Even Philly’s Pets Are Prepared for Pope Francis

Do not let it be said that Philadelphia's pets were not ready for the papal visit.

The excitement surrounding Pope Francis’s historic visit to Philadelphia isn’t just limited to humans. Abby Brunner sent us this picture of her pup, Pope Penny, posed in front of the Dirty Frank’s Mural. Penny is wearing a miter and mozzetta from Doggie Style in Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile PopeCat Kevin chose to model his miter in the comfort of home.

Kate Kedziora found Keiko’s outfit on Amazon. She tells us Keiko is excited for the Pope this weekend.

Philly Dog School in Fairmount had a guest speaker — or at least a close facsimile.

In South Philadelphia, Belly hung out with the Concrete Dinosaur, who was also in on the fun …

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… while windows were decorated in the usual fashion.

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