Kurt Vile Was the Correct Response to a Jeopardy! Clue Last Night

No one was able to guess the Philly rocker on Jeopardy!, so we got Alex Trebek saying (and spelling!) Kurt Vile's name.

Kurt Vile - Jeopardy! clue

The correct response is, “Who is Kurt Vile?” (Screenshot via Jeopardy!)

Jeopardy! is in its annual college tournament, and last night there was a category in about rockers’ backing bands. And look who was now on Jeopardy!

“Foul work” is pretty clever, Jeopardy! writers.

Fortunately, no contestant was able to guess “Who is Kurt Vile?” As such, we got to hear Alex Trebek say and spell Kurt Vile’s name.

Kurt Vile mentioned it on his Instagram page, saying he’d “made it.” Indeed. Next up: A Kurt Vile-inspired game on The Price is Right, B’lieve Prices Are Goin Down…?

Eh, maybe not.