Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

Five of the best and three of the worst commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

The Best Commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII

5. Cheerios brings back the multiracial family that brought out the haters. The little girl is adorable, and she’s getting a puppy!

4. This Toyota ad was the best of the Muppet spots. Terry Crews is great showing off his comedy chops and his pecs. Nice ending with Kermit the Frog.

3. Probably the funniest ad of the night. The physical comedy of that big-headed dog, the Best In Show portion and Sarah McLachlan making fun of her sad animal commercials add up for a great commercial, even if it’s hard to remember it was for Audi.

2. An ad that was designed to get people talking, Coca-Cola knew that by singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages, plenty of the less sophisticated among us would take to the Internet to voice their xenophobic opinions, and the media would jump all over that angle.

1. This is the commercial you probably saw all over Facebook, and in this day and age, Facebook shares are the biggest driver of viral video success. Great choice of a current song, very minimal product placement and yet we all knew what it was for. Budweiser‘s Puppy Love.

Honorable mentions:

The Worst Commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII

3. The messenger makes no sense in this Maserati commercial. How can you take beloved Hushpuppy from Beasts of the Southern Wild and suddenly reveal that it’s an ad for a luxury Italian sports car? That ad probably made anybody who was thinking of buying a Maserati start thinking instead about donating all that disposable income to the less fortunate.

2. Another case of a finely produced ad with the wrong messenger. Bob Dylan, the man who railed against the ad man, authority, the status quo, and Mr. Jones doesn’t seem right shilling cars. I guess he convinced himself that talking about the working man in Detroit made it okay. Someone else should have done this ad for Chrysler. Was Eminem available?

1. Have you ever seen an Axe Body Spray commercial before? Their target audience is 15-year-old boys hoping to be attacked by super models. What they or their new deodorant have to do with world peace is so far beyond comprehension. This has to be the worst ad of the 2014 Super Bowl.