Sister Act: Identical Twin Pianists Christina and Michelle Naughton Return to Curtis

Christina and Michelle Naughton

Christina and Michelle Naughton

“We’re often asked how we build our own individuality. What’s funny is that the most difficult thing for twins is when the music calls us to play with the same voice. That’s the most difficult thing.”

It was a response to a question that superstar pianists Christina and Michelle Naughton must get asked…a lot. The sisters are not only both Curtis Institute graduates, but identical twins. The Princeton-born duo not only look alike, but their voices sound so extremely alike on the phone that it was hard to keep track of who was speaking. However, that’s part of the charm of this sister act: It’s clear that, outside of their similarities, they’ve built a strong understanding of music and of style.

“One of our biggest musical influences was our parents,” they shared. “Our mom was our first teacher. She wanted to share with us something that she loved and we’re glad that she did.”

Despite a mother’s love, the twins agreed that their musicality really took off when they hit Philadelphia as Curtis students, where they will be returning for a special concert this weekend.

“There are so many people we met in Philly,” they recalled. “Musically, it really informed us. We came here when we were 18, and it was a really special place. Curtis and Field Hall raised generations of people.”

In a sense, the Naughtons’ return to Philly’s Curtis this Sunday is a homecoming, and they’ll be sharing a scope of music, ranging from Bach to John Adams. The sisters emphasized the importance of playing “living composers” in their concerts, saying that they “love contemporary” works.

It’s also a busy season for the sisters, who just returned from performances in France. They’ll be headed to California for a series of concerts in October, but no matter how far they get from the City of Brotherly Love, it will always hold a special place in their hearts.

“Sometimes, you’ll be in a practice room and it can get lonely,” they said. “But Curtis always gave us lots of hope.”

The Naughton Sisters will perform at Curtis Institue on Sunday, September 20th at 3 pm. For tickets and more information, click here.