Scott Stapp of Creed Is Playing at SugarHouse (Really)

This isn't a hoax: Scott Stapp, of Creed fame, is playing at SugarHouse Casino in Fishtown this summer.

Scott Stapp - SugarHouse

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Last month, an event blew up on Facebook: Supposedly, Limp Bizkit was holding a free concert at the Sunoco on Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio, on April 20th. More than 9,000 people RSVPed on Facebook for the event, leading the Dayton Police Department to tweet that such a concert was not happening.

It was all a joke — one people extended by actually showing up at that gas station on 4/20.

Since then, it’s become an Internet trend to make fake Facebook invites for random bands to play random chain stores. For example: Gin Blossoms LIVE at Applebee’s of Port Richmond, scheduled for June 5th. (There’s an acoustic set opener by Ed & Dean from Collective Soul.)

With that in mind, peep this news: Scott Stapp, lead singer of the band Creed, will be playing SugarHouse Casino on July 9th. This, my friends, is not a hoax. Scott Stapp is playing the Fishtown casino.

The release landed in my inbox this morning, with an appropriate all-caps headline: “SCOTT STAPP, THE VOICE OF CREED, TAKES ‘PROOF OF LIFE’ SOLO TOUR TO SUGARHOUSE CASINO.” There was even a canned quote to use: “Scott Stapp’s legendary accomplishments precede him, giving way to a show that will surely be a treat for guests,” said Wendy Hamilton, general manager of SugarHouse Casino, said. His legendary accomplishments.

Stapp, who once brawled with members of 311, last year completed a stint in rehab after a very public meltdown. He and the members of Creed no longer get along, apparently, and he’s embarking on his first solo tour since going clean.

SugarHouse opened its new event space earlier this year, with a recent Trevor Noah show being the highlight of the booked acts so far. And now: Scott Stapp! Who knows what the future will hold? Maybe Limp Bizkit will play at the old Rock ’n’ Roll Exxon next.

Tickets for the Stapp show are $35.

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