Inside the New Interactive Friends Experience in King of Prussia

The immersive exhibit lets you re-create favorite moments from the iconic '90s sitcom. Could we be any more excited?

Selfies on the orange couch at Central Perk at the Friends Experience in King of Prussia / Photograph by Original X Productions

Friends went off the air in 2004, but it really never left us, what with its constant syndication; the show grew even more in popularity when it started streaming. (All 236 episodes are currently on HBO Max.) If you’ve always dreamt of singing “Smelly Cat” at the Central Perk, reading Rachel’s letter to Ross (“18 pages, front and back!”), or wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, you’re in luck.

Originally created for the show’s 25th anniversary, the Friends Experience began as an interactive pop-up in New York before finding a permanent home there and being replicated as a touring exhibit. And now it’s in King of Prussia as “The One Near Philadelphia,” running through May 29th. Could we be any more excited? Here’s what to expect at the Friends Experience.

With faithfully recreated sets, props and costumes, you can reenact some of the show’s most iconic moments with your own friends.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way. [Clap-clap-clap-clap] / Photograph by Original X Productions

Like the sitcom itself, the experience begins at the orange couch in front of the fountain. At the main set pieces, staff are on hand to help take photos for you with your phone, and they’ve been trained where to stand to get the TV-perfect shot. Additionally, three of the scenes — including this first one — have camera boxes that automatically take shots for you.

You can buy them at the end, though one particular photo is included in the price of admission …

Pivot! / Photograph by Original X Productions

Ross was never going to get that couch up his building’s stairs, and neither will you! It’s firmly in place, so you can pose for countless photos (and videos of you screaming “Pivot!” at your friends, obviously) without your arms getting tired.

Other favorite moments get their spotlight, including a “Could I be wearing any more clothes?” tableau for you to pop your head through for a photo.

“Could I be wearing any more clothes?” / Photograph by Laura Swartz

You can also wander into Rachel and Monica’s kitchen (the attention to detail on all the shelves is incredible) and Chandler and Joey’s apartment (so many Magna Doodles).

Monica and Rachel’s kitchen recreated at the Friends Experience / Photograph by Original X Productions

In the former, you can pose next to the purple door, and sit at the kitchen table; in the latter, you can play foosball and even “quick-draw” the guys’ leather Barcaloungers.

friends experience

Chandler and Joey’s apartment / Photograph by Laura Swartz

In between the two apartments? The hallway, of course. And if you look closely, there’s some cheesecake left on the floor from “The One With All the Cheesecakes,” naturally.

“Look! There’s a piece that doesn’t have floor on it!” / Photograph by Laura Swartz

The final major set piece is the Central Perk cafe with yet another orange couch to pose on. You can also get behind the counter, whose chalkboard menu has some cute jokes that you could easily miss while marveling at all the other details around you.

In between the major sets, you’ll also find a section for each of the six main characters, with props, trivia and video clips reminding you of their best moments. Exclusive to the KOP location, you’ll find a jukebox in Phoebe’s section with a variety of dialogue clips for you to select.

Speaking of trivia, there isn’t a ton of brand-new information, especially for seasoned fans, but one particular section at the beginning describing the costume designer’s process with video interviews and recreated outfits for each character was pretty interesting.

Costumes at the Friends Experience / Photograph by Laura Swartz

For the most part,  though, the Friends Experience is a lot like the show — and that’s not a bad thing at all. Don’t think about it too hard, look cute, have fun, and enjoy the nostalgia.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

The gift shop is accessible whether you have a ticket or not, so if you’re just looking to score an “Oh. My. Gawd.” shirt, “Crap Bag” tote, Central Perk apron or replica of Joey’s penguin stuffy Hugsy, you can stop by any time the experience is open. The swag is pricy, sure, but the references are on point.

In addition to your free “Pivot!” photo, which is included with your ticket price, you can also buy additional shots — or a full digital package — at the end.

Know Before You Go

Chandler and Joey’s apartment / Photograph by Laura Swartz

The Friends Experience runs through May 29th at the King of Prussia Mall (160 North Gulph Road). Pro tip: Park in the blue lot near Urban Outfitters, then take the escalator to the third floor.

Timed entry tickets are available starting at $32 for adults and $26 for kids ages four through 10 (ages three and under are free). Additionally, you can get a “Flexible Entry” ticket ($39) for access to the experience at any time on your selected date. Premium tickets ($46.50) will let you skip the line, and they’ll also throw in a “The One Near Philadelphia” mug. There are also discounts for groups, seniors, students and members of the military.