This is the Posh Prison Where Teresa Giudice May Be Serving Jail Time

Delightfully wicked Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice could be serving time for her 41 (!) fraud and tax evasion indictment charges, but in true RHONJ form, probably in style (sorry, I meant a blissful state of self-entitled solipsism).

If indicted, chances are Giudice will spend time in West Virginia’s FPC Alderson, a minimum-security prison referred to as “Camp Cupcake.” Harrowing. This, by the way, is the prison where Martha Stewart served her five-month sentence for insider trading. FPC Alderson’s commissary offers inmates everything from liquid foundation to razors.

Still, it’s not all scrapbooking workshops and spa food. If Giudice is sentenced, she will work seven-and-a-half-hour days, five days a week at less than fifty cents an hour. Cells are fairly sparse, with a locker, bunk bed and desk in each. Despite its bevy of celebrity inmates, sociology professor Esther Hefferman notes it also houses a number of grizzled mobsters. And, in the case of a sentence, Giudice might alternatively serve at the Federal Correction Institute in Danbury, Conn, the decidedly less posh prison that inspired Orange is the New Black. Is this television’s karmic cycle?