Video: Massive Fight at Wing Bowl 22

massive fight at wing bowl 22 Philadelphia

A huge number of people were involved in a fight in the stands at WIP’s Wing Bowl 22 on Friday morning at the Wells Fargo Center. Witnesses say nearly 50 people were in the fray and the fight lasted 7 or 8 minutes. Around 40 seconds into the video below a security guard appears only to be thrown backward over the rows of seats.

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Recipes from the Pillsbury Bake-Off

Photos: Eagles Rout Bears, 54-11

Top Photos from the Eagles-Lions Snow Bowl

Former Eagles kicker David Akers gets his extra point blocked in the only kick attempted at the Lincoln Financial Field Snow Bowl

Photo | Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game that Eagles fans will remember for years to come. The surprise blizzard caught everyone off-guard and led to one of the most memorable football games of all time. The Eagles found their footing in the second half and roared past the Lions by a final score of 34 to 20. Birds 24/7 has full coverage of the game including quotes from players and coaches on the experience.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the game:

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We Split the Cost of the Engagement Ring—and Have No Regrets

Is splitting the cost of an engagement ring becoming a thing?


Last week, when Philadelphia Wedding asked if splitting the cost of an engagement ring is becoming a thing, I knew I would have to write for the defense when I started to see responses like “Maybe I’ll just marry myself!” and “What is happening to manhood?” {Ed. Note: Jack is one of our digital editors here at Philly mag, and therefore saw each and every one of the Facebook comments that story brought in.}

Be Well Philly editor Emily Leaman said “It cheapens the proposal—both literally and figuratively,” and Philadelphia Wedding editor Carrie Denny agreed that the woman splitting the cost seemed to take something away from it. But ladies, I am here to tell you that it can be done—and that it’s time to get comfortable with it.

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PHOTOS: Jay Z Disses Philly, Crowd Goes Wild

It’s not a huge surprise that the best performance at Citizen’s Bank Park this summer came while the Phillies were out of town. Jay Z and Justin Timberlake’s “Legends of Summer” Tour took over the stadium on Tuesday night with a show that had the crowd standing for well over two hours.

The two mega-stars worked well together, trading off songs with neither leaving the stage for long. The differences in style were also apparent. Timberlake was working hard for the love, moving around the stage, mugging for the audience, and playing multiple instruments. All Jay Z had to do was step into the spotlight to get the crowd chanting his name.
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