PHOTOS: The Tall Ships Festival Kicks Off On the Waterfront

Photo by HughE Dillon

Photo by HughE Dillon

Thanks to that giant rubber duck, the Tall Ships Festival is one of the most-hyped events of summer. It officially kicked off Thursday, with more than a dozen mega vessels from around the globe on the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden.

The duck actually looks surprisingly small in the photos HughE Dillon captured at the kickoff, and he apparently had a little trouble making it to the party: “The duck couldn’t fight the wind to make it up the Delaware,” HughE says. “It got stuck on one of those barges that has been anchored in the Delaware for the past year. Tug boats and the Water Board had to go over and dislodge it. It tried to continue its journey, but the organizers realized it just wasn’t going to make it. They towed it to an area near the aquarium, where it was being docked.”

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WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Names 57 Movie Characters On the Fly on Fox 29

Remember that scene in the first ‘Ted’ movie where Mark Wahlberg names dozens of girl’s name in a matter of seconds? Well he showed Alex Holley FOX 29 and Mike Jerrick FOX 29 what he had to learn for ‘Ted 2′ this morning. Check it out:

Posted by FOX 29 on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fox 29’s Morning Show hosts Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley had actor Mark Wahlberg on the show this morning to chat about his new film Ted 2.

In the first Ted, Jerrick points out, Wahlberg’s character rattled off dozens of girls names in seconds. When asked if he remembered all of them, Wahlberg said no, but in the second film he had to memorize the names of 57 film characters. His work was in vain, because the scene never actually made it into the movie, but he got a moment to shine on Fox 29 today, when he rattled off all 57 movie characters in like 20 seconds. It’s pretty impressive. Check it out above to see if you can catch all the names.

(h/t HughE Dillon)

Nic Grooming Brings Old-School Barbershop Vibe to Rittenhouse


The charming storefront — motorcycle and all. | Josh Middleton.

It’s hard to miss Nic Grooming along the promenade of businesses around 20th and Locust. Sure, there’s a barber’s pole outside the door, but the real standout is the bright red vintage motorcycle in the window. The space has been a barbershop for nearly 40 years, though it was recently taken over and given a modern update by Nick Berardi, son of the owner of Richard Nicholas Hair Studio in Rittenhouse, where he’s worked for several years, taking on a majority of the male clientele.

Inside, the no-frills shop is cool but compact. There’s an exposed brick wall, three barbers’ stations, a sink for washing and a small waiting area, where you scribble your name on a chalkboard and await your turn. Berardi created the business to pay homage to the old-school, super-personalized barbershop experience, but added in some luxe salon-type amenities along the way (think: hot towel massages, a free beer with every cut). It’s ideal for guys who want to keep their locks in check without all the fussiness of a salon.  Read more »

Crazy Skilled Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Rocky and Other Famous Figures

Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis is giving drag queens a run for their money, proving that anything is possible with few brushes and some expert contouring. Just check out her Instagram account, where she shares photos of herself transformed into famous figures by the power of makeup. A lot of makeup. I mean, this woman must clear the aisles at CVS to be able to turn herself into some of these people. (Look at her Keith Richards!)

Among the other celebs she’s taken on is one very close to our hearts, fictional Philly boxing champ Rocky Balboa. She goes for the young Rocky here, and a moment when he just came out of the ring, with a jacked-up eye, a little blood on his lip and a bandage around his paws. Check him out below, and a few other notables. See more on her Instagram account here.

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Drew Carey Tours the Betsy Ross House, Dines at Cuba Libre

Price is Right host and bespectacled comedian Drew Carey zipped through Philadelphia yesterday to dine at Cuba Libre and take a tour of the Betsy Ross House, as is evidenced by this tweet from the home of the famed flag-maker:

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Taylor Swift Officially Puts 1989 on Apple Music

taylor swift

Taylor Swift in her “Shake It Off” video, a single from 1989 that you’ll soon be able to stream on Apple Music.

After a much-publicized back-and-forth with Apple that started with an open letter over the weekend, Taylor Swift has officially decided to put her latest—and highly coveted, apparently—album, 1989, on Apple Music. The change comes after Apple announced that it would reverse a policy that said it wouldn’t pay artists during a free three-month trial offer available to all new members of the streaming service.

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Mo’ne Davis Becomes Third Woman to Be Drafted By the Harlem Globetrotters

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.57.24 PM

On Tuesday, just a day shy of her 14th birthday, Mo’ne Davis got news that she was drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters. She won’t hit the road with the b-ball tricksters just yet, though. According to a release, the draft states that the the team is exercising a “Future Discovery Clause” that will obtain the rights to Mo’ne when she graduates college. The announcement, according to New York Mag, makes her the third woman to be drafted by the Globetrotters since they began drafting in 2007.

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