Mark Segal Gives Jim Kenney an Early Endorsement for Mayor

jim kenney philly

Though he hasn’t technically announced his candidacy for mayor yet, Jim Kenney’s resignation from City Council this afternoon is a sure sign that he’s putting his hat in the ring. There are already folks coming out of the woodwork to sing his praises, including, in the interest of G Philly readers, Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal. He released this statement earlier today:

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Taylor Swift Trademarks “This Sick Beat” and Other Random Phrases From 1989

taylor swift

Taylor Swift is now the rightful owner of the phrase “This Sick Beat,” and a host of other one-liners from her latest album 1989, Flavorwire reports. According to the article, she also owns the rights to “‘Cause We Never Go Out of Style,” “Could Show You Incredible Things,” “Nice to Meet You, Where You Been?” and “Party Like It’s 1989.”

According to the legal database Justia, the aforementioned phrases are now prohibited from appearing without licensing on a weirdly specific list of objects that includes removable tattoos, typewriters, walking sticks, sun-care products, holiday Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings (Jews, rejoice: Hanukah paraphernalia is still safe), “whips, harness and saddlery,” and yes, potholders.

I just want to know who sits around thinking about all the ways someone could use these phrases. Sun-care products? Walking sticks? Sounds like someone was pulling a lot out of their ass.

Check out more phrases trademarked by Taylor Swift and all the ways you can’t use them here.

Phillly LGBT Film Festival qFLIX Announces 2015 Dates

From Such Good People, the film that kicked of qFLIX last year.

From Such Good People, the film that kicked of qFLIX last year.

Philly’s brand new—and only—LGBT film festival, qFLIX, has announced the dates for its second season.

They’re kicking things off a little earlier this year, on July 7th, with an apt “Summer in the City” theme. Sticking to tradition, organizers Thom Cardwell and James Duggan say the itinerary of screenings will be complemented by panel discussions, after-screening Q&As, meet-and-greets with cast members, and some special parties and receptions. All films will be screened in Center City, but there’s still no word on what those films will be.

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Daryl Metcalfe and Other GOP Leaders On LGBT Anti-Discrimination Laws in PA

Republican Representative Daryl Metcalfe.

Republican Representative Daryl Metcalfe.

Now that we have marriage equality in Pennsylvania, we must set our sights on other issues affecting LGBT people in Pennsylvania–one of the most basic of which is anti-discrimination laws. I’ve said it before, but it never fails to shock, so here goes: 68 percent of Pennsylvanians can be fired from their jobs, kicked out of their apartments and refused service at a business simply because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And that is perfectly legal.

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STUDY: It Really Does Get Better

We’ve been saying it for years, and we always believed it, but now there’s actual scientific evidence that proves it really does get better.

A multi-year study of LGBTQ youth out of Northwestern University’s IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program found that, while bullying is linked to psychological distress, “both distress and victimization decreased as the adolescents grew up.” More on the study from HuffPo’s Gay Voices:

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Will Smith’s Concussion Gets Christmas 2015 Release Date

Today, Sony Pictures announced the release date for Will Smith’s Concussion: December 25, 2015. Deadline sums up the film:

Concussion follows Dr. Bennet Omalu (Smith), the forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of football-related brain trauma in a pro player and fought to bring awareness to the public. In his search for the truth, Omalu, a total outsider to pro football, takes on the sports industry’s status quo. His studies on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), prompted the NFL to take brain-related injuries seriously. CTE was cited in the suicides of former NFL stars Junior Seau and Dave Duerson.

Concussion will go up against a handful of other films set for a Christmas Day release, which, according to Movie Insider are Dirty Grandpa (starring Zac Efron, Robert De Niro and Wilmington’s Aubrey Plaza), Monster Trucks (Rob Lowe), The Revenant (Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio) and David O. Russell’s Joy (Jennifer Lawrence and maybe even Smith’s fellow Philadelphian Bradley Cooper).

Queens From New Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Coming to Philly for a Sneak Peek at Season 7

rupauls drag race season 7

By now you’ve probably heard that Logo has finally told us when they’re going to air season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race: March 2nd at 9 p.m.!

There are also some exciting new details emerging, like the fact that Queer Eye For the Straight Guy‘s Carson Kressley and Chelsea Lately‘s Ross Matthews will join Michelle and Ru on the judges’ panel. And the lineup of celebrity guest judges is pretty rad: Ariana Grande, Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, John Waters, Kathy Griffin, Olivia Newton-John, Alyssa Milano, Kat Dennings, Jordin Sparks, Mel B, Tamar Braxton, Rebecca Romijn, Santino Rice, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Urie, Rachael Harris, Lucian Piane and Merle Ginsberg. Whew!

To build hype, the new cast of season 7 will be coming to Philadelphia to host an evening of performance and an advance screening of the first episode. They’re be at the Trocadero on Tuesday, February 24th—exactly a week before the  March 3 debut.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art to Be Only U.S. Stop for Major Impressionist Exhibit

Dance at Bougival, 1883 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Dance at Bougival, 1883, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Big news in the Philly art scene this week: The Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) just announced that it will be the only U.S. city to house an upcoming international exhibition that includes works from Impressionist greats, like Manet, Monet, Degas and Renoir, among others.

“Discovering the Impressionists: Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Painting” highlights the impact of Parisian art dealer Durand-Ruel, who championed the works of the aforementioned Impressionist painters, giving rise to the medium we know and love today. A description from the Art Museum:

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Tabu’s Last Laugh Wins “Worst Comedy Competition” Award at the WitIns

Every year, a group of rebellious local comedians get together to produce an anti-awards show called the WitIns Awards. It’s a chance for them to make fun of the local comedy scene, giving out awards for “Worst Comedian,” and the like. It’s not meant to be mean. Think of it as the Razzies; a funny way to point out some less-than-LOL-worthy moments in comedy throughout the year.

The latest installment happened this Sunday, and last summer’s comedy competition at Tabu, “Last Laugh,” took home the award for “Worst Comedy Competition.”

Comedian and Last Laugh contestant Rachel Fogletto accepted the award, which was a garbage-filled plastic bag with a penis drawn on it. In her acceptance speech, she pretty much zeroed in on the problem with the competition: “I made it through to like week 10, and we all lost to some lady from Atlantic City who missed like eight weeks of the competition, so fuck the Last Laugh.” 

Ouch-worthy, yes, but it’s all in good fun, people. I went to a few performances last year, and actually had a nice time—especially watching local legend Needles Jones crack a few zingers about AIDS.

But this isn’t the first criticism I’ve heard of Last Laugh. Even creator Josh Schonewolf agrees. When I asked him if he’d bring it back, he said “Hell no. … That was a bonafide flop.”

See, everyone agrees!

Check out a video of Fogletto’s acceptance speech above. I have it set to start at the right time.

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