogs out of trash cans.

  • Petar Mac

    Arguing if he’s overrated is one thing, but trying to belittle his illustrious career and unfathomable influence on other artists (some of which you probably love) just makes you sounds like the idiot that you are.

  • Mitch S

    You know your Springsteen, being over 60(sad but true) , He actually came from no-where and the media (pre-.net and Twitter) assaulted and gobbled up everything in sight.People at the time said “Who is this guy?” The points you make are all great , my beef with him is that IMO he can’t sing , sure he writes good (not all that great ) songs , I just hate the sound of his voice…..

    • Catherine Patten

      He can’t play guitar either and he’s a terrible person to other rock bands.

  • Tank

    would have taken you a teensy bit seriously if you went to a concert just once. I haven’t though, but I like some of his songs anyway. But there is some reason behind the argument of seeing an act live to sort of reassess, because there are many studio-recorded songs that people don’t care much about but really like when they have heard or seen a live rendition. Bad argument that, even for a tongue-in-cheek article, which whether this was is not clear.

  • Paul Battis

    Bruce Springsteen is a Madison Avenue focus grouped product. Yes he probably wrote most of his mildly amusing ditties but the persona; the working mans hero with the jeans, flannel and bandana. . .that’s Madison Avenue. And now the working mans hero has had some work done. In the day he sweats it out in the streets of the run-away American dream but he can’t do that all day because he’s got an appointment later in the afternoon at his ear, nose and throat guy for a little botox lift.

    Politically the Boss is a train wreck. On one hand he sings about the plight of the working man. . .it is after all the work the work its just the working life. . . .but then he supports politicians that supported both the GAAT and NAFTA bills. . .both of which have de-industrialized this country and weekend it greatly.

    But then again the Boss always sang of the blue collar experience as being one of slog and dark depression. He has seen his daddy walk through those factory gates in the rain, worked in his daddy’s garage, and got a union card at 17. And judging by the intonation in his voice when he sang about such things, the Boss did not feel those experiences were positive. So perhaps it makes sense that he has supported the likes of Al Gore. It was Al Gore who called industrial jobs “dirty fingernail jobs” on Larry King in a debate with Ross Perot. It was also Al Gore in the same argument for signing the NAFTA bill that he stated that we would get rid of the dirty fingernail jobs and replace them with high tech jobs. But that never happened and I’ve been waiting for the Boss to speak out against Gore ever since. . .but I won’t hold my breath.

    And if anyone convinced the gullible American public that industrial jobs were dirty and needed to be gotten gone it was Bruce Springsteen. Talk about warming up the masses for the NAFTA Bill.

    Hey Boss, now that your Daddy doesn’t have to walk through those factory gates, what does he do for money? EBT card? Section 8 housing? Living in his car?

    The Boss was the set-up man for the worst policies ever foisted upon this nation.

    Oh also. . .Mr. Springsteen, I hope you found the right horse for your daughters equestrian pursuits.

    Working man ha haaaaaa. . . .good Lord Jesus help us.

  • RandomJerk

    If you put 10 Bruce Springsteen fans in a room and tested their ability to carry or hear a tune, I’d bet you’d find that at least 9 of them are tone deaf.

    • lars

      ill wager $500

  • Sharthound

    Without question one of the most overrated musicians in the industry. Just can’t get my head around how he managed to maintain all this hype for nearly four decades (of feeding off American culture). Anyway, here’s actually another 10 brilliant reasons listed on this new blog you might want to see if you’re not convinced Springsteen is a bell-end: http://122home.com/blog/article446/10-reasons-dislike-bruce-springsteen

  • Laine E. Fitzgerald

    obviously you haven’t listened to his wife, Patti’s cd’s. I bought Rumble Doll expecting it to be all songs written by bruce, produced by bruce….but to my surprise, she wrote all the songs…and the album was produced by Mike Campbell. She’s one of the top ten women singer/songwriters today. What has crawled up your ass and died. Let me see you get up and do better!!!

  • Americana

    I love how all the Bruce Apologists are so offended. To paraphrase their comments: “You lowlife piece of shit! I don’t know you, but you should probably just go die since you have an opinion that differs from my own. You’re so stupid; you’re wasting time commenting on this site. I’m not wasting time though, because my hero really needs me to defend him. How DARE you write (what I perceive as) offensive things about Bruce, someone you don’t even know!” Oh, the irony.

    Bruce Springsteen is awful and unfortunately overrated. I’ve also heard the “you have to hear him live” and “his early stuff is better” arguments. Sorry, but no. I cringe when I hear him, he’s that bad. Yikes.

    • lars

      absolutely, some people hated bob dylan too, couldn’t stand him, probably more people disliked dylan than springsteen but he seemed to do well for himself, i can understand not liking his vocal style, they have a great band, but even that may not be someones particular style, i just don’t understand the need for this guy to hate on someone so hard besides to pull in reads on a story he didnt really even write

  • Rob Saunders

    I used to think Brice Springsteen couldn’t sing and wrote crap songs. Then I heard someone do a cover version of “Sandy”, and I thought “This is actually a really good song”. So I checked out Springsteen’s own recording. What I had clocked as a tender love song was reduced at the hands (and inchoate grunts) of the Great Man to a vulgar shout for pissed-out-of-their-heads yobs to pogo to, possibly at football matches. best reason yet for hating BS (what appropriate initials): on the rare occasion that he slips up and writes something worth hearing, he ensures that his version craps all over it. Why God allowed John Lennon to be shot but has burdened us with needless decades of this talentless oaf will be forever beyond human understanding.

  • locutusofme

    Yeah this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

    1. Springsteen “is” New Jersey? Erm no, he’s a singer/songwriter FROM New Jersey who’s said many times before that he couldn’t stand where he lived and took every opportunity to get out of his house.

    2. Someone says to you, “You have to see him live” and you say, “Why? I hate him!” You aren’t even willing to try?

    3. Saxophone solo. Seriously? How petty.

    4. Streets of Philadelphia – because it makes perfect sense to dislike the song simply because other questionable ones won the same award it did.

    5. You’re simply saying you don’t like his style or sound, which is fine but redundant, given the title of this article.

    6. See reason #3 why this point is stupid.

    7. Nepotism is favoritism towards family members. I don’t think Springsteen is related to Clarence Clemons’ nephew. Patti Scialfa, joined the band for the Born In The USA tour, she didn’t become his wife for several more years.

    8. ….So what’s wrong with Weinberg? I don’t think I understand that one.

    9. The one point I DO agree with, but every artist has those fans that would faint if they ever met the person.

    10. again, see #3.

  • philly1

    yes bruce sucks (MY OPINION) but did u really have to spend so much time compiling a hate list???? dont waste ur life away bashing things other people like. focus on what u like and leave things u dont like alone.

  • Victor Fiorillo obviously has bad taste.

    • Prosper

      And tastes bad.

  • Catherine Patten

    I could kiss you, Victor. I couldn’t agree with you more if I wrote this article myself!

    • prosper

      And Victor didn’t write the article himself either. He plagiarized it from the Star Ledger column written 10 years ago.

  • Johnnie C>

    Am I the only one to notice B.S. playing a Japanese guitar at the 1st inauguration. At the iconic Lincoln Memorial, there’s Bruce acting like the alleged spokes-person for Americas’ downtrodden, shilling for Takamine and most likely pocketing cash all along for his endorsement of foreign made goods. Just to be fair, Toby Keith on his ” All American Tour “, same Japanese guitar company.

  • Prosper B

    5 Reasons Why You Should Hate VICTOR FIORILLO :

    1. He stole the idea for this article from a Piece written about 10 years ago by Newark Star-Ledger Columnist Paul Mulshine.

    2. He stole the article but didn’t improve it.

    3. His attempt to be a PROVOCAtive fails miserably with a lame poorly written piece that gets your attention but its not worthy of it.

    4. Maybe we all didn’t get it-It’s Victor’s Razor sharp wit? It’s supposed to be humorous? No. No. and No.

    5. He’s from Philadelphia and we all know what W.C.Fields said about that.

  • Meg

    This list is so full of holes. If you actually hate someone you have to have better arguments than hating Streets of Phila. because it ? what? won an oscar when other crappy songs did years before? I didn’t even understand that one. I hate people that make generalizations about people based on things they enjoy listening to. But of course, I’m a social worker so we don’t like generalizations, generally :) I started listening to Bruce in the 3rd grade, mostly because I had an older brother who did and I wanted to do anything he did. But his music introduced me to the idea of Rock and Romanticism. The blue collar poetry of it all. I like what Bruce has said about his fans – that we are all having a long conversation. He gets onto the stage and TRIES. For his fans. He truly enjoys his job and works hard. He never phones it in. Whether you like his music or not, you have to respect that level of effort. My Slayer loving, Metallica listening husband goes with me to concerts and has said as much (often while doing his Bruce impression). He also doesn’t keep his opinions out of politics despite the fact that a lot of his fan base is hardly liberal. And contrary to many artists out there he keeps growing and his albums are not at all formulaic.
    But all that doesn’t matter. It says nothing about me except that I love him for his depth and lack of. Its a complex relationship. I also like anything from the Avetts to the Misfits to the Shins to Regina Spector. And Coors light tastes like shit.

  • rmrichardson

    Totally useless article. Obviously the opinion of the writer, who can’t find a better story to report on… Who doesn’t like a sax solo every once in a while!

  • paul_krupa

    I’ve been thinking a lot of this topic since I got a new car with 6 months of sirius radio. There’s a Bruce station that plays almost completely Bruce 24/7 (I’ve heard occasional covers). I have to say his live concerts are badly recorded and even the music seems pretty loose (sloppy to the point of bad). I’ve heard a lot of live music recordings of seasoned major rock bands and rarely thought the same. Although the Grateful Dead comes to mind as tedious and less than musical.
    I love Springsteen from his first few albums. After he left that genre I haven’t heard much I like. I don’t get his “Americana” stuff at all. He comes off as a sanctimonious dweeb.
    And another thing, as much as I love Greetings from Asbury Park, Born to Run, and the Wild the Innocent, etc, the recordings (engineering/production) are horrid. I’ve read that Springsteen was looking for a wall of sound thing like Phil Spector. To me its just compressed muddy low fi disappointment. I went out and bought new copies when they were remastered for CD. Nothing new there. Someone should get the tapes and redo those 70 albums without Bruce in the room.

  • Kennewickdude

    I disagree about the saxophone – it has added so much to rock. Pink Floyd and David Gilmour have benefited a lot from having great saxophone in their songs performed by Dick Perry. But the rest is great – I hate Bruce Springsteen because his voice sucks – I’d rather listen to Yoko Ono.

  • random

    that’s a lot of hatred for someone…i’m sorry you have to carry that around with you….i’d rather carry happier thoughts and it’s hard to “hate” the Boss…when it’s the Boss and you see how successful he is in and out of New Jersey….his fans like him for a reason, leave them alone. you know nothing about them, just like you know nothing about Bruce Springsteen…it’s odd to me you have such strong feelings about it….seems to me – there would be more crime, injustice, times of adversity, or more “horrible” things to hate…just sayin!!!

  • Bellaire Boy

    Springsteen sucks, his music is crap. Get over it, he makes Bon Jovi look like a brain surgeon.

  • Darla

    Your taste in music SUCKS. You are an idiot, and I think that maybe YOU should go eat a few cheeseburgers, go for a walk on one of those polluted beaches, and maybe check yourself into that hospital for the criminally insane. Because you would fit RIGHT IN!!! Bruce Springsteen is a BRILLIANT musician and songwriter.

  • Mama C

    OK Einstein!

  • Mama C

    Just had to get back on and let ya know that therapy is a good thing!

  • javi

    I’m the guy who wrote this “article.” Please keep saying things…I don’t care if you dislike my opinion. Just say something. Make me believe that someone is listening to me…PLEASE. I hate myself…I mean, I hate Bruce Springsteen! That’s right. I love myself…and I hate Bruce Springsteen! Do you HEAR me, world? I just wrote something controversial! Contest my opinion and make me feel like I actually matter! I DARE YOU!!!

  • TimesUp

    Umm. .. clearly you know nothing about music. Just where does steely Dan use saxophone gratuitously? The end of Aja? Pro tip: that’s JAZZ dude. A genre in which you claim to like sax. I’m no Springsteen fanboy, But your opinion is obviously unqualified. And max Weinberg? Really? The man is a Steve Gadd protege and you think he’s no good? Do you even play?

  • Melody

    I’ve never cared for Bruce myself, either. He has no vocal talent whatsoever. You can always tell between being able to sing naturally and trying way to hard to sing because you can’t. Just look at his face when he sings (I mean strains), he looks like he’s going to have a heart attack any second because he’s straining so hard to even hold a note (I say that term loosely because he can’t really carry a note) I’ve considered his fame at times and wondered how anyone with his serious lack of singing ability could become so popular and I think you hit the nail on the head with the Jersyites. They are die hard and clearly extremely tone deaf….

    • lars

      u suck

  • Bruce the boss

    Springsteen is one of the greatest musical artist of all-time, so for you to make a whole web page about how much you hate the guy is pathetic. If Bruce ever read this he would laugh his ass off because he is a billion air with 40 years of tireless work and countless hours touring, writing, helping charity, and once in a while, looking back on his glory days. So for you, most likely a middle aged man living in his mothers basement and eating Cheetos all day should take some time and actually listen to the words he writes about, and reflect on it. You probably have lots of time on your hands considering you had enough time to do all this. By the way, your post was great, all of the terrible things about Bruce like his 3 hour shows, his crazed fans, and his awesome drummer. It doesn’t take a genius to turn something great into something terrible. If your going to hate, the hate on something that deserves it, not the BOSS.

  • Matías Cuenya

    try to listen justin bieber!

  • jim

    Wow, you state ten reasons why Springsteen “sucks”. Let’s intelligently go over this.
    1) “Bruce Springsteen is New Jersey.” So Springsteen sucks because he is from New Jersey, therefore, for I suck too, Bruce Willis sucks, Frank Sinatra sucks… Sounds like the logic of a ten year old speaking. You just don’t like NJ, I get it, so don’t come back, ever.
    2) “You’ve never seen him live.” So you state your opinions about things you have not seen. GREAT reporting. I look forward to your next article about how great Atlantis is.
    3) “You don’t like Saxophone in your rock and roll.” That’s your opinion, you can have that one. You must hate Billy Joel too on this premise among many other performers.
    4) “The Streets of Philadelphia”, you hate it because it won an Academy award comparing it to the winner of the year before and after? That’s like saying G W Bush was a crappy president because he was sandwiched between Clinton and Obama! I am not a fan of the song either, but it does not make me hate him, or like him any less.
    5) Based on an illness that does not exist? You have deeper issues than that.
    6) “An earring.” Springsteen is not the first or last male musician to wear an earring. I am assuming therefore you hate every male musician who wears an earring. Your reasons are getting thin…
    7) Nepotism. Sounds like a fair reason, but does this mean that you liked Springsteen BEFORE Patti joined the band or BEFORE Clarence passed away?
    8) You don’t like Max Weinberg. OK, he is not the best drummer in the world, but I am sure he’ll earn more in a year than you will in a decade of writing. That makes him 10x times the drummer than you are the writer. Or does it?
    9) The fans. Wow, how easy is it to take a shot at millions of people by writing an article. Those same fans probably also listen to the same music you like too.
    10) The Christmas cover. So, every Xmas for you has been ruined since the 80’s when they play this song? Maybe you should convert to a religion that does not celebrate Christmas.
    Let’s be honest, you wrote an article about why Springsteen sucks without a commentary on his music at all. No mention of all the Grammy’s he’s won, etc. Seems to me you just wanted to write an article on an immensely popular figure, criticize him for the attention. You succeeded, but you’re still a bad critic.

    • Joe V.

      Obviously to some extent it’s a matter of taste. But it is generally true that great performers and bands do their best stuff in their first decade (if they last that long). After that even the best tend to get mediocre. Then an interesting thing happens; many of the people who came to love the artist because they loved their songs start to like their increasingly mediocre songs only because they love the artist.

      You see a lot of this with Rush fans and Metallica fans and Ozzy fans and yes, Billy Joel fans and Elton John fans.

      I think there is an element of this going on with Springsteen.

      Few artists do their best work decades into their careers.

  • lars

    its people like you that make philly look bad