The Hop Sing Laundromat Dress Code

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One of the most searched for terms on Foobooz over the last month has been “Hop Sing Laundromat dress code.” And it seems like more people should be searching for it as  from Hop Sing Laundromat says he turns away 30+ people a night because they don’t meet the Chinatown bar’s dress code. Here is an illustrated look at what will get you in and what will have you wondering if there are any other spots worth drinking at in Chinatown.

Adhering to the Hop Sing Laundromat dress code is actually pretty easy. No flip flops, no sandals, no sneakers, no shorts, no hats. But we’re going to show you how not to come to Hop Sing and even offer you a few suggestions for what you might want to wear.

This guy is a model and even his uncovered feet aren’t getting into Lê’s cocktail emporium.

Not getting into Hop Sing, two violations.

Sorry Charlie, your Koto Blanket Stripe Shorts and sneaker combo aren’t getting you past the front door, even if Henry Rollins himself gave you that Black Flag tattoo.

Damn right you better Obey. Take that hat off before you ring the bell, sunshine.

Hey Crouching Tiger Thinking Man, congrats on graduating from shorts and flip-flops, but those are still sneakers and one of them is untied, don’t trip on your way to David’s Mai Lai Wah.

Some Suggestions on What to Wear to Hop Sing Laundromat

We asked Philadelphia magazine lifestyle editor Emily Goulet (her office is not decorated in post-it notes and whiskey bottles) for some help picking some outfits that will have you saddling up to the bar at Hop Sing and looking stylish to boot.

You can’t go wrong with a great tailored blazer and dark wash denim—bonus points for a tiny cuff (Man bag not necessary).

Chambray is in – Emily likes this Gitman linen button-up.

Jeans are allowable at Hop Sing. Especially if they’re these great slim-fit Citizens of Humanity jeans.

It isn’t difficult to adhere to the dress code at Hop Sing. Check out this simple outfit. Emily loves the layering and the pop of blue in this great basic crewneck.

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  • rory

    I assume this post was only so you could see what type of humorous hate would follow in the comments, because that’s the only potential positive to come from this. Right? please say i’m right.

  • Bronwen

    weird coincidence–i was just asking my coworker about the dress code. but you don’t mention women’s clothes. are shorts ok? sandals?

  • Rory, the humorous hate is partially the reason. We also want to ensure we’re the first result on Google if you search for Hop Sing dress code.

    Bronwen, Lee says shorts and sandals are acceptable on women.

    We’ve also been told by several women that they like the dress code, because it forces their men to dress a bit nicer.

  • Guest

    Is there a blog that trolls its readers more than FB?

  • A blog that trawls its users more than Foobooz? Have you seriously never read Philebrity??

  • Anthem

    OMG I love this post. Please post more like them.

  • E

    This is awesome. Why is the dress code an issue? It’s pretty damned simple: dress like an employed adult that’s not going to the gym or “down da shore.”

  • at this point…

    Jason should just do a daily Hop Sing post. Oh wait….

  • Mike

    When I read “no sneakers”, I think of Nike Airs or neon running shoes, not a comfy pair of chucks or some subtle black walkers.

  • Mike H

    Dress code aside the drinks are crazy strong and the homemade juices make the experience worth the rules

  • Nate

    I’d rather make myself a cocktail at home in my ‘house pants’

  • no

    If my money’s not green enough for you, I’ll just give it to somebody else.

  • Lindsay

    So is the dress code only for men? Is there an asterisk next to it that says women can wear sandals but not flip flops or sneakers, shorts, but not hats? I actually want to know. I’m about to be pissed cause I was gonna go on Monday, but I was wearing shorts.

  • Dan

    I’ve been here. My experience was that he made up some B.S. about my sneakers (they were Pumas but some fancy kind I think) and how I was dressed. He hemmed and hawed and then let us all in. Then when we got in he gave us some cheesy spiel. Evevn the spiel seemed half-hearted. The whole NY exclusive thing is illusory. It may be good for a certain set – we’ll call them “Jason Sheehans” – to feel self-important about being “admitted.”

    Once inside, the drinks were great and more innovative than most and the room is very cool. The bartenders were quite good, but pretended to be “too cool for school.”

    Hey, if I wanted real pretension I would move to NYC, this fauxtentiousness is just something for the “yelp elite” set (i.e. the fugly fatties that write pages of reviews about being served from the left side or whatever).

  • AMM

    E Says:
    July 19th, 2012 at 5:09 pm
    This is awesome. Why is the dress code an issue? It’s pretty damned simple: dress like an employed adult that’s not going to the gym or “down da shore.”

    There are plenty of ’employed adult(s)’ that aren’t going to the ‘gym’ or ‘down da shore’ wearing sneakers to work.

    Look, I’m all for dress codes and think it is a private business and do what you would like. That said, allowing women to wear shorts and men not, is a little ridiculous.

    I tried to go there about two weeks ago, had no idea what the dress code was, and was turned away for a pressed polo tucked into dress shorts with a belt while the bimbo in front of me walks in with shorts 3 inches below her hoo-hah with flip flops!

    The uber-hipster cocktail bars are becoming a bit antiquated and I’m not sure how long the majority of economic society will continue to support things as such. 20 minute, $15 dollar cocktails at various spots around the country???

  • Brian

    Crouching Tiger Thinking Man would really get turned away for wearing Keds? Lee is splitting sartorial hairs.

  • lee

    a vertical striped shirt meat market of Penn student’s and the girls that wish to marry them asking your skilled bartender’s for miller light and shots of jager awaits you Mr lee have fun with that I however know other bars Free of this that make a great sazerac for under 10 bucks with out any gimmicks. Why is it when I read anything about this place I picture Kim jong il in those sun glasses

  • barryg

    Where are the good sazeracs for under $10?

  • JimiConway

    This is a pretty ridiculous dress code. I have been managing bars around the city for years. In the summer, especially this year, it is hot as hell. I am going to wear shorts. Why is it than women have more exceptions than men? Pure sexism. I only own sneakers, it is what I wear to work and when I go out. They are nice sneakers, so I am not going to buy a pair of dress shoes just to go to a bar. It’s a shame because I really wanted to check this place out.

  • E

    wtf are dress shorts? wait, are you angus young?

  • Mark Quimbly

    Could we see some looks from Ms. Goulet that could actually be worn in the current season? It’s July. Put that blazer on and you are very well taking your life in your hands.

  • Jim

    I approve of the trolling and the dress code. If you don’t like the dress code then go to the other 99.9% of bars in the city. I generally dislike the formality but I like having the option, especially at that price point. Same with restaurants – I love that most in philly don’t require jackets but I appreciate that there are a few that do.

  • PHL069

    I think it’s nice to have a bar with a dresscode and occupancy limits. It makes the place special. However, the “membership”, interrogation, all the “petty” rules…*rolling-eyes*. Just silliness, like a theme bar.. the PA Renaissance Faire of Bars. It’s not a “real” elite members club like The Vespers in Philadelphia or the Cosmos Club in DC…. Just a fabrication of one. So, enough with all the press over HSLM I’m sure it’s a very nice place with great potential… It’s just becoming tiresome…

  • justanotherchef

    no sandal for summer in philly? f lee.

  • JohnDoe

    Seriously, I guess philly has nothing else to write about….does Mr. lee have some sort of payment arrangement with the local press? Geez. I googled this place and all articles from different mags all post the same thing on the same days…weird coincidence? or a planned hype-up by the owner?
    by the way, make your own decisions on the drinks, ny’ers know cocktails, I’m not one (philly born and raised), but i listen to my friends who are ny’ers….I tried lee’s signatures, are not that great…stick to the classics side of the menu.

  • Anonymous

    “I approve of the trolling and the dress code. If you don’t like the dress code then go to the other 99.9% of bars in the city.”

    That’s all well and good, but why don’t they have something on their goddamned website about these rules? I dragged my boyfriend all the way across the city to this place (via the 42 bus during rush hour, no less, and I’m sure you can imagine how comfortable that was), and we got bounced right on the street. He was dressed in a nice business casual outfit, but was wearing sandals. Not flip-flops, but sandals. Yes, I admit they were sandals. But it was hot out and he hates wearing shoes in Philly in the summer when he has to walk somewhere.

    The worst part about the whole experience was that we were humiliated right on the city sidewalk in Chinatown at 7 PM, right in front of everybody on the street like we were drunks or something. He could have pulled us aside, or into the vestibule, or something, away from public view. Stupid arbitrary rules or not, I draw the line at the public humiliation of my very sweet, smart, and charming partner. I’d rather eat glass than go back and give money to this asshole. I’ll just go to our regular bar, the Franklin, where they are IMO just as inventive, know us well (we are indeed regulars), and don’t treat us like shit.

  • Anonymous

    And, FYI, it wasn’t because he was ignoring the dress code— he didn’t know that the place had a code. I had a very, very hectic week at work, and I forgot about the dress code. So, a trip from West Philly by bus all the way to this place for a special night out turned into an exercise in unnecessary public humiliation.

    And, FYI, my partner isn’t some frat boy tool in flip flops, he’s a late forties something bearded bear in a dress shirt and khakis (and sandals, in the heat of the summer).

    Thanks for utterly ruining our night, Mr. Lee or whatever your name is. We won’t be going back, and I will most definitely be telling my friends about how you treated us on the sidewalk

  • sosowwy

    So sowwy you no know – no koksuka rule

  • Natalie

    So I can’t get in if I am wearing nice sneakers with a sleek look? I have an ankle injury and literally can only wear sneakers. you don’t know people’s lives. i get not looking like a bum but i don’t think i need this pretension for a good cocktail. all the other great bars in the city have no problem with my choice of clothes. i guess i will give them my money.

  • Christina

    omfg @ all the whining I just read. Who cares about your hectic day, sandaled 40 something boyfriend and 42 bus trek. You were in Chinatown. Um go buy some suitable shoes for like 10 dollars.
    Whiner #2 – You have/had an ankle injury… Wait until it heals and you can wear the bar required footwear. Annnd you wanted to go drinking on that injured ankle? Okay… Screw your wack lives. There’s better shit to bitch about.

  • Impressive content is the way I am going to describe this article for starters. Your gift for original informative content is unsurpassed on this subject.

  • KC

    It’s not just about food and vendors even though they contributed. The Music was and is the glue that drew the people, and until that returns I’m afraid it will never be the same.

  • robbiecee

    Why on a weeknight?

  • Josh

    I don’t believe that dress code’s such as these should be legal, no man nor woman should be judged upon their eligibility to dine based upon what they are wearing. If someone wishes to dine, they should not have to adhere to wearing certain clothing, it is a form of discrimination which I believe should not be tolerated. Some might not be able to afford anything more than trainers and they are just a worthy to dine as any other. So what if one person wishes to wear at hat? What harm does that do? None. If it’s a warm day it is logical to wear sandals or flip-flops for simple comfortability, one should not be placed in uncomfortable clothing simply to dine at a certain restaurant. Saying ‘go dine elsewhere’ is not a solution, dress codes such as these should not exist in the first place. No dress code should cause people to be actively turned down on the doorstep for wearing clothing that is in some cases more appropriate than those laid out in their dress code but most importantly because it is the clothing that they, free individuals, have chosen. A dress code only furthers discrimination. It is archaic and impinges on our freedoms. It is time for it to stop.

    • You need to remember that the owners of establishments — free individuals — have chosen an appropriate dress code. Don’t try to impinge on their freedoms because of a misguided view of “discrimination”.

      Don’t like dress codes? Feel free to open a fancy restaurant without one. As the owner of private property, that is your right.

  • Greg Giovanni

    I love a place with a dress code. If you don’t there are plenty of other places. (and for me, not enough places where men actually make an effort not to look like a slob.)