Clerks III to Film in Philadelphia

The third in Kevin Smith’s ode to conveinence store slackers will get a $2.11 million tax credit to shoot in Philadelphia this summer.

The third film in Kevin Smith’s Clerks series will film in Philadelphia.

The news was first reported by the Pittsburgh Business Times. The production will get a $2.11 million tax credit from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

According to a crew call from the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, the five-week shoot will begin in early June.

Smith previously filmed Jersey Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, in Philadelphia. Philadelphia was a stand-in for New York City in that movie; Smith has not said if Clerks III will be set in Philadelphia or elsewhere. Both films were set in North Jersey, so it’s likely Philly will be a stand-in again.

The original Clerks, filmed in black and white, was shot for just $27,575 in two stores in Leonardo, New Jersey. The movie, released in 1994, became a cult hit and launched Smith’s film career. The characters of Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Smith himself) first appeared in that movie.

Clerks II, released in 2006, was primarily filmed in California. Both films starred Brian O’Halloran as Dante and Jeff Anderson as Randall. The second film also starred Rosario Dawson.