Eagles Wake-Up Call: No Rocking the Boat

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MOBILE, Ala. – Howie Roseman was asked this week whether he talks to current Eagles about draft prospects they might have played with in college.

“Yeah, definitely,” he said. “You want to know their mindset. You want to make sure that you’re bringing guys in that are gonna fit into your culture. Right now we have a good culture, and that’s a fun part of it. You want to make sure that you continue that and you don’t bring anybody who’s gonna rock the boat.”

In some ways, Roseman’s response was telling. The Eagles feel like they have a good thing going. They know there is plenty of work to do, but they’re thrilled with the foundation that was put into place in Year 1 of the Chip Kelly era. As they look to upgrade talent in the coming months, it’s important to them that the culture-building aspect doesn’t get put on the back-burner.

Interviews are one of the most overlooked aspects of the pre-draft process. A lot of the focus will be on heights, weights and 40 times. But Kelly wants to know if a guy will buy in and fit into the culture at the NovaCare Complex. During last year’s draft, he specifically mentioned Bennie Logan and Matt Barkley as two guys who wowed him during the interview process.

Each night this week in Mobile, Eagles coaches had an opportunity to sit down and chat with prospects.

“It’s such a team sport,” Roseman said. “You’re talking about 53 guys coming together. When you think about where all these guys come from, it’s different backgrounds, different cities, and you’ve gotta fit them all in. I think that’s why being a head coach in the National Football League is such a tough job. It’s our job to make sure that we’re not bringing in outsiders who rock the boat too much.”

Kelly echoed that sentiment earlier this month.

“There’s a lot of really good athletes out there that don’t maximize their abilities because of maybe an intangible quality,” Kelly said. “What’s their passion for the game? How much are they willing to learn? How much are they willing to sacrifice? Not what are they willing to give, sometimes what are they willing to give up?”

Those are the questions Kelly, Roseman and company will try to get answers on in the months ahead.


A year later, Howie Roseman and the Eagles are feeling settled and confident.

Stanford’s Trent Murphy passes the “big people” test and could be an option for the Eagles.

It’s too soon to elevate Nick Foles, writes McManus.


Jeffrey Lurie stopped by the Senior Bowl. From the Daily News’ Les Bowen:

Yesterday, Lurie further expanded his horizons with his first visit to Mobile and Senior Bowl practice. Though high winds ripped loose a sail-like NFL Network sun shield, nearly sending it careening into Mike Mayock and company while they were on the air, the weather in Mobile was decidedly better than in Philadelphia.

“Just wanted to get away from the snowstorm,” Lurie joked. Later he explained that he and wife Tina Lai were headed to a business meeting in Florida and decided to stop by Mobile, watch practice and take the scouts and coaches to dinner.

Jimmy Kempski of Philly.com likes what he’s seen from Auburn’s Dee Ford:

The best player on the field today was Auburn DE Dee Ford. He was unblockable around the edge with his speed rush, and once he had opposing tackles leaning too far outside, he was beating them inside as well. There was one play in which he beat the LT around the corner, but the QB got the ball out quickly to the opposite side of the field. Ford just kept right on trucking after the football, and caught the play from behind.


Back on the ground in Philadelphia, but still plenty more to get to from my time in Mobile.

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  • NickS1

    No rocking the boat. You don’t want to tip the boat over.

    • Johnny Domino

      Rock the boooooaaaaaaattttttt.

    • Adam


    • theycallmerob

      save it for the party bus

      • NickS1

        Is LeSean on that party bus?

    • GEAGLE

      Are you talking about the Vikings sex boat, or the mythical boat Lurie was supposed to rent to keep all our players at sea during the entire offseason so they couldn’t get arrested?

  • Scott J

    Good thing they do their due diligence on character issues, otherwise we could end up with a racist receiver, or a petulant corner more interested in picking out sconces instead of practicing.

    • Maggie

      Spending time with his wife, showing some interest in furnishing their new home, is not selfish. Many men would consider that self-sacrificing. Besides, missing a couple of practices doesn’t seem to have hurt his play or prevented him buying into team concepts.

      • Scott J

        What makes you think he doesn’t spend time with his wife during training camp? I suggest you ask his teammates – who showed up for practice – what they think of him taking off. Oh…and who was it that got 15 yards for a horse-collar tackle?

  • Scott J

    You have to wonder what they ask. Have you ever seen your teammate beat their mother, rape a woman, do drugs, or kill someone?

  • cliff henny

    good old arbitrary Howie quote, tosses in the ‘too much’ at the end. red flag guys are out, and agree with that part. sure yellow flags guys are graded on a sliding scale, based upon size, athletic ability and 40 time. have no problem with this either.

    • theycallmerob

      I may be remembering wrong, but wasn’t Poyer a yellow flag last year?

      • cliff henny

        not sure. all i remember is thinking he was a steal. then, saw him run along side real nfl talent.

        • GEAGLE

          Hey, so far two NFL front offices thought he was good enough to take a shot on. I don’t think we were happy about losing him..especially to dirty banner. If he were to get cut again, I think we would try and snatch him right up

          • cliff henny

            he wasnt going to be a cb, think that was obvious. too bad he couldnt be stashed, beefed up, would of liked him to be a safety. sort of non issue now, willing to give wolff a shot. he does damage when he gets pointed in right direction.

          • GEAGLE

            Agreed…there was just no way he was ever going to cover WRs man,,,he could get away with Zone, but safety would have definitely been ideal, and it’s a shame because he was a tough kid. Think safety could have suited him well

      • GEAGLE

        Nah, it was a bogus yellow flag. He got into a silly incident at a bar. Don’t think it was something that teams were holding against him

    • JofreyRice

      I think chemistry’s important, but I hope they don’t hamstring the talent level on the roster by going with the less-talented “team guy” in every situation. Two of the guys playing in this year’s Super Bowl were jettisoned from the Eagles as being “cancers” to the locker room–Chris Clemons and DRC. You’re always going to have attitudes to deal with and guys that are more me-first than team first. I maintain that it’s part of the coaches job to motivate the players and manage their personalities. Reid didn’t have that ability, at the end. God, it seems like the 2011 free agent debacle really left a mark with these guys. It was the first time they really jumped into FA in years, and it didn’t work out; OK, that’s not a reason to get gunshy about all free agents that cost something. I don’t want any more trash signings like Chung or Sopoaga. They could be great guys, but they are garbage on the field.

      Kelly didn’t preside over a bunch of angels at Oregon, so I’m thinking there is a lot of nuance and wiggle room in his statement above. You can find a mix. A lot of guys on that Denver squad are free agents–disproving the conventional wisdom of “building through the draft”. The trick is to pick the right guys, but I don’t think those guys all have to be choirboys.

      • cliff henny

        yup, this is a football team, not a lunch group. some of the all-time best arent model citizens. little is ok, lot isnt. aaron hernandez, lots of red flags, randy moss was just an immature kid. remember ed reed getting knocked back cause he was a little rough around the edges. hear about guys getting 5’s on wonderlic test, like jamarcus russel, and that being ignored. get under 10, and i’m really worried.

      • Maggie

        Funny. You don’t want “choirboys” yet when a player shows some seemingly selfish tendencies, many people on this board are all over him. ie. Shady, DJax, Sconces..

        • JofreyRice

          I’m never going to celebrate a guy’s selfishness, but I don’t think a predisposition for it should necessarily always be a hindrance to adding a talented player. It’s Kelly’s job to manage it. Of course you can’t have 53 guys acting that way. You need guys like Avant, Celek, Trent Cole, etc., to be the foundation of the locker-room atmosphere.

          I’d be OK with Cary Williams if he was a better football player. I think his antics give him this “toughguy” persona that he doesn’t back up with high-level play. He’s played quite poorly, at times, but seems to get a pass because he jaws at opposing receivers.

    • GEAGLE

      So many important aspects go into a front offices “big board” that we don’t even consider and that the mock community isn’t even privy to.

      Interviews procees (I expect van Noy to dazzle us)
      Security check
      In depth physical
      Psychological testing..lol would have loved to sit in on a psycho like Kiko Alonso’s test..Colt Lyerias should be fun

  • Sean

    “Is your mother a prostitute?” – was a question asked to Dez Bryant a few years ago at the combine

    • GEAGLE

      Lastyeear, Nick Kasa was asked “son, do you like girls?” Hahaha

  • Eagledelphia

    since the subject is character guys hopefully Cocaine Colt Lyerla can get picked up as an undrafted rookie


    Besides Colt Lyeria, who are this Draft Class’s “Da’rick Rodgers”??? Talent who’s Charecter drops them to round 7 or Undrafted status?

    • Eagledelphia

      I haven’t really heard as much as normal about those type of guys but Im sure someone will do something stupid soon enough

      • cliff henny

        clowney is getting pulled over for doing 110 in 45’s darn near weekly, and that’s not bothering anyone.

        • GEAGLE

          Lol that dude can do no wrong. What an idiot

          • NickS1

            The NFL’s very own Bieber

        • Eagledelphia

          yeah he’s probably doing 200 in a lambo his agent bought him right now

          • cliff henny

            he wasnt driving a 2000 toyota tercel in Dec when this was happening. took a pick with cops by side of the road while getting ticketed.


      RB Michael Dyer

  • PaoliBulldog

    I’m angered that the Luries didn’t invite Sheil to dinner.