WATCH: That Time Donald Trump Hung With Michael Jackson in AC

"He's my friend, he's a tremendous talent," Trump said of Michael Jackson at the opening of the Trump Taj Mahal in 1990.

After pretending he’d run several times for decades, yesterday Donald Trump made a big announcement: He is actually running for president.

Who knows how serious he is this time. He still needs to file paperwork with the FEC. But he held a big announcement yesterday, and media outlets are covering it.

Trump’s run reminds me of one of the weirder random old TV clips on YouTube, a clip from an old episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. In it, The Donald hangs with Michael Jackson at the opening of the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Did you see that? The Trump/Jackson meeting was as big as The Beatles’ first appearance in America, according to Robin Leach.

“He’s my friend, he’s a tremendous talent,” Trump said. “It’s really my honor. It’s a big day for me.” This might be the most humble Donald Trump has ever sounded.

Trump no longer owns the Taj Mahal, which investor Carl Icahn is currently in the process of taking over after a bankruptcy.

When he owned it, Trump’s company filed for bankruptcy not long after the opening of the Taj; the casino was heavily leveraged and expected profits did not materialize due to the 1991 recession.

The company filed for bankruptcy again in 2004, with Trump’s share of the casino company falling from 47 percent to 27 percent. After another bankruptcy in 2009, Trump left the company; he was given stock in the casino company in exchange for the use of his name and likeness.

Trump won’t win the presidency, but he’ll be sure to entertain and/or disgust us with his antics. But maybe it means another season of Celebrity Apprentice when it’s all over! Eh, maybe not with these ratings.