Seth Meyers Disses Philly in Opening Monologue

Philadelphia responds.

Late Night host Seth Meyers dropped a meme on his Facebook page yesterday evening in which he takes a jab at Philadelphia:

Har, har, har.

The joke came in the middle of his opening monologue, to a pretty good burst of applause. Philly has always had a reputation for being rough and tumble, which was no doubt highlighted a few weeks ago when hitchBOT was torn to shreds in the streets of Old City. That fact didn’t escape a few commenters on the post, who said things like, “Pretty sure Hitchbot was the one conducting the survey,” and “And left [the person making the survey] for dead in an alley like the hitchhiking robot.”

At press time, the post was liked by 4,220 people and shared 2,204 times (thanks for that!). Several people who spoke up defended the City of Brotherly Love, though.

  • “Seth, I love ya; but as a Philly resident….. NOT COOL MAN!”
  • “Love Philly!!! Miss Chase!!”
  • “Thats my city and proud of it! No one likes us and we don’t care!”
  • “And we, Philadelphians, don’t trust “friendly”… “
  • “Probably because the person making the list said that Pittsburgh is better than us.”
  • “What a sad try at trying be funny.”

I have to agree with that last sentiment; not the most sophisticated of jokes for a guy who’s usually spot-on with his wit. But hey, at least they’re talking about us! Check out the full monologue below: