There’s Never Been a Better Time to Hang Out at Philly-Area Casinos

Here’s what to know before you go.

philadelphia casinos

Here’s what you need to know about Philadelphia casinos like Rivers Casino before you plan a visit. Photograph by Jeff Fusco

Sports betting is legal, the food is better than ever, and there’s a new venue coming to town: Why not hit up a casino? Here are some reasons to take a gamble on Philadelphia-area casinos. 

You Can Give Sports Betting a Shot

sports betting

Take your new sports betting skills for a test drive at Moneyline Bar & Book at the Borgata. Photograph courtesy Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Slots and table games have been around for a while, but sports betting? That’s a relatively new phenomenon around these parts. Tom Gable, director of the Race & Sports Book for the Borgata, tells us how to get in on the action. Keep reading here.

You Can Eat Like Royalty

philadelphia casinos

Pots of shellfish at Council Oak Fish in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Photograph courtesy Hard Rock Casino & Hotel

Try these high-roller dinners for high-roller diners.

1. Pots of shellfish at Council Oak Fish in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
The digs are fancy here: high ceilings, gloss, white tablecloths, mod chandeliers. But the shellfish pot isn’t — at least, not inherently. It’s a classic Jersey Shore eat-with-your-hands seafood boil, only it’s served in Le Creuset. To keep it on-brand.

2. Sunday supper at Angeline in the Borgata
Fresh-shaved prosciutto, fat meatballs, ricotta and peppers, Caesar salad, fat meatballs, garlic bread, a big ol’ plate of cavatelli, fat meatballs, and a Sicilian cassata cake for dessert — all served family-style every Sunday. And Monday. And every other day.

3. Whole roast suckling pig at Amada in the Ocean Casino Resort
If you can think of a better way to celebrate your winnings than carving through the crispy, fatty crackling of a whole roast suckling pig (served with grilled veggies, stewed beans and herb-y potatoes) while guzzling red wine from the Canary Islands at sunset and watching the waves crash below you, we’re all ears. (Requires advance notice.) — Alex Tewfik

Craps Is Easy to Learn — and So Fun to Play

best casino game craps

A game of craps — hands-down the best casino game — at Rivers Casino. Photograph by Jeff Fusco

You’re going to a casino to have a good time, right? The craps table is the best gaming experience because it’s boisterous, it’s communal, it’s the cool kids’ table. It’s also is pretty easy to play even if you suck at math or have been overserved. Keep reading here

The Suites Are Sweet

philadelphia casinos

The Piatto Suite at the Borgata. Photograph courtesy Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Crash in style in these luxury suites.

For those who want to party all night: The Roxy Suite at Hard Rock
The highlight of this 1,400-square-foot spread is the ocean view. But the Fender guitar, amp, and Crosley record player that they’ll deliver to your room for free don’t hurt. Starts at $409 a night on weekends.

For those who want to stay in: The Piatto Suite at the Borgata
The Borgata has some sick suites for guests who drop buckets of money (think sheik-level). The fattest pad regular Joes can get? This 1,500-square-foot room with giant windows, a soaking tub for two, and an ideal setup for room service. Starts at $1,399 a night on weekends.

For those who refuse to leave the suburbs: The Superior King Suite at Valley Forge Casino Resort
We assumed rooms at the only nearby casino with a hotel would be dingy. But thanks to a recent reno, the suite we stayed in was comfy and modern. There aren’t any crazy extras — Jay-Z and Beyoncé aren’t crashing here — but the room is so cheap, relatively, that it leaves you plenty of cash for the tables. Starts at $229 a night on weekends. — Victor Fiorillo

Published as “As Luck Would Have It” in the February 2020 issue of Philadelphia magazine.